Anticipation: Chapter Sixteen

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Anticipation-OptimizedCaitlin bustled around; lighting candles, preparing music and filling the house with preludes to sex. Jay would be home soon.

She would be ready for whatever he wanted.

Candles were Caitlin’s new favorite thing. She still bought most of her candles at Target; they were good enough to burn most days. On Thursdays she burned candles from Drippings. They were elegant, burned slowly, and came in colors ranging from a rich devil’s crimson to an angelic virginal white. Drippings had their own store in the mall, but they also had a small section at the back of the Broken Halo, and Caitlin preferred buying her candles in a place that only sold garments you wore to take off.

Imagining hours spent running slender fingers along multicolored racks, searching for lingerie that fit her body best fueled Caitlin’s desire. It was impossible to light the candles without thinking of the Broken Halo, just like it was impossible to think of The Broken Halo without thinking of Peaches & Cream or Just Desserts between them.

She never thought of any of it without hearing Jay’s moaning in her mind, or imagining his final thrust and the hot blast of cum that would spatter her mouth or face, her always hungry pussy, or more and more often, in a giant glob across her back.

Caitlin made the bed with white sheets and two matching candle displays, one on each nightstand. Both were lit with six smaller white candles circling a larger crimson one. In front of each candle was a small plate of large chocolate covered strawberries, with a dollop of whipped cream in the center and a short row of cookies running partially around the plate, half black and half white fanned just enough to look like a smile in front. Sometimes Jay was starving after sex. Caitlin always set the desserts out just in case.

Beyond the candles, scents and cool white sheets, and the desserts and dollops of whipped cream, were the implements of their lovemaking; a bottom drawer of toys, a pile of scarves, and another few bits of lingerie left at the foot of the bed, in case Jay saw something he liked better.

Caitlin loved her routine. Though sex was always better than the setup, the setup made it so. She’d not spent nearly as much time with Passion Now as she had a year before, during the two month stretch when the site nudged her to find more of herself, but she did still check in on it a few times a week, watching around half of their releases, always with rolling thunder orgasms under a deep blanket of hot water in her oversized tub afterward.

Music was her favorite part of setting the mood. Caitlin would pick her song first. She would imagine herself lighting candles and making the bed, picking out her lingerie and laying out the desserts, taking her shower and lightly brushing herself between the legs, always showing restraint by waiting for Jay. Whatever music swam through her mind while Caitlin imagined their early afternoon, made its way into the playlist, labeled with that day so she would always have something to remember.

Today’s special song was “A Constant Reminder” by Walter Rodriguez. It would be played on a loop so their minds didn’t move to the music if they did with something less beautiful and more familiar, like anything by Maroon 5. She first heard the tune on Passion Now a few weeks before during a scene where a round-faced brunette sat reading in a bikini by the pool, until a man who was supposed to be her husband came home with a friend. The round-faced brunette was asked without words if they could use her three holes, two at a time to decompress from the day. Even with story lines as weak as that, the photography was always top-notch, and the music worth stealing.

With their stage set, the fire of anticipation was lit.

Caitlin stripped from her yoga pants and cami, then checked her phone to see if Jay had texted. He was probably on his way. Like every Thursday, she expected him to text her before driving home to let her know what he wanted.

No text yet so Caitlin set her phone on the counter, turned on the hot water, waited for the stall to fill with steam, then stepped inside. She scrubbed herself clean, using the minty soap Jay seemed to love, priming her body for his. After cleaning, Caitlin stayed under water, letting hot streams land then bead on her back, licking her lips as she patiently waited for what was approaching. Sex didn’t start when the tip of Jay’s dick kissed her juicy folds, it started the second they made the date.

Without a year to see in the rearview, Caitlin would have had a hard time believing that desire would ever be a part of her regular life. She wanted Jay, had craved him nearly every day for so many in a row they were no longer worth tracking.

Caitlin rubbed lotion on her skin, treating herself to a minute of play at her pussy, then picked up her phone and checked it again. Still no text.

She went into the bedroom, looked at the three pieces of lingerie, and decided on a pink and black striped teddy and matching panties that looked almost old fashioned. The other two were new, but Jay made such a big fuss over the pink and white stripes when she wore it two weeks before, Caitlin was hungry to wear it again.

Just as she slipped it over her head, and her hardening nipples were kissing soft satin, Caitlin’s phone buzzed against the counter. She went into the bathroom, picked up her phone, and looked at the screen.

I’m outside right now. You’re not expecting me. 

A second later, the doorbell rang. Fourteen seconds after that, Caitlin was staring through a freshly parted slit.

“Hello,” she said in a hurried whisper, “what are you doing here?”

Jay said, “I got off early from work today, and my wife is at Cub Scouts tonight. I was hoping you could fit me in.”

“MMMmmm,” Caitlin smiled through the doorway. “You know how I love to fit you in, but I just can’t today. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that,” he looked down at his shuffling feet. “Do you think there’s any way you could make an exception?”

Caitlin’s heart was already beating faster. After a decade and a half, plus one year, she still saw Jay as so handsome, funny and playful. And now, after that one plus year, Caitlin felt playful too.

“What is it you were thinking about doing?”

“The usual?” Jay shrugged, as if he were being asked whether he preferred paper or plastic. “Half and half.”

“MMMmmm,” Caitlin moaned again, imagining the first half of their encounter devoted to his dick, while the rest of the time he made home in her hotbox.

“We have to hurry,” Caitlin warned. “As long as you can promise you’ll be quick, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“Thanks for the special treatment,” Jay winked as Caitlin took a step back from the door to open it all the way.

Caitlin took Jay’s coat and briefcase and set them on the living room sofa, then came back into the front room with a pillow. She set the small pillow on the floor, then put her knees on top of it. She looked up at Jay with her giant smiling eyes and said, “I’m going to see if I can fit you in right now, will that be OK?”

“OK,” Jay nodded, smiling as wide as he always did when Caitlin played his games. She swallowed his dick and slid down the shaft, greasing it with her juicy lips as she started moving faster and faster, using only her mouth, cupping his balls with one hand while the other lightly brushed the back of his legs with her fingers.

Jay slapped a palm on the wall and moaned as he slid his dick in and out of her mouth. He never moved too fast to threaten eruption, but when he was twitching enough for Caitlin to feel the vibration in her throat, she slid his slippery cock from her mouth, then stood and whispered, “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Yes,” Jay nodded.

“How are you going to do it?” Caitlin asked, as if she didn’t know.

“Exactly how I want!”

“And where are you going to do it?”

He pointed to the couch. “Over there.”

Caitlin pranced to the sofa, then stood by its side, waiting for direction. “Do you want me to bend over so you can fuck me from the back?” Whenever Jay pointed to the sofa that’s what he meant, though he sometimes surprised her. She literally meant fucking her from the back, not in the back. Despite a year of play, they’d not yet gone there and Caitlin wasn’t sure she wanted to, despite how pretty Passion Now made it look, or how sexy the music was when they did.

“No,” he nibbled her ear until she started moaning. “I want to eat your pussy first.”

“OK,” Caitlin said, with a lilt to her voice that let him know he could do whatever he wanted.

Jay took her hand, led her to the couch, lowered Caitlin to the cushions, then dropped to his knees and pulled her pink and black striped teddy up to her tummy and her matching panties down past her ankle.

He lowered his hot mouth to her needy cunt and started sucking at the gooey lips of her hairless pussy as three of his fingers thrusted inside her. Because she had been anticipating Jay all afternoon, Caitlin came hard immediately, gushing all over his face.

Caitlin craved more than his mouth and fingers inside her. Yet, as much she wanted to start bouncing up and down on her husband’s fat cock, control, like the day, belonged to him. She settled for soaking in her orgasm, and slowly falling down.

After she stilled from her shudder, Jay said, “I can’t believe how fast you came.” He smiled, face glazed, then leaned back, pulled Caitlin’s pussy up and into his lap, then teased her overheated hole by scraping his cock up and down her pulsing folds until she was panting.

He didn’t ask her to plead. “Please,” she begged anyway. “Don’t tease me. I need you to fuck me.”

Jay rubbed his cock harder against her pussy, soaking his tip in her juices.

She whimpered, “Please, pretty please…”

“Are you going to wiggle your ass on my dick if I do?”


“Are you gonna take my load like a good little whore?”


“Are you going to count the minutes until I do it again?”


Caitlin raised her hips to draw him closer. He laughed, teased her for another few seconds, then pulled his body back and slammed himself inside her, hard. Caitlin cried out loud enough to threaten the windows as she pounded her hips back and forth on his lap.

She looked down to watch Jay’s long and skinny dick sliding in and out of her, tickling her insides and making silence impossible. She screamed again. Everything felt fresh, from Jay’s scent to his touch to the wet of his lips. They held their gaze as a second surprisingly fast orgasm tore through her body. Caitlin was still how amazed how often they came together during their Thursday interludes.

Her muscles spasmed as her fingers dug into her husband’s flesh, pulling him closer. After a minute of thrusting, he sharply groaned. Caitlin felt him swell, but wasn’t ready for him to shoot. She squealed, wiggled into his pre-blast, then pulled away from his dick before he could milk it.

“Aaahhh,” Jay cried out, as if in pain. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you your money’s worth,” she said.

Caitlin put her hand between her legs, scooped a finger full of homemade lube, then slathered it over Jay’s still growing dick. She wrapped her lips around his bulging head, then looked up to meet his gaze with widened eyes.

Jay’s dick was swollen inside her mouth. She started bobbing up and down on his shaft as her fingers curled tightly at the base. His hands sank in her hair as he found speed, fucking her mouth faster and harder until he was tapping the back of her throat.

Caitlin stared at Jay staring at her, alternating his eyes between hers, and the way his dick was sliding in and out of her mouth, as sloppy sounds of spit and sucking echoed through their living room.

Jay suddenly withdrew from her mouth, pulled Caitlin to her feet, bent her over the edge of the sofa, and shoved his dick inside her waiting hole, moaning and groaning and thrusting and plunging, throwing his full frame forward as she wiggled her ass against it.

Caitlin looked down, saw the small puddle on the hardwood floor and realized her pussy was raining, not sprinkling. The sight made her moan and wiggle her ass harder against him. She reached down, and started furiously rubbing her cunt, throwing her hand behind her and shoving her fingers into Jay’s mouth.

Caitlin spasmed into another orgasm as Jay suckled her fingers, grabbed her hips, and started slamming her as though out of control. Caitlin’s scream, followed by a full body shudder, sent Jay over the edge as he filled her with what felt like a quart of cum, which spilled from her soaking hole and turned the already puddled floor into a pool.

Jay rolled to the floor, breathless. Caitlin climbed on top of him and shoved her tongue in his mouth. After kissing for minutes they parted, panting as they held hands and stared at the ceiling.

“That was amazing,” he said. “Even better than last week.”

“But not as good as the next one,” Caitlin giggled.

“That does seem to be the pattern.”

Jay gently tickled her fully bloomed folds as they whittled the hour to nothing with pillow talk. “You’re the only whore who lets me pillow talk,” he said when it was finally time to end it.

“Stop it,” Caitlin laughed. “I’m not a whore once you cum.”

Jay laughed back. “Fair enough.”

Caitlin smiled, saying nothing, hating this part, when he had to clean up and return to the office. As warm as she felt inside, she always felt alone when he left, and stayed that way until he came back home. But she loved the missing him, and as hot as their Thursday afternoons were, their Thursday evenings were a different sort of sticky sweet.

“Thank you,” he said on the way to his feet. “That was amazing and so are you.”

“No, thank you,” Caitlin stood beside him and set her head to his chest.” They swayed back and forth for another minute, then Jay traded the bedroom for the bathroom, taking a quick shower — the first one in three Thursdays when she wasn’t with him on her knees at the end, taking his load on her tits.

They shared another long kiss in the doorway, then Jay turned to leave.

“See you next week?” Caitlin asked.

“Of course,” he nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

Jay turned, walked down the drive, climbed in his car — parked in the driveway rather than the garage — and drove back to work.

Caitlin closed the door and went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water, smiling at the folded $100 bill sitting on the counter.

Her favorite part of the week was over. She had another 167 hours until the next one. Until then, she would enjoy the anticipation.

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