About Lexi Maxxwell

(I Write Smut For Smart People)

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Lexi Maxxwell isn’t my real name …

… It’s a pen name I use when writing for YOU.

Every word I write is designed to make you FEEL or THINK, in a way I could never do at my normal job.

I spent several years working as a copywriter at a large marketing firm, before diving full-time into fiction. I write fantastic copy, but it’s dryer than sandpaper and I can say with 99.9% certainty: no one made fluids when reading. I prefer my pages soaking, so in January of 2012 I put on my “Lexi lingerie,” rubbed myself into a frenzy, and started typing every filthy thought to cross my smutty little mind.

All bets were off, along with my panties. What started as a lark was soon an addiction. I got off, writing for readers like you, willing to embrace the most primal side of their human selves — readers who wished to know the vulgar side of their mind so they could know themselves better.

My stories are hardcore and character driven. Nothing makes me hotter, wetter, or more electric than imagining you enjoying my work.

Lexi Maxxwell may not be real, but my words are. Thank you for reading.