Sam Rayburn: An Inch From the Edge

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Naughty USATonight was the night.

After a long month of dating, craving every inch of Autumn the entire time, it was finally going to happen — Sam was going to sleep with Autumn Cole, he was sure of it.

At least as sure as he could be.

Sam had never wanted a girl more, and it wasn’t just because he wanted what he couldn’t have, though of course that made the boner bigger. Sam had covered his hands in cum imagining fucking Autumn each night before falling to sleep, but it wasn’t the teasing and waiting that made Sam ache. It was Autumn herself.

They met at an open call for a job at Key Notes, a locally famous music store, college adjacent. Key Notes was cool because they sold instruments and music, plus a ton of cool stuff you couldn’t find anywhere else. Not just vinyl, which most kids their age only pretended to like, but weird shit like these crazy Alice in Wonderland action figures that they both loved.

Neither were too into indie music, but both loved the selection of secondhand vintage instruments. Sam played guitar, Autumn played violin.

Sam was sitting alone playing “Angry Birds” on his iPod Touch when Autumn walked into Key Notes and took the empty seat beside him. Something about her —  hair, scent, maybe the thin gauzy fabric of her amber colored skirt —  hit Sam down to the molecule.

He was mute, with conversation impossible.

Sam was always shy, until he wasn’t, so he pretended not to notice her as he reset the level several times, the entire time crafting the perfect conversation starter. Autumn, who thought it was better to get going than wait for perfection, was the first to strike conversation.

“May I?” she said, pointing at Sam’s iPod. “You’ve been on the level forever. You just need to bang the red one right there,” she pointed at the thick wall of glass.

Sam shook his head. “That won’t work. The red ones are too light.

Autumn held her hand out and he handed her the Touch.

Sam heard the birds celebrating a few seconds later. She handed the iPod back and said, “Last year’s Christmas Trip. We flew to see family in Australia. It’s a 14 hour flight.” She smiled, then added, “I’m Autumn.”

Sam introduced himself and offered his hand. There was a shock between them.

“Sorry,” Sam said. “That happens sometimes.”

Neither got the job, and both were dumb enough to leave without getting a number. It felt wrong, to both of them. Sam knew it immediately, Autumn confirmed it later. They had each been thinking about the other for two weeks when Sam was flying from the Organic Chemistry hallway, going  in Mach II when he slammed into Autumn, scattering six books and a pile of papers.

Their eyes met.

“YOU!” they both said, laughing.

That was a month ago.

The first two weeks flew by. Sam had never been happier. Being with Autumn was easier than the easiest parts of every other relationship he’d ever had. The only thing missing was sex.

Sex was always the first thing to happen in relationships, at least since Sam started college. And while he was in a hurry to take that final step with Autumn, he wasn’t willing to pressure her into doing something she wasn’t ready to do. The relationship was worth it.

Sam couldn’t get a clear read on her past. He figured she was fairly inexperienced, and the experience she did have couldn’t have been too positive. At least that’s what he pulled from the long silences when she didn’t want to talk about it.

The last two weeks she had virtually disappeared. Autumn had made so many excuses, and dodged so many of his advances, he was beginning to think he’d read the relationship wrong. But she’d been so eager when Sam invited her over for dinner, his hope was fully restored.

He couldn’t stop picturing her naked … 

Autumn was in the bathroom. Sam was preparing for what he hoped would be his lucky night, including expensive Italian takeout in two brown bags on the kitchen counter, an open bottle of wine, candles across the apartment, and to cap it off — mood music courtesy of John Mayer.

Sam didn’t care for Mayer, but he had read that most girls did. She didn’t like much of the indie stuff, and seemed like the sort of girl who would think Mayer was cute.

He heard the toilet flush, then went to the kitchen to get Autumn a glass of water. A couple more minutes passed and she emerged from the bathroom with a catlike smile.

“Would you like a glass of water?” he said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Autumn took the glass and then a sip, still smiling. “John Mayer, huh?”

“You like him?”

Autumn shook her head. “No, I think he blows.”

Sam laughed. “I thought all girls liked John Mayer.”

“Only the ones who suck.” Autumn smiled, then licked her lips and said, “And I don’t mean in a good way.”

Sam was surprised. That wasn’t like Autumn at all. He liked it, could already feel the tingle in his jeans, but it was out of character and unexpected. “Would you like me to put something else on?” he asked.

“No, John Mayer works,” Autumn said, her smile now even sexier. “I get it, you put on John Mayer because you thought it would help you get laid.”

Sam was embarrassed. He didn’t mind Autumn knowing why he put on John Mayer, but he didn’t like it said out loud. “No, I was just hoping you’d like it.”

Autumn gnashed her teeth at the air. “Liar!” she said. “Tell the truth, Sammy. If you’re honest, I promise to give you a big, FAT, reward.”

Autumn put her hand on his thickening cock. “Okay, yeah,” he stammered, “I was hoping tonight would be the night. We’ve been dating for a month, after all, and I’ve barely seen you for the last two weeks. And I’ve been thinking about you a lot. We may not have that much experience, but it isn’t as though either one of us are virgins, and we’ve done some stuff already. I was just, you know, hoping. I guess I was trying to get you in the mood.”

“You don’t have to try to get me in the mood.” Autumn was practically on top of him. He couldn’t believe it; her fingers unbuttoning his jeans, her breathing soft yet heavy, her eyes lit with sudden yet undeniable desire.

“Autumn, oh wow,” Sam’s breathing was getting out of control. His cock was already hardened to pain, which didn’t seem possible so quickly.

He had wanted Autumn for a month, and was seconds from having her. Maybe it was her sudden change, her scent, or maybe his hunger making him thick. She was amazing. Beautiful green eyes, impossibly sexy waves of honey blond hair he’d imagined brushing his navel as she worked on his dick so many times already, or bouncing wildly as he watched from the back as she rode him reverse cowgirl.

They’d probably start off for the first few months with missionary to make sure Autumn was comfortable, but that was fine with him. Hell, he was happy when she let him cum on her tummy. He had spent a fat chunk of the last two weeks either hard, or limp with cum all over, th

inking about how badly he wanted her. Sam had been dreaming of being inside her nearly nonstop for two weeks straight, too scared to do anything about it.

Autumn was on the floor, pulling his jeans and underwear off, sending him her smoking hot smile as she ran her tongue up and down his leg, from ankle to ball sack and back. Sam wasn’t sure if he’d ever been harder in his life, including the time he tried to go a month without sex or jerking off just to see if he could. He couldn’t. Sam ended up so horny he spent an entire afternoon watching porn, and could’ve filled a carton with all the milk he made.

dinner for two“Oh my Fucking Lord, I was NOT expecting that!” he whimpered.

“It must be the John Mayer,” Autumn laughed.

It was taking everything inside Sam not to throw Autumn to the floor, rip off her tee and the black bra beneath it, then fuck her perfect tits before shoving his cock inside her; plowing her like a field hand until she was filled with his cock snot.

“Now, Sam,” she said, “I need you to stop talking. The only thing I want to hear from you for the next several minutes are your uncontrollable moans, the sound of my name, or any filthy things you think of while I’m giving you the best blowjob of your life.” Her voice was an impossible tease, soaking in honey. “I’m serious, Sam. This will be the best blowjob you’ve ever had. And I’m warning you, it might ruin you. When I’m finished, it will be what you compare everything else to, forever. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to push her to the floor and fuck her mouth, or any hole he could get to. But she was in control, obviously enjoying his squirming and relishing every word.

All Sam could do was whimper and nod.

“I’m going to suck your dick so hard, you won’t be able to stand when I’m through. Are you sure you’re ready for that, too?” She started stroking his shaft.

“Oh GOD!” he said.

“It’s Autumn, but thank you. Now, if you love my hands on your cock, just wait until you feel my hot breath all over it; licking your shaft, nibbling your tip, seeing how much of your beautiful dick I can swallow.”

“FUCK, Autumn.”

Sam was about to lose it. He had no idea how he could possibly manage to keep his man glue in its tube much longer. Autumn’s hair bounced as her head bobbed up and down on Sam’s shaft for a full minute of perfect rhythm, then stopped just long enough for her to strip to her thong.

Her inner thighs were slick from the soaking sides of her panties. It was only the third time Sam had seen her tits, and like the first time, he wanted to cum all over them.

Autumn whispered for Sam to touch her tits. His hands went everywhere – groping, squeezing, twisting, pulling. He fondled her only a moment, Autumn moaning the entire time. She stood from her crawl on the floor and climbed him, rubbing her nipples across his face and down his body, finishing with a minute in his lap and a return to the floor.

Autumn returned her full attention to his dick for who knows how long, pouring through a series of moves that were unlike anything Sam had ever experienced. At one point, his head swimming, Autumn pulled her lips from his dick and stared him in the eye. His cock was aching, all feeling replaced by a dull ache of longing. She made him beg, before mercifully wrapping her fingers around the bottom of his thick base and meeting her fingers with her lips.

Sam started to pull back, afraid he would lose his load, but he’d never been more turned on his life. Autumn was sexier than fuck, on her knees, head bobbing up and down on his dick, as the sounds of slurping drowned the music and spit dribbled from her mouth and through the seams of her fingers.

Autumn pulled her mouth away, then, holding Sam’s cock by the base, slapped the head of his dick against her tongue and face. A bolt of pleasure shot through his body. She stopped and held Sam’s eyes while slowly jerking him off. He barely had the energy to moan.

She pinched the tip of his cock and started to whisper. “I’m gonna make you cum, but I want you to know something first. I’m going to swallow it all. If you want to cum on my face, I’ll take it like a happy slut.” Autumn kept stroking and Sam figured he had another few seconds before he lost it all. “But nothing will feel better than shooting your hot and sticky load into my hungry mouth, then watching me lick my lips as it slides down my throat.”

Sam felt a sharp shot of pain as she pinched the tip of his cock to keep him from cumming. Autumn returned to his lap and seemed to double her efforts. He knew that no matter what, he was about to lose it.

She took his hand and put it on her tits.“Okay Sammy, I’m going to milk you dry.”


Sam imagined himself on top of her and lost it.

He’d never cum so much in his life. There must’ve been a half gallon worth of creamy loads, blasting from the thick barrel of his cock into the warmth of Autumn’s waiting mouth. Sam was crying and moaning, lost in euphoria as she gulped, barely keeping up with his explosive flow.

Sam continued to cum and Autumn continued to swallow until a stuttering blast gave her a final gulp and he collapsed into the cushions of the couch.

Autumn ran her fingers up and down Sam’s inner thigh, then slowly pulled her lips from his dick, careful not to make any sudden moves, finishing with a series of light, lingering kisses, licking the remaining drops of cum from his shaft.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was delicious.”

The blowjob had rocked his world, but Autumn thanking him for the pleasure sent him into another orbit. All he could do was moan for several minutes until he finally managed to ease his tongue into a question.

“Oh my fucking Lord, Autumn,” he said, “I have to know, where in the hell did you learn to do that?”

“Oh, I’ve been waiting to do that with you forever,” Autumn said, still smiling.” She was cuddled into Sam on the couch, an oven of heat beside him.

Sam was speechless, even after he’d caught up from his minutes long moaning. Now that he could speak, he had no idea what to say. Every inch of him wanted to worship Autumn. No one had ever given him anything like that, and he felt horrible for thinking what he was thinking, but sometimes you just couldn’t keep thoughts fenced where they belonged.

Autumn had sucked his cock like a pro, no denying it. It wasn’t just amazing, it seemed almost rehearsed. Especially the “thank you” at the end.

One of the things Sam loved most about Autumn was her innocence. At least what he had perhaps naively assumed was her innocence. But there was an innocent minute in the previous half hour. Though he could do that all day every day, for the rest of forever, he had to recalibrate his feelings.

Part of him suddenly wanted to push Autumn away, but the amazing truth was that most of him was already thinking about fucking her mouth again, or better yet, her pussy. If she could do what she’d done on her knees, he could barely imagine what she would do while on top of him.

Sam could already feel the blood returning to his cock. He bent over the couch, picked up his boxers and Levis, then slipped them over his leg. He fell back against the cushions, exhausted.

Autumn said, “Oh, I wore you out, did I?” then giggled.

She rose from the couch and gathered her things while Sam was a sack on the couch. She came over, kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Rest well Sammy, because tomorrow it’s my turn.”

Like that, she was gone.

satisfiedPart of Sam wished he’d had the guts to press the issue, ask Autumn where she’d learned to blow like a pro. He couldn’t stand the thought of starting a relationship founded on lies, or at least half truths he didn’t understand. The sensible part of Sam was glad he’d kept his mouth shut.

He could analyze shit in the morning. For now, it was time to get to bed and deal with his second hardon of the night. Sam snuffed the apartment lights, went to his bedroom, peeled the clothes from his body, then slipped into his bed.

His cock was surprisingly thick considering it had just emptied a sea of seed and was still glossy from the adventure. He couldn’t believe how horny he felt as he started massaging his balls with his left hand as stroking his cock with the right.

He closed his eyes, imagining Autumn’s full breasts and the feel of her hard nipples against his skin. After only a minute, a drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip. Sam grasped harder, sliding his skin up and over the head, in steady, relaxed strokes with even rhythm.

Eyes closed, his mouth hung open, breathing heavy. Sam stroked faster and faster until his hand was a blur from base to tip, imagining Autumn’s face in his lap and her whisper in the air.

I’m gonna make you cum, but I want you to know something first. I’m going to swallow it all. If you want to cum on my face, I’ll take it like a happy slut. But nothing will feel better than shooting your hot and sticky load into my hungry mouth, then watching me lick my lips as it slides down my throat.

The head of Sam’s cock was slathered in pre-cum, an inch from the edge. His body stiffened and his moans echoed through the empty room. Strands of cum shot from his cock; one, two, three — blasting into the air and landing in a gooey carpet on his belly.

Thank you, the memory of Autumn in his ear. That was delicious.

Sam fell to sleep in seconds, wondering how many men his girlfriend had been with.


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