Afternoon Snack

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Afternoon Snack

Georgia crunched another chip between her two front teeth, nibbling like a rabbit before moving it to the back of her mouth, trying not to look at Ray like he was looking at her. She grabbed another chip, dipped it into the roasted salsa — her favorite — then nibbled at the tip until she chewed it and swallowed.

All the tip nibbling and swallowing, it was too much. How could Georgia not think of Ray’s beautiful cock? She emptied the basket of another chip and tried not to think of the last time.

Ray said, “What are you thinking?”

He was playing the same game as last time. “You really want to know?”

Ray laughed, took a chip for himself, dipped it into the salsa, then put the the whole thing in his pouted mouth. No nibbling for Ray. His puffy lips swallowed the chip whole and made Georgia imagine them swollen and puckered, red and mashed against her pussy. Like last time. 

He swallowed, then said, “Not if it’s about work.”

“It’s amazing I can think about anything else,” Georgia smiled, “with Humphrey going all Keyser Söze over the Anderson files. He’s been on me for weeks. Shit, Ray,” she laughed, “I need a break. But no, I’m not really thinking about work. Not right now.”

“What are you thinking of, then?” Ray asked, though he clearly knew the answer. Georgia could see it gleaming through the green in his eyes.

An afternoon snack besides chips in a basket; your apartment and that gorgeous, white sofa; your mouth on my pussy; a quickie; your back flat against your couch, with your cock up inside; my hands flat on the cushions while I’m bouncing up and down; your cock in my mouth, spilling its cum.

“The last time we went out to lunch, I guess.”

“The last time, you guess?” Ray repeated, laughing as he returned his hand to the basket. He looked up from the grease then threw his green eyes to the waitress. She bounced over, breasts swaying just like they had when she took their drink order. She looked Ray over like she was ready to shove Georgia from her stool and bend over the empty seat.

“How can I help you?” she asked.

“These are plenty strong,” Ray said, pointing to their matching set of margaritas. “But I think we’d like something a little stronger.” He smiled. “Mind bringing us two shots of Patron?”

“Of course,” the waitress smiled back, managing to look slightly disappointed.

He’s mine, bitch. Georgia thought. Third time’s a charm.

Before leaving the office for Roberto’s, Georgia wondered if they would do what they should never have done in the first place, yet had done two out of the five times they’d gone out for lunch and margaritas. Now Ray was ordering shots of Patron, so there was zero doubt where things were going. In 15 minutes, and probably less, Georgia would be on her knees, lapping the underside of Ray’s shaft with the flat of her wet tongue.

Ray said nothing; just stared and waited for Georgia to speak. He wanted her to make the move. It was her turn. He’d made it twice already.

Her heart pounded as she reached for the basket. “I don’t want to go back to work.”

“You have to,” he took a chip, brushing her knuckle on his way. “We both do.”

“Humphrey’s an asshole.”

Ray shrugged. “That he is. But he pays me well. It’s a good job, and I don’t want to lose it.”

“Maybe for you. I’m stuck.”

Her heart raced as her panties moistened. They were wet when she sat, but turned wetter when Ray took a chip, lowered it, leaned forward, then stared into her bright, blue eyes with his dazzling emeralds, and dropped his voice to a whisper.

“That’s because your house is on fire, Georgia, and you don’t have a fireman. No way out, just a second story window to stare out and long for. But now you have me. Take my hand, tell me where you want to go, then we’ll get there together.”

Georgia wondered if she could cum from a whisper.

Her body shuddered. She imagined him staring at her naked body. “I want to go.”


She nodded, wordless.

“You want to wait for the Patron?”

Georgia shook her head and Ray laughed. “OK,” he said, “let’s go.”

Ray hopped from his stool, held his hand out for Georgia, dragged her outside Roberto’s and over to his Cayenne, then raced through four lights and seven blocks to his apartment, laughing and joking and soaking her more the whole way there.

They exploded through the door and into Ray’s all-white apartment, kissing. Hot and heavy and playful and ready. Ray stumbled backward across the threshold, past the half-moon end table and the trio of lamps artfully hung in graduating lengths on his way toward the sofa as he sent his gray button-down onto the floor.

The first two times they had burst through Ray’s apartment, Georgia had been hot. This time her body was made entirely of flame. And unlike those first two times, Georgia was no longer scared. She felt confident. Happy. Her smile matched his. Their kisses were urgent yet playful, hungry but full.

Ray peeled Georgia’s gauzy, white top from her body, then followed by stripping the black tee from his tanned skin. Georgia continued to kiss him; his lips like toys, playing in her mouth.

There was so much she wanted to say: about him, them, and Humphrey. But nothing seemed right, and escaped syllables promised only to mar their moment, so Georgia unbuttoned Ray’s pants instead, and surrendered to his devil’s grin.

“Take this off,” he said, dipping down for a kiss.

She pushed Ray onto the white cushion, her soft-washed jeans hanging just past her ass. Ray probably couldn’t clear the smile from his face with a car crash; his teeth were gritted and green eyes eager. He set his hot hands on her white panties, then brushed them all over a wide swath of pale skin between her panties and the top of her shirt, lifted to just under her tits.

He kissed her again, pushing heavy breath and excitement from Georgia’s heaving body. She was so happy, alive, even if only for the length of their afternoon snack. She felt grateful for the diversion; to be gone from the office and from Humphrey.

Without warning, Ray flipped, pulling the shirt from Georgia’s hot skin as he made a move for her jeans. It would have seemed like an attack, if Ray wasn’t so playful, pressing his lips into her midsection as her bra-covered tits rested on his head for the stretch of a second before he flipped from the couch, hooked his hands into the bend of her knees, then gracefully yanked the denim from Georgia’s body, and sent her into a fit of giggles.

Georgia was hungry and waiting. The bangs in her eyes were like half-drawn curtains draping her anticipation. She smiled wider, her pussy so wet she could feel it sticky, everywhere between her legs and creeping up near her asshole. Her bra was still on, with her panties bunched above her jeans, which snaked her ankle.

Ray sent one of Georgia’s knees up into the air, then draped the other on the floor to his right. He gave her a final grin, then dove for her bald pussy and his afternoon snack.

Ray licked Georgia’s peach like ice cream on cobbler, his eyes closed as he tasted her, holding her right leg up by the ankle, lightly moaning as she chewed her bottom lip and shoved the back of her head into the cushion.

She lost a whimper, then slapped her hand on the back of Ray’s head to shove him deeper between her legs. Her panting swelled in volume as his hand slithered up the length of her stomach, his digits like tiny snakes circling her nipples to fondle her breasts. Ray laughed, softly, still licking Georgia slowly, flicking his tongue at the top of her clit before lightly stabbing her several times with the tip.

She was freshly shaved, just that morning, not knowing if they would end up on Ray’s snow-white couch for the third time, but wanting to be ready; some of her hoping they wouldn’t, and most of her hoping they would. Now, finally on the sofa together, Georgia couldn’t stop smiling. Neither could he.

Like the last two times, Ray gorged on her pussy. That’s why she had shaved, hungry to feel his hot lips mashing against her soft skin, without any hair to get in his way. Ray seemed to be enjoying his meal even more than Georgia expected, making soft growls and purrs, pausing only to look up, his lips glazed as he looked at her smiling, sending his right hand north to squeeze her left tit.

Ray returned to her soaking hole, clamping his lips on her pussy so he could juice her into his mouth. His sucking grew more insistent as his tongue thrust deeper inside her. Ray raised his shoulders like a cat arching its back and nested his face deeper between her legs, wrapping his lips harder around her clit, sucking and jabbing his tongue.

Ray pinched Georgia’s tits tighter between his fingers as his tongue drifted from her pussy over to her sticky inner thighs. He stared up at her again and made her wetter. Her fingers drifted down to meet him, pressing into her skin and pulling it back toward her, as if that might send more of her pussy into his mouth.

Ray took her prompting and pulled at Georgia’s clit with his lips as if gently tearing meat from a bone. Georgia thrust her hand behind her, clutching at the couch and its cushions as her moans grew swollen and Ray lapped at her faster.

His face felt amazing mashed between her legs, but she was starving for his cock. She could imagine how hard he was, like a rock with a layer of skin stretched long across it, still bulging against his black underwear and denim. As if to prove it, Ray grew insistent, pawing Georgia’s body as his mouth clamped harder against her skin and he nuzzled his jaw harder against her.

Finally, Ray freed Georgia’s left tit from her pretty white bra, clutching it with his right hand while grabbing her ankle hard with his left. He moved fast, almost thrashing, but could only manage so long before his control started to slip. He practically tore his mouth from her sopping pussy, and Georgia tried pushing it back. Ray looked up as he moved his hand from her ankle to leg, then to her waist and up to her other tit.

Georgia begged him with staccato breath, through the tiny O of her open mouth, lost in a series of pre-orgasmic whimpers, one right after the other, like waves beating sand on an otherwise silent shore. Georgia could feel Ray’s craving, and that — as much as she wasn’t used to such chivalry — he wanted to please her more than himself. He fucked her cunt harder with his face, as if on a mission, and hurled her into the afternoon’s first orgasm.

It was soft, a sweater of pleasure hugging her body, starting in her ass cheeks then rushing up through her body, settling into her shoulders for a second, before it slithered up and around her neck and settled into the lobes of her ears. It tingled her flesh; beautiful and full-bodied, though nothing like what promised to follow if this afternoon was anything like the two times before.

Impossibly, Ray was everywhere: his lips lapped at the sticky mess coating Georgia’s inner thighs, his tongue lapped up, on, and around her clit as it thrusted deep into her simmering hole, his fingers brushed her hard nipples through the edge of her bra up top and rubbed the raw nub of her juicebox below.

Georgia was on fire, her every inch aroused. She squirmed, losing control of her rattling body as she glazed her lover’s face. She could practically feel the throb of Ray’s raging cock, even though it was nowhere near her, still trapped as it was behind the cotton of his boxer briefs. She longed for him to take his turn, and knew it had to be coming at any second, but just as she was certain he would take it — yank his pants down and plunge himself inside her hungry cunt — Ray spread Georgia wider and thrust his tongue deeper into her open, pulsing hole, while yanking down on her bra.

A second orgasm crashed through her body, harder than the first; enough to make Georgia whimper and moan and bite her lip hard enough to taste droplets of copper dappling her tongue. And still she knew it nothing compared to what would be coming.

She couldn’t wait, and wasn’t willing to. Georgia gestured for Ray, pulling him toward her. He eagerly came, meeting her mouth as his back hit the sofa’s soft skin. She pulled away, pushed him down, then climbed on top to meet his mouth again, straddling his right leg so his knee gently pressed up into her naked pussy. Ray unbuckled his pants while staring at Georgia in anticipation.

Her left tit hung from her bra and seemed to turn Ray on. He sucked air into his nostrils, half panting and still smiling like only Ray could as he grabbed at Georgia’s bra and ripped it from her body. She lost another laugh, a tiny twitter as he tugged his jeans low enough to pop his rock hard cock from its shell.

She smiled wider as he pointed up toward the ceiling, as if his dick was meant to compliment the trio of low hanging lamps. Happy to finally have the hot cock she’d been craving since long before Ray suggested Roberto’s for lunch, Georgia dragged her tongue from his base to the tip, then met his reddened head with a soft kiss, puckering her lips at the tip, then holding her loose and moist pout at the top.

Ray moaned, losing control as Georgia tended to his tip, circling several times with her hot mouth, flicking her tongue pressed against the bright, red meat as she tightened her lips into something much like a pussy, then lowered them slowly while dragging her tongue across his shaft.

His body shuddered; he would be filling her mouth with cum in just seconds. She would only need to speed up, stare into his eyes, and swivel her tongue as she had in her mind while staring at him from across the office all week, during the countless minutes she spent hoping she wouldn’t have to deal with Humphrey.

Some of her wanted him to spill in her mouth right then, simply to feel the sticky warmth of his pleasure, but most of Georgia wanted it later.

She slowed her pace instead, holding Ray at the base as he gently fucked her mouth with an almost elegant rhythm. She swiveled her mouth all over his cock as he moaned, “Oh, my God,” in a whisper repeated, parting her hair like drapes from her face.

Georgia widened her eyes in the same way that had turned him on so much the time before, waited for him to shudder and moan, then closed her eyes and went for more. He played with her hair as held her pace, slowly making love to his dick with her mouth and lips and sloppy tongue, until his motion’s urgency sent her into a different rhythm; first lightly jacking his shaft, then crawling up his body to meet his mouth with a kiss, before going back down for more stroking, this time with her lips teasing skin at the tip of his dick while she played with the bottom. Once finished playing, Georgia took Ray fully into her mouth, swallowed him to the hilt, then eased slowly back up his shaft, dragging her tongue flat and hard along the base.

That’s exactly how Georgia had wanted it: soaking wet, on all fours, knees on the couch as she pleased him. But she could only hold her pose for so long before she started starving for his mouth. Georgia climbed the couch, wanting more as Ray started twitching beneath her. If she didn’t move, he would certainly cum. Georgia pictured him coating her skin in his hot spunk, then putting her clothes back on and returning to the office so she could wear spatters of Ray for the rest of the day while she filed papers for Humphrey.

Ray grunted, wanting her, smiling as he kicked off his shoes. Georgia positioned herself over his throbbing cock as it pointed straight up at her pussy like an arrow. He straightened his dick to slip it inside her as Georgia slowly lowered her body, exhaling as she held Ray at the base, teasing her slit before sitting fully on his rock-hard cock and started bouncing on his long, thrumming shaft.

Georgia set her left hand on the flat of Ray’s chest, and her right hand on his leg, then closed her eyes to find her rhythm. She lost herself to sharp cries and lingering moans as she moved up and down and up and down, increasing her speed until — nearly at the edge — she shoved herself down hard so she was pelvis to pelvis, then started rocking back and forth instead of up and down.

Georgia swept a curtain of sweaty hair from her smiling face and clamped her hand down harder, rocking Ray as he started to paw her. She lowered herself toward him, still increasing speed.

Her nipples were hard: thick erasers, pointing straight out from her swinging tits. She stared down, unsure what turned her on more, her swinging tits or the sight of Ray slamming inside her. Both turned her into a sopping, sticky, soaking mess.

Sight was but one sense tickled; Georgia adored the scent of her ripened cunt and the slippery, slapping sounds of their sloppy sex. She’s had many lovers, but no one like Ray. Not ever. Ray was amazing: He made her want to scream and laugh and cry with glee.

Georgia returned to an upright position, now with her palms behind her, flat on Ray’s legs, slamming herself down hard onto his rigid body.

Ray moaned, “Oh, my God,” and, “oh, yeah” over and over.

He held Georgia by her ribs, yanking her down onto his cock as she wrestled for control, swiveling her pussy all over his dick, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until she made her body rigid, then slammed herself down into his pelvis another several times before shifting position, leaning even further back so the angle of Ray’s raging pounder touched her deepest fathoms. He smiled and laughed, telling Georgia by sounds that he was enjoying her as much as she was enjoying him.

Ray reached up to tease her nipple. Georgia smiled wider, lost in the scent of her pussy and the sound of their skin as it slapped. She craved his mouth and so she took it, kissing him hard for more than a minute, unable to decide what she wanted more, his lips or his cock.

Ray decided for her, flipping his body so that Georgia was suddenly under him. He stripped the jeans from her ankle. Then, totally naked, she spread her legs wide and set the flat of her foot against Ray’s upper chest. The other foot dragged on the floor. Ray had one leg on the floor beside Georgia, and the other bent at the knee, up on the couch.

He positioned himself for entry and slid inside her. His fucking was both immediate and relentless. Georgia slathered his shaft with her juicy lube, dripping all over her fingers as she reached down to spread her pussy and pull more of him inside her. She felt close to tears, impossibly happy. Then, unable to take any more, she threw her hand behind her, slamming her blonde head into the armrest as Ray continued to plow her.

With her eyes squeezed tight, Georgia pictured Ray’s face and their first time. They had just left Roberto’s, and she could practically hear his heart pounding over the soft purr of the Cayenne’s engine. They barely made it through the door before their dance had begun, just like today. He had filled her mouth quickly, then took his time filling her body. She had thought of it most minutes since.

Georgia was lost in a trance. Ray’s hands were swimming all over. All he repeated was, “OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD,” with an ever-rising tempo, over and over. Ray rattled his body faster, giving Georgia permission to do exactly what she wanted with her pussy. She started by pushing her palms against the armrest and shoving herself harderinto his pelvis. Ray spread her legs wider, still pounding, then set his palm flat against Georgia’s stomach and started dribbling her like a basketball as he moaned, “Oh, baby!”

Georgia loved the basketball move — it felt new — and so she circled her hand around Ray’s wrist to encourage him further. More, faster, harder; she would give him whatever he wanted to take, but it seemed that what he wanted was time. Ray slowed to keep himself from cumming. He wanted to make sure Georgia got off before he did. She loved him for that.

Ray pulled his dick out to the tip, then slowly eased himself back, repeating reps for more than a minute until it was almost more than Georgia could take. She whimpered a plea, and Ray made something like a giggle, then started thrusting himself harder inside her, until the flat of his pelvis was touching the heat of hers and he started rocking her sideways, holding her legs like weapons, his left hand on her knee and right hand on her opposite ankle, parting her wide to plow her better; driving her toward crescendo.

Slow then fast, and fast then slow; just like that on repeat.

Again, Ray stopped, reminding Georgia how much she wanted him; more than any man ever. He did so much for her, to douse her pussy in both fire and soul.

Ray made a sudden pivot, and Georgia found both of her knees flying toward the floor, as if he was going to rail her from behind. Instead Ray surprised her with a sudden but passionate kiss. She climbed from his body, wanting to laugh again as she stared into his eyes and once more fell victim to his still-giant smile, seemingly unfazed by his purpled cock, hungry for eruption and pointing straight at the ceiling.

Ray pressed his back to the cushions and spread his legs wide.

It’s time. 

“Take off your socks,” Georgia ordered, then watched as Ray peeled cotton from skin, then wrapped his right hand around his cock and started slowly jacking his shaft, not because he wanted to unload, at least not without her, but because every second was a minute of hell without her heat around him.

Georgia positioned herself above his third leg, dead center between the trio of lamps swinging slightly above her, as if bathing beneath a spotlight, then, with her back to Ray, lowered herself onto his throbber.

He pulsed inside her. Georgia wanted to cum again, and because it was Ray she knew she would. As if on cue, he grabbed her by the waist and guided Georgia’s entire body down onto his shaft, then lifted her up and brought her down repeatedly until she started bouncing on her own, increasing speed as she played with her tits, twisting her body until Ray was angling up and sideways inside her.

Georgia’s hot breath billowed through her barely parted lips as Ray brushed her clit with his fingers. She screamed, made a sharp pivot with her body, then dropped her hands to the floor, shoving her cunt harder against him.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” she repeated as Ray fucked her like a dog and made sure she loved it.

This is the best it’s ever been, the best I’ve ever had. 

Georgia had never felt so hot. Her entire body tingled, right at the lip of eruption. She couldn’t think, she could only feel as scents grew stronger and the sound of sticky skin slapping grew louder. Her next orgasm came, hard enough to make her unable to count the many that followed.

She could feel Ray trying not to cum, holding it inside himself, both to elongate her pleasure and make his inevitable blast that much better for him. Longing to see his face, and still shaking from her orgasm, Georgia bent her body back and circled her arm around Ray’s neck. She had to smile at his teeth, so gritted that she would think him angry if she couldn’t hear and see and smell him in heaven.

“Oh, FUCK ME,” she cried out, barely aware of her words.

Ray pinched and pulled and held himself inches from insanity, mashing Georgia’s breasts with the flat of his palms. She wished their afternoon snack would never end, but it had to. Feelings inside her were simply too much; he was rubbing her pussy then her tits then her pussy again. Whenever his hands weren’t on her tits, her tits were in his hot, wet mouth.

Georgia had exploded so many times, with one orgasm after another, she was nearly delirious. His lips were on hers as he reduced his tempo and they slowly rocked back and forth. She could feel him, like her, wanting to stay that way, kissing forever.

“I need you,” he breathed, and it was too much.

She wanted to taste him, and give him more to imagine later, so she pulled herself from his twitching dick, so that his body was flat with his back pressed against the armrest, then sprawled her lithe frame flat between Ray’s spread legs and looked into his eyes as she put his cock back into her mouth.

Slowly, Georgia moved her mouth up and down, swiveling her lips and making love to Ray’s cock with her tongue, eager to feel him.

“Oh, yeah, just like that,” he moaned, lost in rapture. He tried to say something but choked, then settled on several bursts of “Oh, my God,” until he fell thoroughly silent and slapped his hand to the side of Georgia’s head.

She stared up into his eyes, held her green to his blue, then pulled her mouth from his cock as liquid pleasure spit from his tip. Georgia dove back, immediately catching the rest of his cum. Ray shot down her throat as she continued to milk him from the bottom.

Most women preferred to have their men filling pussy, and until Ray, Georgia would have agreed. But with Ray, she loved to take his satisfaction into her mouth, looking up and into his bright, green eyes while they went wide with pleasure.

Warm, white lava oozed down his shaft as Ray’s moans thickened. Georgia continued to milk and lick him, dragging her tongue up along his shaft, then opening wide to show him her afternoon snack, never leaving his eyes as she played with his sensitive tip.

Georgia crawled up onto the couch and put her head on Ray’s chest. They lay together, probably both thinking that the third time was definitely the charm, and wondering when they would be tasting their fourth. In the meantime, they would return to the office, where Georgia would pretend to be happy for Humphrey, both at the office and then at home. She hated being his wife, but at least for now she had Ray. And their afternoon snack.

the end.

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