Rick Sinclair: Birth of the Pink Triangle

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Naughty USA OptimizedRick rolled over and wrapped his arm around a still sleeping Celeste. He brushed her hair behind her ear, grazed his knuckles across her face, and imagined a better life; richer, fuller, and altogether more rewarding than the last few years of pickled lies and daily deceit.

Lies were cancer to life, and once they wormed their way into the deepest corners of a relationship, they turned black, then swallowed every surrounding speck of white. The best thing about Rick and Celeste, once upon a long ago, had been their ability to discuss just about anything. Conversation used to be easy — once that went, everything else started to wither, like barren trees in winter with no sun above and only frozen soil below.

But as of today, they were finally finished with the lies.

Rick slipped his other arm beneath Celeste, then met his hands and pulled her body closer as she murmured through dreams. He said, ssshhh, petting her hair until she started lightly snoring again, then closed his eyes and re-imagined their morning.

He had left for the bar angry, with himself for the years of silence and crushing guilt that had painted his insides black, and her for giving him the brush. Like a cock, lies started hard, but grew softer when massaged. Swallowing secrets had become too easy for both of them. It wasn’t habit, it was the house they lived in, built brick by brick and lie by lie.

Rick had raced from the bar to catch Celeste in the act, positive she’d have a man in bed, maybe two. And by the sounds coming from the room, she did.

But it turned out it was only her.

The sounds had made his cock fat enough to fuck a horse, so he snuck in the closet and tossed one off, then came out to find Celeste alone, with a dildo the size of a small baseball bat on the bed. Rick was crimson with embarrassment, and had tried sneaking out of the house undetected. But he was inches from the closet when Celeste shouted heard him and shouted, “Honey, you’re home!”

He’d come home to face the inevitable, and that’s exactly what they did.

Rick was wrong about who was in the house, but was dead on about Celeste’s habits in general. He spilled his secrets, she spilled hers, and they both ended up in bed spilling a lot more than that, starting with a violent fuckfest, frothing with anger before it softened into something almost magical.

Celeste threw the first punch. Her secret was bad, but in a way, Rick’s affair was much worse. She curled her fist and launched it hard into his chest. “Fuck the both of you!” she screamed, moving from one fist to two, then turning her two fists into an assault, battering Rick’s body from behind a torrent of tears.

Rick yelled, “How many guys have you been fucking? Did you think I was so stupid I wouldn’t find out my wife was a whore?”


Rick sneered. “If you were, maybe I wouldn’t have to work so goddamn hard, and at least we’d have something to show for your afternoons other than over-washed sheets!”

Celeste slapped him. Something in him must have liked it since he didn’t slap her back. Instead, he laughed and stepped toward her, making her fall back in retreat; one, two, three steps. The third step was awkward, and she landed with her back on the rumpled bed. Rick shouted, “So are you done fucking everyone with eight inches and a free afternoon, or are we expecting guests?”

Celeste, still naked except for a tiny silk robe, spread her legs and lifted her knees in the air. “I don’t know,” she spit. “You think you can actually be a man and fuck me for a change?”

Rick was instantly on top of her, ripping her robe. He tore the silk from her body, threw it behind him onto the floor, then buried his face between her tits.

“Fuck you!” she screamed, already moaning loudly as Rick’s teeth gnashed at her nipples. She arched her back to lodge more of her tit into his mouth, then screamed “Fuck YOU!” again, the second time louder and chasing a lingering moan.

“No.” Rick gritted his teeth, then took her wrists and forced them above her head. “Fuck. You.” She cried out as a flash of fear flooded her eyes. Rick couldn’t tell if Celeste was actually scared or if it was all part of the act, but at the moment he didn’t care one way or the other. “You’re gonna fuck me like the slut you are.”

Celeste was silent, so Rick growled, “Got it?!”

She nodded, then wrapped her legs tightly around him. The edges of her cunt were sopping with a fresh pool of pussy juice spilling out from her over-swollen lips. Rick reached between her legs, coating his fingers with her sop, then rubbed it all over her nipples before shoving all five digits into her mouth. “You like that, don’t you, you slutty little bitch?”

Celeste nodded.

“Undo my zipper,” he commanded, releasing her hands.

Celeste was silent as she unzipped his fly and freed a cock that throbbed like it was seconds from cumming, even though it had just lost a load a half hour prior. With his cock free, Rick shoved her back to the bed and slammed his rod inside her.

Celeste was so wet, Rick felt like he was fucking a glass of water. He clutched her thighs, hard, and kept plowing. He tried to kiss her, or at least smash his mouth against hers, but she made a spitting noise and turned her face to the window.

“You don’t want to kiss me, bitch?” Rick moved his mouth to her left nipple and bit it hard enough to send Celeste into an ear shattering scream. Rick wasn’t sure whether it was pain or pleasure, likely both, and didn’t much care, as he continued to pulverize her pussy.

Make Up Sex“You’re a FUCKING asshole!” she screamed.

Rick smiled, or maybe sneered. “You’re a FUCKING slut!”

Celeste’s cunt was spasming around the throb of his cock. She tore open his shirt, sending a neat row of buttons flying across the room, then pinched his nipples and dug her fingernails hard into his chest. Rick slapped her hands away and pounded harder.

That’s when he got mean. “You wanna see how Rachel likes it?” he said. He pulled himself from her pussy, then flipped Celeste to her tummy, pushing her head into the pillow and taking her from behind. “Don’t move,” he said. “Stay like that. This is how I like it. This is how I fuck Rachel. What do you think? Nice, right?”

“I hate you,” Celeste screamed.

“Maybe I should stop fucking your cunt, and start fucking that ass of yours, like every John you let in my bedroom.”


Rick was pounding Celeste hard enough to make her shake. He started rubbing the nub of her clit as he continued to plow her with unforgiving rhythm. “Rachel would fucking love this, just like you do, you little slut. She would cum nice and hard all over my cock. Is that what you’re going to do? He slapped Celeste’s ass with a deafening whallop.

Her body lurched. He said, “Now scream my name!”

Celeste screamed, “I hate you, RICK!”

She tried to pull free, but Rick held her tight, continuing to thrust without mercy as tears stung her eyes and he slapped her ass redder with every thrust. “Too much for you?” he growled, “I thought you could take anything?”

Celeste lost it, falling into a heavy fit of heaving, shaking through a series of earth shuddering orgasms, cumming over and over as her lower lips latched onto Rick’s dick like her breath was dependent upon its grip.

Rick’s cock throbbed inside, then shot itself to empty, mostly inside her, but as he pulled out thick globs lobbed across the crimson of her ass.

“No more lies,” Rick said softly, laying beside her.

“Never again,” she whispered, curling into his body.

They fell into a passionate kiss, where they lingered until Rick was ready to go again. Their lovemaking stayed soft, lasting another hour before they both fell asleep, exhausted. Only now, in the aftermath of their afternoon was Rick finally able to sink into the reality of what had passed between them.

Secrets were spilled and life could finally move forward. Though Celeste’s secret involved more people, Rick’s was more shocking.

He was introduced to Celeste his senior year of college by their mutual friend, Kirsty. What neither Celeste or Kirsty knew, and what Rick hoped they never would, was that he was in the dusty aftermath of a relationship with Kirsty’s younger sister, Rachel.

Rick and Kirsty dated for about five minutes their freshman year. That’s when he met her sister, two years younger. Kirsty and Rick weren’t meant to be, but the spark between Rick and Rachel was immediate. And undeniable.

They dated in silence for two years. Kirsty assumed her sister was the quiet type, who didn’t want to date. Truth was, she didn’t want to date anyone but Rick. At least until she finally did.

It was at the end of summer. Rick was an incoming senior, Rachel was starting her sophomore year several hundred miles away. Summer was amazing, and had gone a long way toward making up for the missing minutes they’d had throughout the year. Between the distance and the secrets, Rachel wanted to call it off; said wanted to try a year apart and see what happened. Rick hated the idea, but fell into a relationship with Celeste, which made Rachel easier to forget, at least temporarily.

Rachel was the first girl Rick ever loved, and even after marrying Celeste — the most amazing girl he’d ever known — he had never stopped. Secrets started the second she finished her senior year and moved back to town. Rick and Celeste were happily married, and he already owned his bar, Ale Mary’s, thanks to encouragement from Rachel. Their trysts started a few weeks after her return, and continued, even after Rachel got married to Harry at a wedding where Kirsty, Celeste and Rick toasted the night away.

Rick explained that Rachel fed him in a way Celeste didn’t, a way she couldn’t. He loved the way she looked at the world, and loved the way she let everyone see it through her lens. She was a remarkable photographer, and the life she saw from her side of the shutter was the one she shared with Rick. Celeste would never have been okay with it, but she had her own needs that weren’t being fed and was in a unique position to understand.

But secrets were unacceptable, so Rick and Celeste agreed to design their new life around their needs, and abandon the secrets for good.

Rick was actually surprised Kirsty never found out, and had often wondered if she did know, and was keeping everything buried like a good girl. Kirsty wasn’t especially nice to Rachel when they were younger, and might have been trying to make up for missing time. Kirsty was Cheerleading, Rachel was Yearbook. Their worlds rarely collided, and were usually cruel when they did. While adolescence was unkind to their friendship, adulthood had stitched the wounds.

More than anything, Rick loved Rachel because she taught him to look for his passion, and encouraged him to find his eye. He may not have been the photographer that she was, but he was pretty damn good. He knew it, and felt it every time the camera purred in his palm. Rachel had taken many nudes of Rick, and he had started taking many of her. Just one of their secrets, which didn’t just include the time he spent with Rachel, but the countless dollars on equipment for the both of them.

Ale Mary’s was doing a lot better than Rachel’s photography career, and Rick felt she deserved the best. Harry would be able to give her what she needed eventually, but as the youngest engineer at Johnson & Davis, he wasn’t there yet.

That was another thing he loved: Rachel always put money behind passion. She figured if you did what you loved long enough, you’d continue improving until you could charge accordingly. She talked him into taking the plunge with Ale Mary’s, five years before he dreamed he’d be ready.

Pink TriangleRick shook Celeste. “I got it!” he said.

Celeste opened her gummy eyes. “What?”

“I got it. I know what we can do.”

“About what?” Celeste sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes.

“About our problem.”

“What problem? I thought we just made up.”

“We did,” Rick said, “But that doesn’t mean we won’t fight again. Secrets are out, but they’ll start again if we don’t set some ground rules. We’ll get to mine, but I think I thought of a way to make yours work for us.”

Celeste sat up in bed, clearly interested. “Okay,” she smiled, “shoot.”

“I can’t feed your appetite. Wish I could, but I can’t. And I don’t want to feel like a failure or a letdown. More than that, I don’t want you to feel unhappy or lacking. If you want something I can’t give you, you have full permission to get it. But,” he added, “I don’t like it in here.” He gestured to the bed. “I think that’s unfair.”

“Agreed,” Celeste nodded.

“You’re insatiable and passionate and wonderful. Good men will pay great money if you’re willing to give to them what you’re already giving for free. And I’m okay with it. After all, who am I to judge? You can start escorting and I’ll stay smiling, as long as you promise to love me more than ever, and never ever stop.”

Celeste was quiet, then she shook her head. “That’s weird,” she said. “I couldn’t do that. We can figure something else out. Inferno Falls has a big network of swinger clubs and shit. I’ve always heard about it, just never dug too deep since I didn’t think you’d be into it.”

“I wouldn’t. Two girls is more than enough for me, obviously.” He gave Celeste an awkward smile. “I wouldn’t like that at all. But I don’t have any problems with you going out and having fun. And if you make a business of it, I won’t feel like you’re using your heart.”

Rick didn’t mention that his heart was the only thing he’d be using, but his words seemed to strike something inside Celeste anyway. She tilted her head, looking lost in a thought for several seconds before she finally said, “I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

“What’s the big deal?” Rick insisted. “You did it in college, right?”

Celeste looked horrified. “How did you know that?”

You told Kirsty, Kirsty told Rachel, Rachel told me. “There’s a lot I know.” He smiled, still awkward. “But in all seriousness, what would it take to get started.”

The first wave of excitement flushed through Celeste. “Well, I wouldn’t want to do it alone. I’d want girls to work with so I’m not starting from zero, and that would help me feel safe. I could contact my old friend Sophia any time, tonight if you wanted. I actually looked her up a few weeks ago out of random curiosity. She’s left Prime and runs her own gig now.”

“How does she advertise? Does she use craigslist?”

Celeste shook her head. “No, she’s smarter than that. Sophia has a blog. She uses that and Facebook and Twitter. Sells “modeling services” to keep things clean. Her website looked top notch, like her.”

Celeste pulled a hair clip from the nightstand, piled her hair on her head, then fastened it with the clip. “I’m thinking three would be enough to start. I can’t really see Sophia saying no. I’m not asking for a cut, just want to pool resources, and we always worked well together. That means we need one more girl. I’m thinking Autumn.”

“No,” Rick said before Celeste finished her sentence.

“Why not? She’d be perfect. You’re not even hearing me out.”

“I don’t think you need to corrupt your sister,” he said.

“Are you kidding? You obviously don’t know Autumn. That girl will fuck anything recently showered. Believe me, I know. We have the same DNA.”

Rick said nothing, though he clearly didn’t care for the idea. He might have argued his point, but Celeste’s phone vibrated. She said, “Speak of the devil. It’s my sister.” She answered the phone.

“Hey Autie Hottie, what’s up?”

Rick listened to the call almost in shock, Celeste speaking to Autumn as though he wasn’t even in the room, telling most of their story in the filthiest language possible, holding nothing back except the end about the escorting.

“No. Uh-huh.” Celeste shook her head. “We might’ve cracked the headboard he was fucking me so hard.” She nodded, gesturing as though Autumn could see her. “Swear to fucking Christ, I actually had tears streaming down my face.”

Celeste listened to Autumn for a few more minutes, then told her she could give a shit about something or other, and that Johnny was all hers, again as though Rick wasn’t even in the room. She ended the call with, “Okay, see you then. I’ll catch you up on everything. You’re gonna shit.”

Celeste hung up the phone, then kissed Rick on the lips. “I’m going to jump in the shower,” she said. “I’ll get Autumn to say yes, and we’ll start right away. I love your idea! Thanks, you’re a prince!”

Rick kissed her back, long and wet, then Celeste skipped off toward the shower, turning back just past the doorway. “I got the name! How do you like, The Pink Triangle?”

shutterstock_82546525“It’s perfect,” he said.

The shower started, sounding like rain on his thoughts. His idea was less than 20 minutes old, but he already loved it. That wasn’t surprising.

What was surprising was that he was thinking of ways to set up a camera so he could watch Celeste with other men. The thought of her with someone else had angered him just that morning, but it had also turned him on something fierce when he thought someone was in the bedroom earlier that afternoon.

A camera would make things interesting.

They had said no more lies, but this wouldn’t really count.

And it wouldn’t be hard. Rick knew exactly what to do.

After all, he’d been secretly shooting Rachel and Harry for years.

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