Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

With a 4.9 out of 5-Star average on Amazon, Lexi's readers are in love for a reason.

The Autumn Diaries

Confessions From America’s Favorite Cum-Slut

Naughty USA’s favorite character, self-professed cumslut, writer, and stand-in for Ms. Maxwell herself, Autumn Cole, kept a diary throughout 2012. This diary is a mix of short entries and longer anecdotes detailing the first year she spent being Lexi Maxxwell and publishing to Amazon. With this crude collection of dirty snippets and smutty stories, Lexi will get you laughing as hard as she makes you tingle.

Lexi Readers The Autumn Diaries! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“This is my current favorite Kindle read of 2013. For starters, Autumn is like this All-American slut who feels compelled to make the most of her talents. Her enthusiasm is off the charts, and the writing includes more gonzo and giggles than practically anything else out there. That’s all good, but what makes it even better is that Ms. Maxxwell is able to bring both heart and soul to Autumn by sharing her diary. Sure, most of the time she’s confessing her passion for jaw-dropping sexual shenanigans, but we also get a glimpse of her determination to be a top-notch writer and some valuable insights into her philosophy of life. Growing up, I think we all tend to learn some self-limiting behaviors designed to keep us on the straight and narrow, but conforming to conventional beliefs can also make us crazy. The Autumn Diaries will not only tickle your fancy, but it will get you thinking about being more true to yourself and more honest in your relationships. If you think you could be doing a little better in those areas, give it a try. It’s a hell of a lot more fun to read than a self-help manual, and has fewer side effects than an anti-depressant. (Laughing and horniness have been reported, but are not considered to be life-threatening).”

“Autumn diaries was such a great book. There we’re to many times to count where I found my panties soaking wet. Then a second later I’m laughing my ass off. I literally had tears in my eyes at times. I know I will never get enough of your books. I have told all my friends about your books encouraging them to give it a try.”

“I have to admit I was curious as to what I would find in Autumn’s diary. Did I really want to know the inner workings of my favorite erotic writer. However, by end of the first chapter it was hard to put down. It was like an erotic comedy show. One minute I’m aroused and the next I’m laughing so hard my wife is again asking me what’s so funny. I just kept saying… “You can read it when I’m done.” I especially loved the Monica chapter and if you would like to know what a woman would really like to do on her last day of sexual freedom you will love it too. It seems that no matter what you write Lexi… I just can’t get enough. TY for all you write for us!!!”

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