Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

With a 4.9 out of 5-Star average on Amazon, Lexi's readers are in love for a reason.


Change is Always Hard

At heart, Lexi Maxxwell is a dirty word girl. In her ambitious ABC series, Lexi explores individual words in ways that no author has before. From the spousal longing of Anticipation, to the gothic hunger of Bitten, the comic farce of Cheated and the aching soul of Divorced, Lexi Maxxwell’s ABC series is unlike any erotica you’ve ever read.

Zach and Sam have a good marriage, or rather, they had. Love, respect, honesty, and hot, sweaty, headboard-banging sex. But change is never easy, and nothing lasts forever. With more emotional ups and downs than any of her previous titles, Divorced is a bittersweet, touching journey of one couple on the way out.

Lexi Readers LOVE Divorced! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“Divorced is the story about two people starting life together as not much more than idealistic children; meeting and then going through all of the pains associated with growing into an adult. Lexi Maxxwell has been evolving in the same manner. I think her growth as a writer through the first four books of the Alphabet Series (i.e., Anticipation, Bitten, Cheated, and most recently Divorced) has been amazing. I can imagine the next two books (i.e., Engaged and Fate) will further reflect her writing making the transition from amazing to INCREDIBLE.”

“This book had me so emotional. I loved it from the first to the last page. I have loved every book I’ve read from this author and I look forward to reading more.”

“Once again, I am finding that Lexi is one of my favorite adult writers Her stories always draw me in and I will continue to read everything that she publishes.”

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