Anticipation: Chapter Twelve

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Anticipation-OptimizedThough it felt like ten, the Farrs were sitting around the dinner table one hour later. Jay tried pulling Caitlin back into the bedroom, the bathroom, and, jokingly, a closet, but she wasn’t having it. She wanted Jay in a specific way, and had been thinking about it ever since she was tenderizing her favorite tickle spot in the shade of a draping oak a block off Coronado, while sending him filthy texts from the sex scented cabin of her Pilot. Jay did get points for trying, though. He even called her into his office with a faux emergency while she was finishing dinner and piling food onto plates.

“No,” she teased, feeling especially playful. “I have dinner to get ready, and the boys are nosy. You won’t get inside me before they come barging in.”

“They’re not allowed in my office when the door’s closed.”

“That won’t stop them,” she argued. “Especially Max. Do you really want him to walk in here and see your cock in my mouth.”

Jay moaned. He pushed his palm down on his crotch, giving mild relief to his cock. “Fuck Caitlin, why are you doing this?”

“Here,” she said, feeling her inner kitten start to meow. “You can have a sneak preview.” She lifted her shirt, then her bra. Caitlin’s tits spilled into the open air of Jay’s office. “If you’re a good boy, and willing to wait, you can cum on these later.” She pinched each nipple with her right hand while holding her shirt up with the left. Then, before leaving his office she sauntered to his seat, swatted his palm from in between his legs, pinched his cock lightly between her thumb and fingers, and said, “I promise to take excellent care of this,” Caitlin leaned closer, “all over my face if you want.” She giggled. “But you have to wait until bedtime.”

Jay twitched beneath her fingers. She stood, took his empty wine glass, and headed toward the door. “You can have a refill with dinner,” she said, then slipped out from his office and returned to the kitchen.

Dinner was as beautiful as Caitlin’s mood, with a plump cut of meat, gorgeous green salad — with bright purple onions, rich red tomatoes, and thick slices of avocado that kept Caitlin’s cunt in a sheen and her nipples hard as she added them to the rest of the brightly colored array. Steak and salad was a favorite for Jay, and because he had his, each of the boys had their pick as well: mac and cheese for Max, chicken tenders for Alex, and spaghetti and meatballs for Hudson. God bless Greens’ ready to go dinners for one — reasonably affordable and almost delicious.

“Dinner looks wonderful,” Jay said, smiling as he reached for the wine.

“Yeah!” Hudson nodded, shoving a forkful of tangled spaghetti into his mouth. “It’s awesome.”

Alex and Max agreed through small mountains of food, not yet chewed and swimming in their mouth. “Why did you make so many things?” Alex asked.

“Because I love you all,” Caitlin smiled.

Jay topped off his glass, then looked over at Caitlin. “More?”

“I’d love it,” she nodded.

Jay smiled, poured the bottle’s last swallow into his glass, then stood from the table, went to the rack on the counter, pulled out another bottle, opened it, then circled behind Caitlin and poured it into her glass while lightly breathing on her neck. She tried not to imagine him ripping the shirt from her body and covering her with kisses, then fucking her tits as she squeezed them together before spraying love juices all over her face.

“Why are you guys drinking so much wine?” Hudson asked.

Jay said, “Because today is a special occasion.”

“What’s the occasion?” Alex asked.

Caitlin leaned across the table, eager to hear what Jay would say.

“Well,” he smiled, bringing the wine to his lips. “Today is Donald Duck Day.”

“What?” three boys said together. Caitlin said nothing, staring at Jay.

“Donald Duck Day,” he repeated. “A day to celebrate the first Donald Duck cartoon. In case you didn’t know, Donald’s first appearance was in The Wise Hen back in 1934.”

The boys looked at their father as if he were crazy. “You’re making that up,” Hudson said. “There’s not a real holiday.”

“Okay, that’s not really a holiday, but it should be.” Jay laughed. “We’re drinking wine because your mother and I feel like celebrating. How about we say we’re celebrating National Frozen Food Day?”

“Is that a real holiday?” Alex asked.

Jay said, “Well no, not really. Ronald Reagan, the president when I was about your age tried to make that a real holiday. It never happened. Still, if we celebrate the holiday together, then I bet we could count fudgies as a frozen food, and party with dessert.”

The three boys yelled “YAY!!”

Caitlin sipped at her wine and admired Jay, getting all three boys happy and laughing, without going anywhere near answering the question. Most of the remaining conversation was split between Max complaining that Alex said he was being a baby, and Alex detailing the many reasons why, with constant nodding from Hudson. Caitlin and Jay listened, trading smiles and stealing glances at the clock.

“Is it dessert yet?” Hudson asked, midway through one of Alex’s complaints.

“Sure is,” Caitlin stood from the table and went to the freezer, intentionally shaking her ass as Jay stared behind her.

She pulled the box from the freezer, took the five remaining fudgies from inside, passed four to her boys and man, took their wrappers, threw them in the trash, then peeled hers to naked, sat opposite Jay, waited until none of the boys had a single eye on her, then sucked on the fudgie like it was a dick.

Every time one of the boys would look over, which was every few seconds, Caitlin would hold the fudgie in her mouth and wait for their eyes to pass, then she would lick it up and down as if it were Jay’s shaft, flicking her tongue across the top, deep throating the fudgie as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Caitlin would have bet every neatly trimmed hair on her yummy cunt that Jay had pre-cum painting the inside of his pants.

“I’ll get the dishes,” Jay offered, after Caitlin finished her fudgie. “You set up LIFE.”

“OK,” Caitlin agreed, sliding out from the table and standing up to a sudden head rush, only then realizing how lightheaded the wine had made her.

“You okay there?” Jay smiled, and broke into a full giggle. “Looks like we might need to get you to bed a little early.”

“I’m fine,” Caitlin said, focusing to keep her speech outside of a slur.

Jay did the dishes and Caitlin set up LIFE. A few minutes later the five of them were playing. Board games were fun, but they took forever when you’re wanting and waiting to fuck your husband, and it seemed to Caitlin, and Jay if she were going by the eagerness in his eyes, that that particular game took approximately ninety-four years to finish.

Caitlin and Jay were in a hurry for bed, but the boys were feeling opposite, elongating their evening until Caitlin was ready to snap. Jay feigned patience, reading stories, answering questions, and pretending like he wasn’t thinking about slapping Caitlin’s face with his cock, which she was certain he was since that was the gesture she kept making when the boys weren’t looking, at least every time she wasn’t miming jacking him off and catching his juicy squirt in her mouth.

Caitlin felt genuinely playful, and an almost smoldering level of sexy. She wasn’t used to the feelings together, at least not without having to pull them from somewhere inside her. But there they were on the surface, brushing her skin like the tip of a feather, sending tingles up her back, around her shoulders and down to her breasts, where they settled in her nipples and kept them hard.

Caitlin teased Jay enough to call it torture, though she wanted him as much as he wanted her, if not more. She had felt perfectly randy plenty of times in her life, especially after one or four glasses of wine. But this was different. Tonight was an ache; something that had brewed inside her since that first night two months earlier, then the next morning when Jay said the words that made her reconsider everything; the words that sent her to Passion Now, then the bathtub.

Waiting was exquisite; the delay in pleasure a beautiful torment between them. They said their goodnights then stepped into the hallway together, staring into one another’s eyes.

“Finally?” Jay said, his voice tilted the words into a question.

“Finally,” Caitlin confirmed, grabbing his hand.

He took the lead, pulling her behind him, down the hall through the dining room, then over to the other side of the house and the bedroom lovingly prepared that afternoon. Caitlin’s heart beat fast, almost pounded. Jay’s was too. She could hear it as she scampered beside him.

They flew through their door and Jay kicked it hard with his heel once through the threshold. It crashed back, landing hard in its frame. “Oops,” he said, as his mouth crashed into Caitlin’s.

Caitlin kissed Jay as if she had been waiting all day, almost as if she had been waiting since Hudson was born, falling deep into the something new and alive inside her, the same something that struggled for breath each morning, from the time she dripped in front of Passion Now to when she was drying off from her time in the tub.

“I want you so much,” she panted.

“I want you too,” Jay growled in a whisper. “I’ve wanted you all day.”

He bit her ear, pulled away, grabbed her by the wrist, then dragged her across the carpet from the door to the bed, and threw her on top of her pretty new lingerie.

“Is that new?” he asked, pawing her body.

“Yes,” she nodded from behind a whimper.

“It’s beautiful,” he breathed against her skin.

“Do you want me to put it on?” she purred, hoping he’d say no.

“No, not in the least.”

Jay attacked her, starting by ripping her shirt and mauling her milky white tits. Caitlin’s head fell back toward the bed as she moaned, imagining Jay’s dick stuffed inside her dripping pussy. His hands were everywhere, like his mouth and breath and probably his thoughts.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

Jay had no words, but stopped pawing Caitlin long enough to nod. Never in her life had nasty been so easy to find. Her voice playful, she said, “Would you like to ram your fat fuckstick inside me, and plow me hard until I beg you to stop?”

“Yes,” he stammered, then repeated her filth. “I want to ram my fat fuckstick inside you, then plow you hard until you beg me to stop!”

Caitlin rolled her nipples between her fingers, pulling hard and stretching her tits as she purred. “Do you want to rip my nipples with your teeth?”

“Oh my fucking GOD, Caitlin!”

Jay unbuckled his belt, pulling leather like a ripcord from the loops, threw it across the room where it took a chunk from the wall with a thud, then dropped his pants into a puddle, stepped out from inside them, plopped his body on hers, and grabbed Caitlin’s soft, round tits, roughly thumbing her always-sensitive nipples as she moaned into his ear, pulled his lobe into her mouth and slid her hand around his throbbing shaft, dropping her curled fingers down to the hilt.

Caitlin stroked Jay’s cock, slow enough to keep him from cumming, scooting down on the mattress low enough to rub his head all over her face. She rimmed his tip with her tongue, slowly, lapping in circles. Jay curled his fists into the bedsheets as she sank her mouth onto his dick.

Jay groaned as Caitlin slowly bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping and stroking his shaft, savoring each inch she fit in her mouth. He tangled his fingers into her hair, pushing his prick deeper into her upper furnace. She took it to the throat, curling her tongue around his thick shaft as she cupped Jay’s balls and felt them tighten in her palm.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “Suck my fucking cock, you…”

His voice faded to nothing, but every part of Caitlin knew he wanted to call her something like a filthy whore. She moaned, following his command as if she were exactly that, slurping as if she could suck thick cream straight through his swollen balls. Her head bobbed faster and faster, the sloppy sound of her sucking growing louder and sloppier with every slide of her mouth.

She pulled herself from Jay’s cock, peeled her panties past her ankles, shoved two fingers deep into her pussy, then returned to Jay’s dick as he continued to groan. Jay’s spigot started to spasm, Caitlin knew he was seconds from shooting his spunk. But she wasn’t ready for him to blow. Maybe later she would take it in her mouth and swallow every drop, right now her pussy wanted what it waited all day to get.

Caitlin tried to maneuver her body so that Jay’s dick was close enough to her pussy for a single thrust to send him sliding inside, but he panted and growled and swatted her with his hand, denying her hungry cunt of his hot cream. He twisted his fingers deeper into her hair, shoved his cock back into her mouth, mashed it between her parted lips, then started fucking her mouth as if he were paying.

Caitlin took it. Like a good little whore.

Her soft fingers squeezed harder on his cock as she licked and sucked and inched him toward eruption. “Yes! Take my cum!” Jay groaned, still holding her head with both hands, pumping his hips in her face, and fucking her mouth like he owed a vendetta.

Caitlin felt his cock tense, then closed her eyes and waited.

The first blast shot from his cock like a ball from a cannon. Caitlin swallowed as it slapped the back of her throat, then stream after steamy stream of thick goo pumped into her mouth as Jay emptied his sack. Her eyes stung from the assault on her mouth as she looked up and fixed her gaze on Jay.

“Mmmmhmmm,” she moaned, rubbing Jay’s dick all over her lips, mixing his cum with her saliva.

“Thank you,” Jay said, falling back, still panting. He climbed from the bed, then on his knees pulled Caitlin to the edge and spread her legs. Wordless, he dove into her freshly trimmed pussy, gleaming with juices, lapping at Caitlin from asshole to clit, running his tongue deep between her lips.

She melted as he licked her like ice cream was melting.

Caitlin pumped her hips, working with his rhythm as he swirled his tongue around her line of strawberry, then started flicking spasms of electricity into the walls of her quivering cunt.

Caitlin glazed her husband’s face like a donut. “Uuuuuuuh,” she moaned, squeezing her tits, halfway to Heaven, pulling and stroking the rosy buds crowning her tits as Jay slurped at her clit and kept her squirming. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She wanted to get him hard again, then get him inside her. In the meantime she bucked her hips harder, riding his mouth like a girl on a pony. Caitlin couldn’t control herself, and didn’t want to.

Jay lifted her legs, slammed the flat of his tongue against her slit, then stabbed her drenched hole with its tip until she exploded.

Caitlin shuddered through a long string of continuous orgasms. As soon as one stopped, another would rattle her body in its place. The room spun as she screamed, her cunt erupting in a fountain of sweet, sticky cum, covering Eric’s face with her sopping juice.

“Holy fuck!” Caitlin gasped, trying to catch her breath. Her numb body began to tremble. Jay made her feel like a fucking goddess, and now she wanted to fuck like a goddess all goddamn night.

Jay hovered above her, his hands drifting up her flat stomach and then over her tits. Her nipples were hard enough to etch lines in his palms. Caitlin flipped to her stomach. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Pleeeeeease!”

She felt his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks and knew he was ready again. Jay squeezed her breasts from behind, fingering her sensitive nipples, taking them between his thumbs and fingers, pulling them hard. Caitlin wiggled her ass, silently begging him to finally fuck her.

She reached behind and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her glistening pussy. Jay kept one hand on her tit, splitting her slit with the other. She shivered as he ran his pulsing tip up and along her hungry hole, lubing it with her slick, sticky juices.

A second before she started begging again, Jay slowly eased his tip into her tight, hot hole. She grunted as he pierced her, his swollen girth bleaching her of breath. She pressed her ass toward him, until her cunt swallowed his length.

Jay eased his thick dick in and out of her happy valley, slow at first, then faster, until he was pounding his hips against her ass with feral grunts. Every smash forced another moan from Caitlin’s mouth.

She wallowed in her loss of control, pumping her ass to meet his rhythm, and rubbing her puffy pink as Jay slammed her from behind. Her toes curled and she chewed her lower lip, cumming again, harder than ever, juices lubing Jay’s cock as her pussy swallowed his girth.

“Fuck me!” she wailed. “Fuck me like a whore! Punish my naughty pussy!”

Caitlin’s words drove him wild, or it could have been the scent of orgy. He grabbed her hips and held them tight, ramming himself harder and faster by the thrust. Jay’s cock raged, and Caitlin readied her body for his final blast. Heavy breaths surrendered to grunting hisses as his balls tightened and Caitlin bucked her ass, jamming backward onto his cock.

“Cum baby! Cum!” she screamed as Jay churned her creamy cunt. She felt his entire body tighten as he exploded inside her.

So that’s what it feels like to be owned. 


They surrendered together, then fell to their backs, breathing in harmony and making two hands like one. “That was amazing,” Jay said. “Totally worth the wait.”

Yes, it was.

Caitlin nuzzled up to Jay’s chest as he pressed his palm to her head and started petting her hair. “Like the old days, huh?” he said.


Caitlin felt it, and every part of her wanted to prove it. She rolled over on top of her husband, kissed him softly on the cheek, then rolled back the other way, off of the bed, and onto the carpet. She crawled on the floor, ass up and showing Jay both holes, then retrieved her new lingerie from the carpet and slipped it over her head.

“I bought this for you today,” she purred.

“Oh?” Jay said. “Did you get anything else?”

“Well, that depends,” Caitlin smiled. “Do you think your little guy is finished for the night? Or do you think he has another shot in him.”

Jay looked down at his softened cock then pointed to his head. “I feel it up here, but I’m not as young as I was, once upon a time.”

“Me neither,” Caitlin whispered. “But I’m hungrier for you than I’ve ever been.”

Something sighed inside her, and was answered deep in Jay. His body shivered. Caitlin crawled back into bd, then leaned to her side and picked up the small plate of chocolate covered strawberries. “Look what I have.” She held the plate in front of Jay.

He took a strawberry, nibbled the edge, smiled, then tore a larger hunk of flesh from the red fruit and swallowed. “Amazing,” he said.

“Want something even more amazing?”

Jay nodded, eyes uncertain, as if ever so slightly frightened. She reveled in her power. “If I show you what else I have, will you promise me you’ll cum?”

Jay swallowed and breathed out a yes, while stroking his soft cock back to hard. Caitlin smiled as she watched it harden in his palm.

“Wonderful,” she said, then leaned across the bed a final time, back to her side. She stretched her arm down and grabbed the small canister of whipped cream from Just Desserts.

“What’s that for?” he asked, though his eyes said he already knew.

Caitlin smiled like the slutty devil she felt like. “It’s to make your cum sweeter when I swallow it,” she said, slathering his cock with cream.

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