Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

With a 4.9 out of 5-Star average on Amazon, Lexi's readers are in love for a reason.

ABCs of Erotica

Hot, Steamy Sex, as Easy as ABC

At heart, Lexi Maxxwell is a dirty word girl. In her ambitious ABC series, Lexi explores individual words in ways that no erotica author has before. From the spousal longing of Anticipation, to the gothic hunger of Bitten, the comic farce of Cheated and the aching soul of Divorced, Lexi Maxxwell’s ABC series is unlike any erotica you’ve ever read.

Lexi Readers the ABCs of Erotica! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“This is a good book. No, it is an important book. It includes Lexi’s usual rompy scenes and style but the story of Catlin and Jay and the resurrection of their marriage goes well beyond. The story not only deals with the importance of people’s fantasies but also something vital to a good relationship. It goes beyond sex and touches on the issue of communication between a couple and what they really means. Building trust is critical to good communication but how can one build trust when one has not dipped their toes into the stream? The story is alive with that construction and confession. This is a mature Lexi Maxxwell, serving of sexual fun and blantancy, but also with heart and soul and a garnish of concern for the human spirit. This is a good book to read with an important message. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it. Learn from it.”

“Lexi books are usually in your face out there with short stories and tons of sex. This one is a bit different for her… And I loved it! A married couple with kids who’s sex life had fallen off is something many of us can relate to. Don’t get me wrong this book still sizzles but more in the way a great seductive strip tease can build, than just a naked girl jumping on your lap. Both can be fun, just different!”

“I’ve read a lot of her stories, and they’re always full of super steamy action. They’re also often REALLY explicit, which is sometimes great, and can sometimes be a little much (for me anyways–sometimes the word choice can throw me off). This book was spectacular though. Great plot, well developed characters, and written more softly, but still “hot and EXTREMELY bothered” reading material. This one is about a husband and wife not only coming to grips with each-others needs, but also learning who they are, at least in the case of the wife, and how it can be more than OK to go outside of your comfort zone, finding out how to make yourself more than you could have expected. Great read, super short (or at least it reads REALLY fast), and perfect for someone just getting into erotica, or someone who reads it all the time. Not to mention, there are some lines in there that I highlighted as wisdom to take outside of the book.”

“I was sucked in immediately. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I usually bypass the whole vampire thing, and my erotica reading is generally confined to a fairly narrow sub-genre (none of it in here), but this far surpassed my expectations. I literally devoured this in one sitting, and am now stuck waiting for the next installment. I have a very few favorite authors, whose work I read *all* of; Lexi is definitely one of those few. It has solid, 3-dimensional characters; it has plot; she manages to say a lot, and paint a vivid picture, without hosing great volumes of words at you in order to do it. A rare gift indeed. Grab this. Read it. You’ll not be sorry you did!”

“Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride of emotions. We have our lovely Emma trying to live her life while pinning over love lost and Henry trying to do the same with life after being turned. Mix in some haunting photos, lots of rough sheet soaking sex and a little mystery and you have a very worthy XXX vampire novel. Ms. Maxxwell has outdone herself. Highly contagious, you won’t want to put it down. Can’t wait for the sequel.”

“I really enjoy Lexi Maxxwell’s writing. She writes dirty dirty things but in such a fun way. This book in particular, I have to admit, I thought to myself, great another cheesy vampire sex book, this is going to be lame. Because I read and loved her other work I gave it one chapter… and couldn’t stop. She has a way of making the sex scenes not the only reason you’re reading this book if that makes sense. This story could stand by itself if she chose to take them out but I’m sure happy she didn’t because frankly, they are hot. I’m looking forward to the rest of this trilogy.”

“Cheated tells the story of Delilah, a sweet, pretty girl who pulls herself out of the puddle of despair to get back at the so-called friends who ruined her wedding and her life. As the story opens Delilah is just beginning her mission of home-wrecking revenge. The first poor guy on her list is totally helpless under the spell of her ruthless teasing, and no match at all for her incredible ninja sex talents. There’s also some seamlessly edited back-story to explain how Delilah devoted years of practice with an uncompromising teacher to master those talents, and why certain members of her wedding party deserve her pitiless payback. Cheated is a smutty parody and tribute to QT’s Kill Bill, and it’s wicked-hot. Lexi Maxxwell continues to deliver the sloppiest sex on Kindle with wit and style. Her inspired dirty talk and knack for staying a step ahead of spell-checker software makes this decadent treat that much more fun to read.”

“A unique combination of humor & steamy hot goodness! Just the sample had me going gaga. This is a must read!”

“Cheated is about the revenge Delilah needed to get her life back together after having it destroyed by the man she loved and her only friends. Revenge is not about getting even; it is about getting ahead. Delilah sank into the deep pit of depression and had to climb out of that dark chasm by herself. With that comes the hate created from the hurt caused intentionally by others and having to find a release for the pain inflicted by those thought to be friends. Those people close always know where a victim is most vulnerable. This story is woven with current events and the back story that led to the pain and the erotic story of revenge. This is a Lexi Maxxwell book so to say the plot revolves around very explicit sex would not likely give away the story line. The reader is drawn into the story so deeply they soon are cheering Delilah on to victory. The range of emotions runs the full gamut and shows Lexi’s ability to involve the reader in this erotic tale. I purchased this book as part of Lexi Maxxwell’s “Alphabet” series. Cheated is one of the best written stories from Lexi that I’ve read. I look forward to “Anticipation” and “Bitten”; the first two books in this series.”

“Divorced is the story about two people starting life together as not much more than idealistic children; meeting and then going through all of the pains associated with growing into an adult. Lexi Maxxwell has been evolving in the same manner. I think her growth as a writer through the first four books of the Alphabet Series (i.e., Anticipation, Bitten, Cheated, and most recently Divorced) has been amazing. I can imagine the next two books (i.e., Engaged and Fate) will further reflect her writing making the transition from amazing to INCREDIBLE.”

“This book had me so emotional. I loved it from the first to the last page. I have loved every book I’ve read from this author and I look forward to reading more.”

“Once again, I am finding that Lexi is one of my favorite adult writers Her stories always draw me in and I will continue to read everything that she publishes.”

“Lexi Maxxwell has a tendency to shake up the bottle before she pops the cork, and Engaged is that kind of book. It’s pretty much wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling orgasmic insanity; so if that’s why you’re checking out the reviews, you’re welcome. But this is also a love story, or more accurately a story about knowing yourself well enough to love wholly and completely. It begins when Richard celebrates an absolutely incredible night with the insatiable Liza by proposing marriage, and then he proposes that she take off on a venture of sexual self-discovery just to be sure that it’s what she wants. Liza has had all kinds of relationships and sexual experiences in her past (most significantly with other sexy girls), but how well does she really know herself? Could she benefit from a few do-overs without any emotional investment in the outcome? I love the premise, and I love stories that give me an opportunity to reimagine my own life. If you like that sort of thing, Engaged is that kind of book as well.”Lexi Maxxwell understands that porn and parody belong together. The personalities and interactions of the characters in Milf are spot-on, and the sex scenes are inspired and unrestrained. If you are looking for another guilty pleasure, here’s one that will tickle you in all the right places.”

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