Autumn Cole: Cum And Say Thank You

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Naughty USATonight was the night.

Autumn flushed the toilet, then stared at herself in the mirror. She looked good. No, great. Her hair, freshly cut, was a wave of honey blonde ringlets; perfect, natural, undeniably sexy.

She puckered her lips, smiled, then opened her mouth wide and slipped an invisible cock inside. Autumn held her mouth in an O, then made doe eyes and started bobbing her head back and forth.

She slipped her fingers into the V of her tee, then under her bra, and felt her perfectly erect nipple, capping her swollen, smallish for a C-cup breast. She moved her hand from the inside of her shirt to the inside her loose skirt, then under the elastic of her black thong and onto the already slick surface of her slit.

Tonight would be amazing. Autumn had been waiting for more than a month, and had sucked a good dozen cocks dryer than a desert to get here.

She pretended to jerk the invisible dick, then waited for the load that wasn’t there to land in her mouth. Autumn quietly squealed, pulling the imaginary shaft from her lips as its jelly splattered her face.

Autumn giggled, then turned out the light and returned to the living room.

No way, she thought, hearing the music. He didn’t really just put on, “Your Body is a Wonderland,” did he?

He had, and John Mayer was proving it note for note.

Good God, Mayer was such a cheese dick. Sam had probably read that he was the key to the clit somewhere. Probably in Maxim. Mayer wasn’t the only tweak to the ambiance since Autumn went to the bathroom. Sam had set clusters of candles in small islands around the apartment. The light was dim and shadows flickered against the walls.

Romantic cliché 101.

Autumn wasn’t sure if Sam had read the candle tip in the same magazine, but even if he hadn’t, it was likely the same article with different words. But really, it was sweet. He was trying to make tonight special, and wasn’t that what she was doing? Isn’t that what she’d been doing for the last two weeks?

His effort, even if it included John Mayer, was exactly why she liked Sam so much, maybe even loved him. Autumn couldn’t count the number of guys she’d been with since high school, but none were a fifth as thoughtful as Sam. Kind, funny, and smart, with a nice layer of accidental muscle, and a mop of hair that was cuter than it had any right to be, and much more adorable than he realized.

Sam had no idea what Autumn was like in high school, or in the three years of college before they met. Autumn wasn’t offering details. He put on the cliché because he was trying to be romantic, because he wanted to impress her. Just one of the things that made Sam perfect – one of the things that made her want tonight to go so perfectly.

“Would you like a glass of water?” Ice cubes clinked as Sam handed her a glass.

“Yeah, thanks,” Autumn said, taking a sip. “John Mayer, huh?”

“You like him?” Sam smiled.

Autumn shook her head. “No, I think he blows.”

Sam laughed. “I thought all girls liked John Mayer.”

“Only the ones who suck.” Amber smiled, then licked her lips and said, “And I don’t mean in a good way.”

Sam looked startled, which made sense since Autumn had never really said anything like that before, not to him anyway. Unlike every other guy she had been with, Autumn was almost shy with Sam. They had been dating a month, and she had been head over heals from Day One. Sam, too.

Odd as it was, and as young as they were, it felt right. Though neither had said it out loud, Autumn was sure Sam felt the same as she did: they had each found the one.

Which was why tonight had to be perfect.

Autumn had always had a casual relationship with boys and sex, ever since her sister Celeste had loudly fucked her boyfriend Tim, every chance she got and whenever their parents weren’t home, right on the other side of their shared wall.

Their parents had been gone a lot.

Autumn was nine and Celeste 17. If sex sounded half as much fun as whatever was happening on the other side of the wall, well, Autumn couldn’t wait to be a teenager. When she was finally old enough, Autumn enjoyed it for all it was worth. She never placed a boundary between sex and commitment. Sex was like food, a basic human apetite. If you could share a meal with anyone, why couldn’t you fuck them, too?

Autumn didn’t see the difference, as long as you weren’t in a committed relationship, promising monogamy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the way the world saw it. When a guy slept with every girl he could find on every day ending in Y, he was considered a stud. But a girl who enjoyed sex and sought it often, was universally seen as a slut.

Sam was a good guy, the best Autumn had ever met. And she would have a long and wonderful lifetime to fuck him silly if things worked out. But she had to get them to work out first.

She wanted Sam badly, more than she’d ever wanted any other guy. Autumn would have done the deed with Sam several times over if Celeste hadn’t talked her out of it. Of course, she and Sam had made out and done all the basic middle school stuff already. Autumn had given Sam several handjobs, and let him jerk off and cum on her tummy, which he seemed to love, though he always acted shy about it.

After meeting with Celeste for coffee two weeks earlier, Autumn was browbeat into a brand new plan.

“You don’t want to fuck him yet,” Celeste insisted.

“Why not? It’s been two weeks. And the timing feels right.”

Celeste shook her head. “Look,” she said, “If I could go back and do things differently with Rick, I would. But I can’t, so I’m going to help you instead. And I’m telling you, Autumn, if this is the ‘one,’ then you have to make it matter. My advice,” Celeste looked Autumn in the eye more seriously than she would have expected given the tone of the conversation. “Give him a hummer he’ll remember the rest of his life, then fuck him into the ever after the following day. He’ll be yours as long as you want him.”

That sounded great to Autumn, so much so that she was getting wet just thinking about it. “Okay,” she said. “But I’m ready to do that tonight.”

Celeste laughed, wildly, and shook her head. “No you’re not.”

They were at Peppermint Patty’s, an amazing bakery with great pastries and impossibly fresh coffee. “One minute,” Celeste said, then texted something on her phone. “Okay, afternoon canceled. All yours!”

Celeste spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon proving how little her baby sister actually knew about giving great head. Autumn thought she knew how to suck cock like a thousand dollar whore, but after an hour, she realized she only knew card tricks compared to her sister, who was apparently David Copperfield when it came to cock swallowing.

Celeste used a banana, zucchini, and a handful of dildos to show Autumn every move that mattered, though she centered most of her advice where it counted most: mindset.

shutterstock_156117755“Enthusiasm is like 98% of it,” Celeste said. “And that doesn’t just mean you’re into his dick, it means you can’t live without it. You can’t just mean it here,” Celeste pointed to her head, “or even here,” she pointed to her heart. “You’ve gotta feel it rocking your box!” Celeste pet herself between her legs and cackled.

Celeste continued. “You have to worship his cock. Rub it across your face and cheeks, brush his tip against your lips, cover your mouth with his pre-cum. Swallow as much of his dick as you can. Arouse yourself, and never keep your desire quiet. Feel it in your pussy, and let him know when you do. And remember, every moan matters.”

Autumn pictured herself on her knees, worshipping Sam’s handsome cock, suddenly soaking. She wanted to leave her sister’s house and race to Sam’s, but Celeste had her captivated. It wasn’t that she was saying anything Autumn hadn’t heard before. Really, she was only reciting every other issue of Cosmo. Difference was, Celeste was a pro, and it wasn’t theory. Celeste practiced what she preached, and did it every day of the week.

Celeste had a small group of men who worshiped her, and would do just about anything she said, because of the way she treated their dicks. Celeste shared a few stories here and there, but Autumn knew one of her sister’s boy toys, Johnny, rather well, so she also knew Celeste’s adventures were a larger part of her life than she let on.

Celeste, still instructing, removed a rubber cock from her mouth and said, “You want to maintain eye contact as much as possible. Your eyes should stay big and hungry. And keep your hair out of the way.” Celeste tucked her long strands behind her ears. “He doesn’t want to see your hair, he wants to see you worshiping dick. You can take it out of your mouth – breathe, change positions, wipe your pussy on it, whatever – but keep your eyes on him as much as you can.”

Celeste dropped the dildo on the bed and looked over at Autumn. “I promise Autumn, most women are shit when it comes to giving head. They just think they rock because blowjobs are like pizza, and even a crappy one is gonna be the best part of any guy’s week. But I promise you, the women who can really kill it, well, they could run the entire planet from under the desk. Of course,” she added, her voice slightly sad, “They have to crave the cumshot, and apparently I married the one man in the world who doesn’t.”

Celeste had major problems in the bedroom with her husband, Rick, which was why she had so many other men coming and going. “Seriously sweetie, learn to do this right and you will be one of the few women in the world who can truly, deeply satisfy their man, and not just when he’s twitching and shooting. Do it like I show you, and every time Sam’s hand is covered in cum, you’ll be the one on his mind, even if he’s coming home from a strip club where Dixie Normas or some other bitch had her double D’s all up in his face. Not only will Sam be eating from your hands, he’ll make it his life’s mission to repay you with amazing sex, the way you like it best, plus favors, presents, and well, you name it.”

Celeste smiled at her sister, then scooted closer, dropping her voice to an almost conspiratorial whisper, even though the house was otherwise empty. “But you’ve gotta remember,” she said, “even the best techniques mean nothing. It’s all about YOU. Most girls think an out of this world hummer is about giving their man pleasure. And sure, they’re right. But they’re looking at it backwards, and that means they enjoy their blowjobs less. Worse, their guys subconsciously know it, and that makes them feel insecure. You don’t want Sam to feel like he’s taking something from you: time, effort, energy, whatever. Don’t want to think, I’m going to give Sam an amazing blowjob. Think, I’m going to get myself off while sucking Sam’s throbbing cock! instead. Believe me, that alone will make all the difference in the world.”

“I totally get it,” Autumn said, impatient and cycling through excuses in her head, searching for anything that would get her out of Cocksucking 101 and over to Sam’s apartment.

“Sorry,” Celeste said, reading her sister. “You’re not leaving, yet. I canceled an afternoon’s worth of face-fucking for you.”

Autumn gasped. “Celeste!”

“Well, it’s true,” Celeste said. “And you’re going to listen. First off, you’re not ready for Sam. Not yet. And second, you haven’t heard my best advice. I’m about to hand you the keys to the kingdom, and tell you something no one else ever will. Are you ready?”

Autumn nodded.

“It’s simple,” Celeste said. “This is the one thing that can turn even a marginal blowjob into something unforgettable.”

“What is it?” Autumn asked, impatience growing.

Celeste smiled. “Say thank you after you swallow. Just whisper those two simple words after he shoots his sticky into your mouth. Open your mouth, show him his load, give him the sluttiest look you can slap on your face, swallow, sf then, with an even bigger smile, say, Yummy, baby. Thank you. That was amazing! Or something like that. There’s nothing more powerful.”

“That’s amazing,” was all Autumn could think to say, stunned by the simplicity of her sister’s suggestion. She had to leave, needed to get to Sam’s as soon as possible.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Celeste said. “And you’re not ready.”


“You need practice.”

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” Autumn said. “I’ve been sucking guys off since I was 16. Now I’m going to use everything I know and everything you showed me to give Sam something he’ll never forget.”

“You’re not ready,” Celeste repeated. She took her sister’s hands in hers, then looked in her eyes. “I promise,” she said. “Just give it two weeks and practice every chance you get. You will thank me later. If I’m wrong, rub my face in it for the rest of our lives. But I won’t be, and because I’m right, Sam will be rubbing his face wherever you want him to for as long as you want it!” Celeste laughed again.

“I can’t do that,” Autumn shook her head. “I really, really like this guy, maybe even love him. And I don’t want to be with anyone else right now.”

“I swear,” Celeste insisted, “you’re doing this for him. Two weeks. That’s it. Believe me, I love Rick. I really do. But he doesn’t know how to put a smile on my lips,” Celeste giggled. “Make the same mistake and you’ll be miserable. We’re enough alike for me to know you’re gonna be unhappy if you end up with a guy who can’t fuck you right, or if you don’t figure out what it is you like in the first place. Two weeks,” she repeated. “hook up with every guy you can, give ‘em all you got and get what’s yours. It’s just sex, Autumn, a human need, no different from sharing a meal, right? Sam probably wouldn’t give two shits if you shared a burger with some guy from Sigma Chi, so it’s a bit bullshit that feeding your bottom lips is any different.”

Autumn looked doubtful. Celeste said, “Leave your pussy out of it, if that makes you feel better. Just make sure you become an all star cock swallower in two weeks, so you can make Sam your slave forever.” Celeste added, “You’ll know when your an all star by the look on their face.”

“I’ve seen the look,” Autumn said.

“No,” Celeste shook her head and smiled. “You haven’t.”

Sucking a BananaCeleste was right, Autumn had not. And while she did manage to leave her pussy out of it, no matter how soaking wet it got, while dodging Sam for two weeks, she managed to rock the world of a dozen guys. But it wasn’t until the 10th time when Autumn finally saw the look her sister had been talking about. The remaining two were Autumn saw as extra practice and final proof. When she was three for three, Autumn called Sam and made a date – a date where he apparently thought John Mayer would be a good idea.

“Would you like me to put something else on?” Sam asked.

“No, John Mayer works.” Autumn’s smile turned impish. “I get it, you put on John Mayer because you thought it would help you get laid.”

Sam blushed. “No, I was just hoping you’d like it.”

“Liar!” Autumn said. She bit the air playfully. “Tell the truth, Sammy. If you’re honest, I promise to give you a big, FAT, reward.” She put her hand on his growing bulge and Sam took an uncertain step back.

He stammered, then said, “Okay, yeah, I was hoping tonight would be the night. We’ve been dating for a month, after all, and I’ve barely seen you for the last two weeks.” His eyes grew big and he added, “And I’ve been thinking about you a lot. We may not have that much experience, but it isn’t as though either one of us are virgins, and we’ve done some stuff already. I was just, you know, hoping. I guess I was trying to get you in the mood.” Sam gave Autumn an awkward smile.

“You don’t have to try to get me in the mood,” Autumn said, unbuttoning his 501’s.

“Autumn, oh wow,” Sam said, shifting on the couch.

Without a word, Autumn slithered from the sofa to the floor, then pulled his Levis and boxers down to his ankles, then pulled them off and dropped them in a pile. She smiled, ran her tongue up Sam’s leg, from ankle to ball sack, then stopped, pulled her head back, and looked him in the eye.

Sam’s cock was pointing at the ceiling. “Oh my Fucking Lord, I was NOT expecting that!” he said.

“It must be the John Mayer,” Autumn laughed; a sexy, sultry little chirp. “Now, Sam, I need you to stop talking. The only thing I want to hear from you for the next several minutes are your uncontrollable moans, the sound of my name, or any filthy things you think of while I’m giving you the best blowjob of your life.”

Sam’s eyes were saucers and his mouth hung open.

Autumn looked mock serious, and in a playful voice added, “I’m serious, Sam. This will be the best blowjob you’ve ever had. And I’m warning you, it might ruin you. When I’m finished, it will be what you compare everything else to, forever. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Sam nodded, then whimpered.

“Good,” she said. “I’m going to suck your dick so hard, you won’t be able to stand when I’m through. Are you sure you’re ready for that, too?”

Sam nodded, then whimpered again. His hard on grew thicker, still straight but now pulsing. Autumn cupped her left hand beneath his balls, then wrapped the fingers of her right around his shaft and started to stroke it.”

“Oh GOD!”

“It’s Autumn,” she giggled, “but thank you. Now, if you love my hands on your cock, just wait until you feel the hot breath of my mouth all over it; licking your shaft, nibbling your tip, seeing how much of your beautiful dick I can swallow.”

“FUCK, Autumn.”

Autumn shook her honey blonde ringlets and puckered her lips, smiled, then opened her mouth wide and lowered it completely onto Sam’s engorged cock. She slowly lifted her lips from the base of his shaft to his tip, then stopped, swirled her tongue just under the bottom of his top, then looked up and made doe eyes at Sam before lowering her head and bobbing back and forth.

After a minute, Autumn paused, peeled off her v-neck, unfastened her lacy black bra, and unbuttoned her skirt, wiggling her ass until it fell to the floor, giving Sam a perfect view of her matching black thong.

Sam stared at her gorgeous tits; tiny, pink, perfectly erect nipples. “Touch my tits, Sammy,” Autumn whispered. She squealed with pleasure as he kneaded, massaged and twisted her nipples.

Autumn rubbed her tits all over Sam’s body, starting at his face, then working down to his lap, before returning to her kneeling position back on the floor. She pushed his knees apart, then started kissing his inner thighs, alternating sides on her way to his middle.

Autumn pulled one of Sam’s balls into her mouth with her lips. He moaned loudly as she suckled, first one and then the other, all while stroking his thighs. After his balls had each soaked in her mouth for a minute or so, Autumn pulled both balls into her mouth and used her tongue to twirl them around.

Her lips swallowed his entire sack as her nose rested at the root of his cock.

That was only the beginning.

Autumn continued to tease Sam for several minutes, rotating through a roundup of her sister’s trademark moves: The Hot Housewife, The Taco Supreme, and the Look Ma, No Hands, pausing between each move to prolong Sam’s inevitable launch.

“I’m gonna make you cum,” Autumn pinched the edge of Sam’s cock to make sure he didn’t. “But I want you to know something first.” She dropped her voice to a whisper. “I’m going to swallow it all. If you want to cum on my face, I’ll take it like a happy slut.” She kept stroking. “But nothing will feel better than shooting your hot and sticky load into my hungry mouth, then watching me lick my lips as it slides down my throat.” She pinched him again to keep him from cumming, then went back down.Autumn lifted her head from his shaft and looked in Sam’s eyes, slowly jerking him off. He couldn’t have stood if he tried, and wouldn’t have tried for anything in the world.

Autumn was buried in his lap, Sam’s cock inside her mouth so deep, his thighs brushed the sides of her cheeks. Her eyelashes grazed his pubic hair as his groaning grew louder and breathing more desperate.

He started to mutter incoherently. Autumn looked up. Sam’s eyes were closed, hands buried in the sofa, fabric pulled into clenched fists. Autumn took Sam’s right hand, put it on her tits and said, “Okay Sammy, I’m going to milk you dry.”


Dinner for Two Sam’s cock contracted, and the pre-cum that had been flying from the tip of his dick was suddenly everywhere in her mouth. A second later, he lost it.

Autumn had swallowed a lot of cum over the course of two weeks, but nothing prepared her for what shot out of Sam. He was screaming FUCK!, alongside every other four letter word she knew and something that sounded like it had to be another language. Spurt after spurt of warm cum blasted into her mouth with staccato shots, launching from the throb of his cock into the cradle of her mouth.

Autumn swallowed as fast as she could, barely keeping pace with Sam’s explosion, but keeping her word to swallow it all. Her cheeks were full. Autumn kept her lips pursed, never allowing a single drop to drip from her mouth. Sam’s dick quivered with a rattling aftershock as a final blast splattered against the back of Autumn’s throat.

Sam fell against the back of the couch like a rag doll. Autumn ran her fingers up and down his inner thigh, then slowly pulled her lips from his dick, careful not to make any sudden moves. She finished with a series of light, lingering kisses, lapping up the few drops of thick cum slowly sliding down his shaft, then lifted her head from his lap and stood.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was delicious.”

“Mmmmmm……” alongside a few deep moans was all Sam could manage for a minute or so. When he finally found his breath, he said, “Oh my fucking Lord, Autumn, I have to know, where in the Hell did you learn to do that?”


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