Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

With a 4.9 out of 5-Star average on Amazon, Lexi's readers are in love for a reason.


Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sticky

At heart, Lexi Maxxwell is a dirty word girl. In her ambitious ABC series, Lexi explores individual words in ways that no author has before. From the spousal longing of Anticipation, to the gothic hunger of Bitten, the comic farce of Cheated and the aching soul of Divorced, Lexi Maxxwell’s ABC series is unlike any erotica you’ve ever read (and available for the first time in a premium bundle).

Delilah had it all: tried and true friends who she’d been through everything with, and a gorgeous man who was absolute dynamite in the sack. Then one day everything changed, and Delilah lost everything. But moping after a lost love can only last so long, and soon Delilah became obsessed with revenge. Sweet, sexy revenge.

From the reader adored writer of “The XXX Files,” “MILF,” “The Future of Sex,” and the world’s naughtiest soap opera, “Naughty USA,” comes “Cheated,” the third book in her critically acclaimed ABC series.

Lexi Readers LOVE Cheated! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“Cheated tells the story of Delilah, a sweet, pretty girl who pulls herself out of the puddle of despair to get back at the so-called friends who ruined her wedding and her life. As the story opens Delilah is just beginning her mission of home-wrecking revenge. The first poor guy on her list is totally helpless under the spell of her ruthless teasing, and no match at all for her incredible ninja sex talents. There’s also some seamlessly edited back-story to explain how Delilah devoted years of practice with an uncompromising teacher to master those talents, and why certain members of her wedding party deserve her pitiless payback. Cheated is a smutty parody and tribute to QT’s Kill Bill, and it’s wicked-hot. Lexi Maxxwell continues to deliver the sloppiest sex on Kindle with wit and style. Her inspired dirty talk and knack for staying a step ahead of spell-checker software makes this decadent treat that much more fun to read.”

“A unique combination of humor & steamy hot goodness! Just the sample had me going gaga. This is a must read!”

“Cheated is about the revenge Delilah needed to get her life back together after having it destroyed by the man she loved and her only friends. Revenge is not about getting even; it is about getting ahead. Delilah sank into the deep pit of depression and had to climb out of that dark chasm by herself. With that comes the hate created from the hurt caused intentionally by others and having to find a release for the pain inflicted by those thought to be friends. Those people close always know where a victim is most vulnerable. This story is woven with current events and the back story that led to the pain and the erotic story of revenge. This is a Lexi Maxxwell book so to say the plot revolves around very explicit sex would not likely give away the story line. The reader is drawn into the story so deeply they soon are cheering Delilah on to victory. The range of emotions runs the full gamut and shows Lexi’s ability to involve the reader in this erotic tale. I purchased this book as part of Lexi Maxxwell’s “Alphabet” series. Cheated is one of the best written stories from Lexi that I’ve read. I look forward to “Anticipation” and “Bitten”; the first two books in this series.”

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