Dirty Trick

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I-69Autumn waited until the tip of Sam’s dick was against her lips before smiling. “I have a fun idea.”

Sam’s cock throbbed in her hand. “So do I.”

“It doesn’t have to do with your dick.”

“I think you’re underestimating the situation,” Sam said. “Very little doesn’t have to do with my dick.”

Autumn slipped Sam’s head between her lips and started to suck it. Her tongue slipped up and began to toy with his sensitive underside. Sam gave a little jerk, and his cockhead swelled up as if goosed.

“I want to go to South by Southwest.”

“Is that code for your ass? I’m lukewarm on ass, Autumn. But if you insist … ”

“The festival.”

“Like a fair?”

“You remember. In Austin, Texas. We went last year.”

Sam’s head lolled back. It had something to do with Autumn tickling his balls and rubbing her hand up and down his shaft.

“When I went and harassed Tucker Max,” Autumn added.

Sam sat up. Autumn took rapid evasive action, deep-throating his rod. She felt it fill her mouth, then the back of her mouth before it went halfway into her stomach. Sam should consider himself lucky. His dick was too big for his own good, and was fortunate to have a girl who knew what to do with it. Autumn rose to the occasion, moving her head up and down, fucking him with her throat. She put her hand on his bare chest and pushed him back, until after a few more strokes he forgot what he was almost upset about.

Autumn was totally naked, because even when she was just blowing Sam, he liked to watch her trim ass and pert tits, a flash of pussy if she could get into a good position to open her pink folds and slip a finger inside. Sometimes Autumn liked to go fishing inside her cunt, then use the juices to finger paint around Sam’s pole at the head. He usually told her to lick it off, then speculated on whether they should try another threesome since Autumn liked the taste of pussy. This usually resulted in a passive-aggressive quasi-argument about how Autumn’s pussy tasted better than regular snatch, and Sam usually had to flip her end-for-end and bury his face in her furbox to prove his devotion, wrangling them into an always sticky 69.

Autumn slipped his cock out, worked the head, and paused to lick her lips, swallow, and catch her breath. She could suppress her gag reflex just fine, but never got how to keep from slobbering all over. Maybe it didn’t matter. Sam seemed to like it when she lubed him up as wet as a carwash, her hands and mouth dripping with saliva.

“I figure we can do some networking,” Autumn said. “Well, me, anyway. As Lexi. Not as Autumn. Nobody knows who Autumn Cole is. Now, Lexi Maxxwell, on the other hand? She’s … ”

“Do we have to talk about this now?”

“Say we can go.”

“Oh, shit, Autumn. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

Autumn slowed down. She took her stroking hand away and put it to her chin, feigning thoughtfulness.

“I said, I’m about to … ” Sam began.

“I’m thinking.”

“Keep stroking my cock. Come on. I’m close.”

“I can’t concentrate on dick-sucking when I’m trying to decide on something important.”

Sam reached out, put his hand in Autumn’s honey blonde curls, and guided her head toward his cock, looking up at her with its slit-eyed expression of wanting. But she knew how these things went. If Autumn paid that cock any attention, it was going to throw up in her mouth and instantly diminish her bargaining power.

“Just like another minute.” Sam reached out and began tugging his johnson.

Autumn slapped his hand.

“You’re killing me,” he said.

“I think we should to got South by Southwest.” She kissed the tip of his tall mushroom. It throbbed under her lips, pulsing red like a warning.

“Autumn … ”

“Can we go?”


“I’m hearing some indecision here, Sam.”

“Okay! Fine!”

Autumn smiled and slid his dick into her hot mouth. Her hand began to stroke, lubricated by the spit from her deep-throating. A moment later, Sam’s soldier erupted and his entire body shook. Autumn swallowed his load, then licked him clean.

“Manipulative bitch,” he said, his breath rolling out, heavy and rough.

“I’m going to check the driving distance.” Autumn stood, ran a slim finger along her lips, and gave Sam a salacious wink.



Two days later, Autumn came out into the living room, put her hand on Sam’s crotch to soften what would surely be a barely remembered reminder of what he’d promised, then slid down on the couch beside him.

“I’m ordering some print copies of Adult Video 1,” she said. “I’m going to hand that shit out like business cards.”

Sam looked up. “Mmm?”

“For when we go to Austin.”

“Austin who?”

“Austin, Texas. For South by Southwest.”

“Oh, hell, Autumn.” Sam folded his magazine and set it aside, meeting her eyes. “You weren’t serious about that. I figured that was just sex talk.”

“Yes, Sam. I always talk about tech festivals when giving head. ‘Ooh, baby! Let’s watch a TED talk!’”

“I don’t want to take time off and drive all the fucking way down there.”

“Fine. I’ll go alone.”

“Oh, no you won’t.”

Autumn shrugged. “Well, there we go. We agree.”

“What the hell do you want to go for anyway? It’s not like we’re swimming in cash. We’ll have to pay for all that damn gas, pay for a hotel … ”

“We can stay with Heather again.”

“You mean the girl who was slobbering all over that guy Paul’s dick while he was on the phone with Tucker?”

“That’s her.”

“Okay. So I think we can afford a hotel. If we go. But I don’t want to go.” He reached over and, without ceremony, slid a hand down the front of Autumn’s pants. His finger slid between her bare pussy lips. “I can convince you.”

“Please. Men can’t use sex as a weapon. Only women can do that.”

Sam’s finger began to move back and forth. “I’m going to rub you until you’re a quivering mass of meat.”


“I’m going to rub you like a steak.”

Autumn rolled her eyes and tried to scoot back, but Sam’s finger was in it for the long haul, and held fast. It had her hooked like a fish.

“This isn’t going to work.” Autumn said.

“Like a big, juicy, orgasming, dirty steak … ”

“Dammit, will you stop referring to my pussy as a steak?” 

His hand pulled away. He was about to pout. Sam was sexy as hell but was shit at dirty talk. He should have focused on his strengths, but like most men instead focused on his shortcomings.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “That was hot. I want to swallow your whopper with my pork loin later. Yes. Yes. Oh baby. But for now, I won. We’re going.”

Sam rolled his eyes, then threw his hands in the air. Autumn considered it a victory. Annoyed and exasperated was better than pouting.

“Why, Autumn? South by Southwest was a bust last year!”

“A bust?” She was aghast. “We fucked in alleys! We fucked in the car outside Tucker Max’s place! I discovered a disturbing truth about myself and a midget!”

“You’re right,” said Sam. “Win.”

“If we hadn’t gone last year, I wouldn’t have written I Fucked Tucker Max!”

“Are you kidding me? That book has sold like 10 copies!”

“Oh, it’s more than that.”

“I bought eight myself! Do you have any idea what a pain in the ass it is to open eight separate Amazon accounts, Autumn! The things I do for you and your steak pussy!”

“You’re exaggerating,” said Autumn. “It got me started.”

“Not to mention that Tucker said it was the stupidest fucking story he ever read!” he added.

Autumn pointed a finger at Sam. “See, that’s the problem right there. He didn’t say that. He said that he thought it was stupid, then admitted that he’s not my demographic. Which is why it didn’t sell well. I checked on Facebook. Tucker and Lexi have virtually no overlap in their audiences. I figured they’d be transferrable, but I was wrong. Turns out, people say they don’t like humor with their sex.”

“Then why did you write that funny/sexy story for your Facebook people?”

“Oh, people say all sorts of things,” said Autumn, waving a hand. “If this were a story, it would be both sexy and funny. Are you telling me nobody would want to read stories about us?”

“Of course not!”

“I’m doing it better now. I have to change the positioning. You know all about positioning, right? It’s a marketing term.”

“Autumn … ”

“With Adult Video, I’m considering positioning it as comedy first, and erotica later. That’s what Ronnie says I should do. And as for the Future of Sex, that should be sci-fi first, and … ”

“Ronnie who?”

“Ronnie and Jon. The podcast guys.”

Sam gave her a blank look.

“My collaborators on AV and FOS.”

Sam shook his head.

“The people I said I wanted to go to South by Southwest to talk to and strategize with. Don’t you pay any attention to me?”

Sam looked caught. In fact, Autumn hadn’t mentioned anyone she wanted to meet up with and strategize with down in Austin, but that was mere coincidence. Sam wasn’t paying attention because Autumn usually made her most controversial asks while fucking or sucking him. She had an excellent success ratio, but Sam’s decisions always seemed ill-informed.

“Of course,” he said.

“I’m trying to build a career as an author, Sam. These things take time. You understand that, right?’

“The first Adult Video is free. You can’t even give it away!”

“Visibility. Genre confusion. Jon and Ronnie say … “

“Fuck Jon and Ronnie!”

Autumn locked eyes with Sam.

“Okay,” Sam amended. “Don’t fuck them.”

“I love you, babe,” Autumn said, “but you’re too down the middle sometimes. This isn’t like going into an office every day. I have to build something from nothing. I have to buildup fans slowly. Writing on my blog every day. Giving away free stories. Facebook. Tumblr. Podcasts, audiobooks, all that. It’s an exponential thing. All of a sudden, there will be this huge growth.”

“Any day now … ”

“I have to keep writing. Keep producing.”

“You’re all over the goddamn map. What are you writing? Porn? Comedy? Vampire novels? Kill Bill with pussy?”

“Genre-hopping,” said Autumn. “It’s a good thing.”

“You’re all over the place. You started with porn —”


“And you ended up with these stories with deep themes. Nobody understands porn with themes.”


“You can’t go from ‘Coffee Shop Slut’ and ‘Please Baby, Cum in My Mouth’ to thoughtful, intelligent novels. That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Maybe I should write unintelligent, non-thoughtful stuff,” Autumn suggested.

“It’s just that you quit your job for this. I’m carrying the load.”

“And I love when you deliver that load.” Her hand began rubbing his crotch.

“You’re doing all this work.” Sam’s face changed. Autumn realized that he was mad — if he was actually mad — because he was being protective. It was sweet. She rubbed his crotch more seriously.

“I am.”

“For nothing.”

“Not nothing. It’s getting better.” She opened his fly and gripped his growing erection. “Slow build. You appreciate a slow build, don’t you?”

“Does nothing make you horny,” said Sam, looking down.

“If you disagree, stop being hard.”

“This is unfair. You can’t win all of our arguments with sex.”

“So far, so good.” She leaned in and kissed him. “Hang in there with me, Sammy. You inspire me.”

“Is that why you named the female lead in Divorced ‘Sam’?”

“Short for ‘Samantha.’”

“ ‘Sam.’ ”

She kissed him again. Her fingers slipped inside his boxers, cupping warm, hard flesh.

“If I’m going to write about people fucking, I like the idea of writing about people named Sam fucking.”

Sam was rock hard. His protests had become half-hearted, and his hand had moved back into her pants. They were yoga pants, loose and stretchy. And Autumn almost never wore panties. Now his touch did feel good. A finger slipped inside, and he kissed her back.

“Did Sam have a hot pussy?”

“As hot as yours.”

“Please don’t talk about my pussy,” Sam said.

As if in answer — to show who had the pussy in this relationship — Sam shifted to the foot of the couch, pulled Autumn’s pants down to her calves, and buried his tongue in her snatch. Juices flooded from her pussy, and she looked down to see his face coated with warm lube. Sam rolled his eyes up at her, watching her face. She watched him for a while, then closed her eyes and focused on the sensations.

“Oh, Sam,” she said.

She felt his tongue move faster. It slid between her wet pussy lips, lingering and flicking across her clit. Soon she was on the edge. Sam sensed it and moved faster. Autumn wrapped her legs around his head and came against his mouth.

Her breath came in slow gasps as she slid down from the peak. Sam backed away. Her pussy felt hot and open, ready for him.

“Fuck me,” she said. He was already ahead of her, pushing his pants and boxers down. His purple shaft bobbed inches from her hole, and she could feel its heat against her.

He teased her with the tip, wiping his head up and down and covering it with her fuck juice. He rolled his cock across her clit, then parted her pink curtains just a little, just enough to be a tease.

“Put it in me,” she said.

“I’m thinking we should stay here,” he said.

Autumn reached down, took Sam’s hard cock in her hands, and pulled toward her waiting cunt. She needed to be filled. It had passed wanting, and crashed into urgent.

“Fuck me, Sam.”

“I’m hearing some indecision here, Autumn.”

Autumn’s eyes hardened. She looked between her legs, saw her man with his cock in hand, wiping the head across her blushing wet folds. A shit-eating grin on his face.

“I don’t want to talk about this now.”

He looked down. “Your pussy is so hot. I could totally cum right now, from here … ” He slipped the tip inside — just enough to make her want more, but not enough to satisfy. “Or right here. I could shoot my load of hot spunk all the way up inside your pussy, let it drip out … ”

“No. Fuck me.” She grabbed at his ass. “Do it right, you shitter.”

But Sam was stronger, and held his hips away. The maddening tip was still in her, not deep enough to scratch the itch. She tried to move forward onto it, but he moved back.

“I have trouble thinking when I’m indecisive.”

“If you don’t fuck me right now, I’m going to … ”

“I think it’d be smarter to stay here and focus on your social media presence.”

Autumn had never heard the words “social media” sound so sexy. Suddenly it was all she wanted in the world.

“We can stay here and fuck rather than spending all that time driving.”

Autumn felt conflicted. She’d been so sure that she wanted to go to Texas just a few minutes before, but now it seemed almost sensible to stay.

“I’ll do that thing you like.”

“Okay! Okay, fine! Just put it in me!” Autumn blurted.

Sam did, all at once. His legs were suddenly against her wet inner thighs, and her pussy clamped him like a vice. After all the teasing and the pre-orgasm, she came immediately. Then again as Sam began to thrust, as his balls slapped against her asshole. She could feel him swelling inside her, could feel him beginning to lose control as he leaned forward, his breath hot in her ear.

“I’m going to cum,” he panted.

“Cum in me.”

“Oh God. Oh God, Autumn. I’m going to fill your pussy with my hot cum.”

Autumn gripped him, both around the shoulders and with her tight hole. She felt him spasm, slapping into her, all of the noises wet and breathy. Then he was still, and a moment later Sam was pulling slowly out of Autumn, a glut of hot seed spilling from her gaping pink hole as it shuddered through its final spasms.

Autumn felt herself slowly returning to Earth, then looked up at Sam, still between her legs, cock spent but still semi-hard, a pearly drop of jizz hanging from its tip. Smiling.

“Dirty trick,” she said.

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  1. HAHA i love Autumn and Sam stories always have and look forward to their adventures. Loving Future of Sex (big scifi geek)and Adult Video is very funny. I try to Buy all your books as soon as I know they are out! Keep up all the wonderful sexy books if you are taking a poll I believe you are on the right track!

  2. Loved it! Loved the reality and hot sucking and fucking!! Cant wait to read more.

  3. Love all your books. I try and get as many as possible when I have the money. Autumn and Sam are so funny and I wish my relationship was like that. I’m a writer too and my boyfriend, your books, and a few other authors are my inspiration. Thank you for writing such amazing books.

  4. Always get excited when I see an email from you! Keep ’em cumming girl!

  5. I love Autumn and Sam. What a great story, always hot! Thank you.

  6. Wow and I really do mean WOW!!! Even though this is the first story from the Autumn Cole stories, I must now say that I’m hooked and can’t wait to read more. This story is nothing but explicitally SEXY!!!

    Thank you for a great read -:)

  7. Thanks everyone! I’m really, really glad you liked this. I’ll definitely be doing more. 🙂

  8. I love your stories about Autumn and Sam, it makes for a good hot read… Keep up the good work…love it..

  9. As usual lexi you’ve done it again.

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    • Sorry, this is about as long as I can make my 100% totally free stories.


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