Anticipation: Chapter Fifteen

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Anticipation-OptimizedCaitlin was hot in the bathtub as her plan took shape through her shudders, then even hotter when she got out. She was starting to burn as she dried off and dressed in nasty lingerie and a long coat. She was on fire as she got in the car. Halfway between home and Jay’s office, Caitlin was a crackling fire eating through acres of forest.

Her breath was heavy, almost a pant; the anticipation of her plan in bloom like the promise of sun washing a black horizon.

Caitlin wondered if Jay had ever imagined what she had pictured at least once a day for weeks. Probably. If not, she wanted to make sure he did once she left. He would probably fight her, likely using words like “professional” and “impropriety,” but there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in her oven-hot-box she was letting that fly.

Caitlin flicked on her blinker, raced across several lanes of traffic, then dipped into the exit, tore down the offramp, and hung a hard right onto Valley, barreling down the final half-mile to Jay’s office. She wasn’t wet, she was soaking, and because she wasn’t wearing panties, or at least the panties she was wearing as part of her naughty ensemble had no crotch, she was leaving a creamy smear all over her seat. The sight and scent and thought of it all sent another flood of juices out from her pussy and into a sticky mess; glue on her inner thighs gummed the leather beneath her.

She felt almost like a teenager, and as Caitlin swung a left into the office lot she thought of Ronnie Gebhart, and how he had kissed her hard in the hallway outside Ms. Crenshaw’s art class after school before pulling her into the open room where he kissed her harder and put his hands all over her body starting at her “awesome tits” as he called them. He rubbed her between the legs until she was so wet it soaked through her panties, which he pulled down before eating her pussy like it was free lunch until she came, creaming all over his face. Ronnie stood, pulled off her shirt, and sucked her awesome tits, making her want to cum even more. Young Caitlin was so hot it felt natural to fall to her knees and put a dick in her mouth for the first time, despite the danger of being at school, alone in the empty art room. She loved sucking it, and kept going until he tapped her on the shoulder, whimpered, “I’m going to cum,” then pulled his cock from her mouth and came on her nipples, holding himself by the shaft so he could try to bulls-eye each one.

Caitlin drove to the far side of the parking lot, just beneath Jay’s office window, then killed the engine, checked her phone, saw no text from Jay, tossed the phone into her purse, then curled her fingers and palms tight around the steering wheel and braced herself for what she was about to do.

Caitlin sat in her creamy seat, laughing out loud at her last two months, thinking it hysterical that she was about to march into Jay’s office and make reality from fantasy. She should have been scared, but she wasn’t, or maybe she was, just not enough to stop or slow her. Sex was easy — all you had to do was take off your clothes and put things in the right places. People did that all the time. But parting your truth and baring your soul enough to let them see your naked fantasy was something else.

Caitlin got out of the car, wrapped her long overcoat tighter around her body, crossed the lot, opened the heavy glass door, passed the elevator — horrified by the thought of getting stuck nearly naked in a narrow box — then trudged up four flights of stairs to Jay’s floor. She crossed a long hall, smiled at Amy, the receptionist, not stopping until she turned down a short hallway, and then another.

Caitlin could almost hear the whispers, wisps of disbelief blowing through the office as she opened Jay’s door.

Jay was looking at his phone as Caitlin entered. He must have just read her text because his eyes grew twice as big as he blinked from the screen to Caitlin, marching through the door in her long coat and fake collar. He put two and two together, and the four gave him a fatty Caitlin could see from the doorway, tenting his pants as he stood between his desk and office chair.

“Oh my God, Caitlin,” he loudly whispered, his knees twitching just like his dick. Caitlin smiled like a cat, knowing he smelled her heat.

“Hi,” she said, ignoring his cry to a deity. The long coat fell from her body. She took a tiny step forward, pausing halfway to his desk and standing in his private office, mostly naked except for the garters, crotchless panties, and bra — if you could call it that. The scrap of fabric was soft pink and an almost bright black, pushing her tits up past fantastic, and displaying her nipples like rubies on velvet.

Jay’s mouth hung open. Caitlin sauntered to his desk and pushed him down hard in his chair.

“I have a meeting in a few minutes,” he gulped. “I can’t.”

She sat on his lap and loosened his tie. “Don’t you like it when I do this?”

Jay didn’t answer. Probably because it wasn’t a clear question. Caitlin could have meant her presence, or her slutty lingerie, or the tufts of hot air she blew in his ear, tickling his cock nearly as much as the fingers that actually were.

“I’m serious, Honey. I love you so, so much, and this is really fucking awesome, and I promise to pound you into Sunday the second I’m home, and as many times as you want after that, fuck the kids we’ll send them to Sarah’s, but I could lose my job.”

“That won’t happen,” Caitlin promised. “I’ll be quick.”

She moved her palms to the top of his desk, slightly lifted her ass, then started brushing it like a feather duster on his lap.

“Oh my God, Caitlin. That feels really fucking good. But you have to stop, or go back to physical therapy because I will lose my job.”

“No you won’t,” Caitlin kept rubbing her ass against his crotch. “No one can see inside your office, and I promise to swallow all the proof.”

Jay moaned, then managed a few words. “I’ll leave work early. As soon as the meeting’s over. We’ll have like three hours together before the boys are home. But I have to make the meeting.”

“You will.” Caitlin stopped brushing her ass against him, wiggled it once and then fell to her knees. She looked up at Jay, made her eyes bigger, then ran her hand up and along his cloth covered pipe. “When is your meeting?”

S…s…s…seven minutes” Jay stuttered so much he sounded like a snake.

“That’ll be plenty,” Caitlin cooed, unbuckling his buckle.”

She popped Jay’s cock from his boxers. “Think about it, Sweetie. You can’t go into the meeting like this.” She held his throbbing fatty in her hand and looked from it to him as if showing Exhibit D to the jury. “That would be totally inappropriate. So really, neither of us have a choice. It’s my job to take care of you. No one will ever know. Oh, they can suspect…”

Caitlin made a long lap from the base of his dick to the tip, then ringed it once before she swallowed it whole, sliding up with a slurp before plopping it out from her upper hole to finish her sentence.

“But they could never prove a thing.”

Still stuttering, Jay said, “They’ll smm…smm…smmm…smell it.”

“No they won’t,” Caitlin breathed. Her lips hovered just above his tip. Her palm curled loose around his shaft. “I promise to keep my pussy between my legs. But don’t be disappointed,” she giggled. “I’ll rub it all over your face when you’re home.”

“The door isn’t locked,” he said. “Go lock it.”

The way Jay almost barked it made Caitlin wonder if she could stop herself from breaking her word and rubbing her pussy all over him, anyway. It would be rough to feel him starting to boil in her mouth and not want to sit on it in time for all of his goopy to shoot in her hole. But she wasn’t wearing any panties so it would likely roll down her leg and spot onto the carpet. Jay shot like a paint gun when excited.

Caitlin locked the door and dropped to her knees. “I’m going to suck on you until you cum in my mouth, OK?”

Jay nodded, bug-eyed.

She turned her head, looked at the clock in the right menubar of Jay’s desktop, then guessed the math. “We have ssss…ssss…six minutes,” she said, teasing his stutter before licking him up one side and down the other.

She looked into his eyes. “We have to go fast, right?”

Jay nodded, still bug-eyed.

“So do you want me to shut the fuck up and suck the cum from your cock?”

Jay nodded, eyes about to fall from his face.

“I just wanted to let you know, before I get started, you can fuck my mouth as hard as you want. No limits,” she promised, blowing him a kiss before moving her lips to his tip.

Caitlin lightly licked Jay’s cock as he sat in his seat, fingers curled into the plastic and feet pointed in a straight line under his desk as he fucked her mouth with a steady rhythm. She pulled it out, said, “I said you could fuck my mouth as hard as you wanted. Is that all you’re going to do?” then put it back in.

Jay was bucking in his seat a second later. Three more after that and he had his palm slapped at the back of her head, shoving it onto his meatstick like he was palming a ball.

“MMMmmmmMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmm,” he made tiny little grunts, stifling each, likely terrified someone would start knocking.

Caitlin kept her head buried in his lap, enduring the cock continuously crashing through her lips and the juices it sent in a stream from her slit. Her hands slithered under his ass and she dug her fingers deep into his skin. He made more of the MMMM’s and the mmmmm’s as he started to swivel his hips in schizophrenic directions.

Jay thrust his hands down and started pinching her tits, pulling them tight from the rest of her flesh, stretching the dark of her nipple and aureola into a strand as he found a rhythm with his bucking that was easy for Caitlin to match.

She started fucking his dick with her mouth as if it were pussy in bed, widening her cheeks and filling her mouth with saliva, slopping up and down all over his slippery slobbery cock, and making all the noises that went with it, confident the walls were thick enough to bury their pleasure.

Despite her promise, and the very real risk of Jay losing his job, the most animal part of Caitlin wanted to pop Jay’s dick from her mouth and sit on it. The rest of her wanted to pop Jay’s dick from her mouth, then shove her ass in his face. He could do whatever he wanted — lick her in the ass or lick in her in the pussy, just lick her fucking somewhere before she took what she wanted from his dick.

Caitlin didn’t listen to either part of her, but to keep herself from going nuts she did pop Jay’s dick from her mouth. She purred, “This is it, Mr. Farr. It’s time to get what you paid for. Let me show you that I’m worth every dollar. I’m your little lunchtime whore. I drink your milk and make you strong.”

Caitlin turned, looked at the clock, then turned back to Jay. “What do you want to do with your filthy little whore right now, Mr. Farr? How do you want to spend your money? We only have four minutes until your meeting. Do you want to cum in my mouth…” she dropped her voice to a teasing whisper… “or do you want to cum on my face?”

Jay curled his fists into Caitlin’s hair and smashed his dick past her lips, parting as his thick throbber thrusted nine times — each with a deeper growl and mightier fury — then released her hair and found the sides of his chair, clutching it as he lifted his ass from the seat, whistling out loud as he filled her mouth with a pound of his butter.

But that wasn’t what they had talked about, so Caitlin only swallowed a squirt before she popped his cock from her mouth and took two blasts onto her face. She wanted the one, for both the memory and show, but added the second because one seemed not enough. She pointed his dick down to her tits and shot a blast right between them — like a bullet from a gun — then wrapped her lips back around his dick since she knew there was so much more coming, sucking and swallowing until she made it all gone.

Jay writhed up and down on his seat, and around in her mouth.

“Oh my fucking Lord up in Heaven, please love me like that forever.”

Caitlin smiled, feeling satisfied, though not in her pussy.

“Promise you’ll fuck me twice when you’re home?”

Jay nodded.

“And promise you’ll leave early?”

He nodded again.

Caitlin lapped at his dick and all around the base, then stood and stripped from her barely there lingerie and used it to clean the rest of the cum from Jay’s body and her face. She left his cum on her tits, then put the top back on, and her jacket over it.

She went up to Jay and kissed him long and soft on the mouth, using much of their final minute to make love to his breath. She inhaled him as they parted, then took a step back. He looked perfect except for the tiny drop of cum that bled like a pee stain through the front.

“Here,” she said, grabbing his jacket and holding it out for him to slip his arms through. She buttoned the middle button so the bottom of the jacket hung neatly over his drop of cum. “There,” she said, smiling, “You look terrific.”

They walked out of his office together, and to Caitlin’s relief the hallway was entirely empty. She expected a couple of minglers, figuring whispered gossip invited the curious. But even if everyone was secretly standing in their offices with glasses to their wall, the hallways were a desert.

“Good luck,” Caitlin said.

“Thanks, and I’ll be home early. Soon as I can.”

The throb in her pussy was nearly a ringing in her ears. “Can’t wait,” she whispered, then turned and left.

She walked through reception. Amy smiled, as though she truly had no clue Caitlin was naked under her coat, or maybe that it was perfectly normal for wives to drive into the offices at lunch time and take a load in the mouth (and on the face, with a little on the tits).

“Bye,” Caitlin said on her way out the door.

“Bye,” she heard Amy say as it shut behind her.

As she pulled out of the parking lot, Caitlin wondered if Jay was alright, or if she had really jeopardized his job. She didn’t think he could be in trouble. He would have made the meeting and was damn good at his job. So what if his wife came in at lunchtime and swallowed a little dick? Wouldn’t that be likely to make him a more productive employee for the rest of the day?

Except that he was leaving right after the meeting.

Caitlin laughed, feeling amazing, and never wanting the feeling to end. She pictured herself getting home; pulling into the garage, dropping her jacket in the mudroom, and peeling her nasty the rest of the way. She imagined rubbing the flat of her palm against her prick hungry pussy, smearing it into a lather as she thought of Jay’s cock.

The thoughts were too strong to keep Caitlin’s fingers from her cunt. By the time she hit the highway, she was sliding up and down her dripping snatch, using the flat of two fingers to brush the skin like she were adding paint to a canvas.

Caitlin kept her clit in steady arousal, lightly sloshing her gooey center while keeping her eyes on traffic and her mind circling its most recent memory. She wondered what Jay was thinking; if he was clearheaded after emptying his load and owning the room like he probably was, or thinking of her — imagining her storming into his office, and wondering if she was ever going to do it again.

She wondered if he had felt how true it was, and that she had done it for her as much as she had done it for him. She wondered if he was thinking, maybe at that second, how amazing it was to have a fantasy come true.

She wondered if he was anticipating her as she was him.

Caitlin opened the garage, pulled inside, then went into the house, not running inside like she imagined. She was cool, almost methodical, even stopping to get a drink of water after neatly hanging her coat in the mudroom. She went into the bedroom, undressed, then climbed into bed and opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand.

Caitlin pulled her favorite glass accessory from inside, then eased it into her squishy center while thinking of Jay. Caitlin finished and quickly fell asleep.

That night, there was a quiet calm between them. They made sweet, tender love, almost silent. Twice. It was little like their afternoon, though they came together both times — the second time so intense Caitlin drew blood on his back. Just before midnight, after many kisses and promises, Jay and Caitlin fell asleep, happy.

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