Fashion Models

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Fashion Models


Fucking bullshit.

Jason was running late again.

He loathed being behind. The only thing he hated more than running late was being late — and being late was a near guarantee after the 90 minutes of bullshit he’d just lost while arguing with Samantha, his bitch of an ex-wife.

Goddammit, she was infuriating. 

It seemed like he and Samantha fought more now that they weren’t married than they ever did together, including the final six months of pure hell before she finally took him for half of everything he had — everything her ass was too lazy to earn herself. Sure, she spread her legs better than most, and gave the best head he’d ever had, which was the reason he married her and they both knew it. But it wasn’t worth half of all she’d managed not to spend, at least not without giving him unrestricted lifetime access to the pussy he paid for.

When he and Samantha first got together, their sex was in-FUCKING-credible, and nonstop. But then she cut the flow like a fixed faucet, and without curbing her spending. So of course he was going to cheat! How could she expect him not to? She reneged on her part of the bargain; he had every right to renege on his. It was too bad that was a tough argument to make in court. Jason had worked too hard for his money for Samantha to treat it like spit in the wind.

To most people, being a fashion photographer seemed like glitz and glamour and nothing else. But those behind the camera knew that was far from the truth. It seemed like a great idea — before he got started. With few barriers to entry, Jason figured all he needed beyond his natural charm and undeniable good looks was a decent camera and a cheap website. He was six counties off. Fashion photography was a hard business, with a shitload of competition. He was willing to work harder than most, and was favored by luck, so he had found ways to make it work, but even after finally building a successful business Jason had found few ways to scale. Sure, business was killer; his work was fantastic, and the models were flocking, but no matter what he did, Jason was still trading time for money, and even though he was steadily building his name, what was “Jason Dillinger Photography” worth if he wanted to retire? Move on? Do something else? Approximately dick. Even after building a successful studio, he had no benefits or 401K. And now, Samantha had half of what he did have, and wouldn’t even fuck him.

Fair was fair, and she owed him some pussy. That’s why he had gone over there this morning, and she knew it. Most of the time Samantha said yes, spreading her legs like butter on bread, and usually while smiling since they both knew she wanted it as much as he did. Today, she wouldn’t. Worse, like a total bitch, she laughed at his hard-on.

Fuck her. 

Now, with a heavy sack in need of relief, Jason had to photograph two smoking-hot models — a blonde and a brunette (like peanut butter and chocolate) — while trying to ignore the blue in his balls.

Both girls were impossible knockouts. Cameron the blonde, and Jessica the brunette. Apparently they were best friends and had done a shit ton of low-level shoots together already. Now they wanted to graduate from the pedestrian bullshit they’d been doing and break into the world of high-fashion photography. A tough transition for sure. It was hard enough for photographers, with models, agencies, designers, fashion trends, doting parents (they were the worst), and styles all to keep up with. Models had it even harder.

The first thing Jason usually did with a new model was to take a series of Polaroids without makeup and in plain clothes, or maybe a swimsuit. He would study the Polaroids with his makeup artist Janine then design the shoot around her suggestions — the makeup and general look inspired by the clothes Janine thought the models should wear, or in some cases not. Once Jason had the photos, he parsed the best and sold his model to clients.

Fortunately, as late as he was, the tedious prep had all been taken care of already. Jason would be ready to shoot Cameron and Jessica — blonde and brunette — six seconds after reaching the studio. Janine decided on black tights for the girls, and nothing else. A bit cheesy Jason thought, but then again, so was the white bedding and red vinyl. He was a pro, and would happily shoot whatever Janine thought he should, but one of the reasons he liked to visit Samantha before shooting topless was because without emptying his sack made it was sometimes harder to keep his mind on the job. Today, Samantha had left him agitated and half hard.

Jason swung his black Land Rover into his usual spot, flung open the door and dropped to the concrete, slammed it, crossed the lot and slid his keycard through the reader, then opened the glass door to his studio, trudged up the stairs, nodded at Kimberly, his too-hot receptionist who — for some reason he didn’t understand since she didn’t have a boyfriend — wouldn’t let him fuck her, and entered the studio where Cameron and Jessica were waiting together on the white bed, smiling and whispering, unaware that he’d entered the room.

Jason quickly studied the set, glad that he’d set everything up the day before. Red, vinyl chairs, sheer, white curtains, and taupe walls all looked perfect. So did the girls. Their tits were naked and nipples starting to harden, just like his cock.

“Where is he?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know,” Cameron answered with a whisper. “He said he would be here.”

“It’s taking forever.”

“Girls, girls,” Jason grabbed their attention on his way to the lighting rig. “Thanks so much for waiting.”
“Hey,” Jessica said, stealing a glance at her blonde best friend.

“Hey, sorry,” Jason said, tweaking the light and lowering it an inch. “Just let me get this set up here. Thanks so much for coming. I’ve spent the time on set and everything, so um, yeah, it should be a great shoot.”

He smiled, awkward. Fucking A, he was distracted.

Get your head in the shoot, asshole. 

Both girls were smiling, clearly nervous. Modeling was one thing, modeling half naked another. Cameron clearly wanted to seem eager. She widened her smile and said, “Awesome, sounds great,” while Jessica played with a thick strand of her brunette hair.

Jason said, “So, let’s get to it.”

Jessica smiled, then said, “Okay.”

Jason grabbed his camera and fell to one knee. Fucking Lord up in Heaven, they look smoking hot. “Why don’t you two get closer, start touching each other.”

Cameron looked uncertain. “Touching each other?”

“Yeah!” Jason said, swiveling on the balls of his feet and snapping the first few shots.

Jessica swallowed, seeming more uncertain than Cameron. “This is fashion … ”

Jason wasn’t sure whether he would be fucking the duo or not, but there was only one way to find out. “This is how fashion starts,” he said, still shooting.

Cameron studied Jason. Jessica played with her hair. Jason kept snapping. “Have you seen any of my work?” he asked.

The pair apparently did everything together, including shaking their heads and saying no. Jason would bet his Land Rover and the iPad in the glove box that they had sucked dick as a team.

“Well,” he said, “plenty of big fashion models have started right here on this bed. Right here where you are now, so I suggest you get to it.”

They still seemed uncertain, making Jason think the conquest might be harder than he imagined. “Maybe kiss or something? Give me something to shoot?”

“Um … ” Jessica said.

Cameron, looking slightly more nervous than her friend, brushed her palm across Jessica’s knee. Jason snapped faster, finally finding his smile. Jessica had her pointer twirled in a thick lock of brunette hair. Something went bright in Cameron’s eyes.
Jason said, “Touching her leg is a good start. Maybe a kiss?”

Cameron laughed and finally cut the mood into whimsy. Jessica joined her. Jason knew that laugh. He’d heard it many times before. It widened his smile because that laugh promised that everything was going to be okay. Soon, his cock would be wet. The blonde was a guarantee, she swore it with her eyes, and since the duo did everything together, Jessica would be joining her friend on the bed, just as she’d joined her in laughter.

Jason’s cock started to throb. He snapped faster as the girls’ mouths softly met.

“There you go, perfect!” More snapping, then a twitter of nervous laughter between them as they parted their lips. “Come on, girls, where’s the passion?”
They looked at each other, holding their stare for a few long seconds until their mouths met harder, still softly, but kissing like they meant it.

Jason’s cock throbbed into a dull ache.

“There you go! Can I get some tongue in there?”

Jessica’s tongue darted softly between Cameron’s lips. The blonde took her friend’s tongue, smiling as if she’d been waiting. Clearly the two had done this before, or — even better for Jason — had wanted to.

“Come on,” he said, “can you start using some hands? How about you touch her breast a bit?”

Cameron raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“Yeah, come on, touch her nipple.”

Hesitance, then Jason grew suddenly insistent, fueled by hot cum stewing inside his tightening sack. “What are we here for?”

Jessica asked, “What kind of fashion is this?”

Jason could feel the moment, now just breaths away. He only needed that first second of surrender. After that, everything was inevitable. He felt a flare of anger, hating Samantha for not giving him what was rightfully his, then said, “Are you questioning my artistic integrity?” He lowered his camera. “I’m not sure what’s going on here.”

Cameron looked to Jessica, then turned to Jason. “Well, I mean, we’re just not sure … ”

Before Cameron could finish her thought, Jessica said, “This is different.”

“Different from what?” Jason shrugged. “What were you expecting?”

“We thought this would be normal fashion modeling.” Cameron said. Jessica nodded.

“This is fashion,” Jason said. It was now or never. He could only push the girls so hard. The last thing he wanted was a reputation. He wanted to lose a load, not his business. FUCK. Maybe he would try once more with Kimberly. One final try: “Plenty of famous fashion models started here, where you guys are right now. So, I’m sorry, what’s happening here? You are interested, right? Or am I missing something?”

Cameron said, “Are we missing something?”

“You know what?” Jason lowered his camera, then stood and dropped it on the bed. “I do know what’s missing.”

Cameron swallowed, incredulous.

Jessica half smiled, curious.

“Get over here.” Jason began to undress.

Cameron still looked unsure, but Jessica’s expression had lit with desire.

Jason said, “Come on, I know exactly what you guys need.”

Both girls crawled across the bed. Jessica looked at Cameron, smiling, as if to silently say, Everything’s okay. Jason unbuckled his belt.

“You guys are gonna suck my cock.”

Camera said, “Um … ”

Jessica finished Cameron’s thought with a question, “Um … what?”

“You guys do want to be fashion models, right? Well, this is how it starts.” He put one hand at the back of each girl’s head, then pulled them both toward his hard, throbbing cock.

The girls were ready, almost eager. Jessica took his tip while Cameron met Jason’s meat like it was corn on the cob.

“Good,” he said, barely controlling his breath.

Their reserve turned to vapor as both girls started to suck, Cameron lapping at Jason’s sack while Jessica swallowed his tip and swiveled her lips all around it.

“That’s good,” he managed to pant. The girls continued to suck his twitching dick, each from her own side as he pulled off his pants. Freed from his bottoms, Jason guided Jessica’s head toward his pelvis, then started to writhe, softly fucking her mouth. She pulled her lips from his dick. “We are getting paid for this, right?” she asked.

Jason smiled, then shoved his cock back into her mouth, fucking her muzzle. “We’ll see. For now, focus on this,” he said, shedding the thin black button-up from his well-toned body.

With both girls on all fours and worshipping wood, Jason could see they were as hungry as he was. He smiled again — his biggest of the day — then pulled away, said, “Move back, girls,” and patted them like dogs.

“Get in doggy positions,” Jason commanded, then climbed onto the bed and laid down with his back to the mattress, dick pointing straight to the ceiling. Cameron’s blonde hair brushed his body on the left while Jessica’s brunette tresses brushed him on the right. Both girls had their chests lowered and their asses up in the air.

Jessica started painting his shaft from her side, while Cameron met his skin from the opposite end. It was like they were fighting over his shaft, playfully, both smiling as Cameron took the tip and Jessica nibbled his sack.

Holy shit this is better than I expected. FUCK Samantha.

Jason was hoping he could get the girls to play along, and certainly hadn’t expected them to be this into it, at least not so immediately, but both were tending to his dick as if they’d be graded after the cumshot. Cameron held Jason’s thick dick steady at the bottom so Jessica could bob up and down on his bright, red tip. They took turns, with Cameron attacking while Jessica stared like a starving dog waiting for meat.

After a minute of bobbing, probably because she wanted him to fill her pussy before he blew seed, Cameron pulled away from his cock. Jason was a puppet master at the back of her head, forcing Cameron’s mouth deeper onto his shaft. She sucked him harder, beginning to whimper as her eyes widened and she held Jason’s gaze. She looked craven, drool rolled from her bottom lip and onto the bed. Jessica was just as bad, and Jason could tell from her bright eyes that she was soaking wet.

Their mouths met. He stared as they kissed, wanting to fuck them one at a time. It was almost too much, both girls at once. He’d thought of it often, but had never had a threesome before. If Samantha had spread her legs like a good girl, he wouldn’t be having it today.

Jessica said, “Does that feel good?”

“Mmmmm … it does,” he moaned.

Cameron placed her finger just below Jason’s tip, then started fucking the top of his cock with her softly pouted lips.

“Stare at me while you suck my dick,” he commanded.

Cameron stared up at him with her widened eyes. Jessica said, “So big.”

So. Fucking. HOT!

“I want you guys to feed it to each other.”

Cameron started, feeding Jason’s dick to Jessica like it was dessert, holding his shaft at the base so she could wrap her lips around it and fuck the photographer with her mouth, slathering his shaft with hot breath and saliva as her ass rose higher in the air. Cameron’s eyes flitted from Jason to Jessica, her mouth hanging open. Jason pictured it filling with cum.

Cameron took her turn, holding Jason’s javelin for Jessica while her hot tits dragged against his leg. “I want you to spit on it,” he said.

Cameron smiled then spit.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned as his new favorite blonde slathered saliva all over his cock. Jessica giggled then joined her. Two girls jacked and sucked then jacked some more as Cameron lapped and Jason moaned.

I’m gonna fucking lose my load. 

Jason didn’t want to blow it, so he slowed down, shifted positions, then said, “You need to come closer,” grabbing Cameron and nudging her lips aggressively against him.

Jessica started breathing faster and moving with fury, as if she wanted Jason to cum. He pulled back, and she steadied her breath, slowing while Cameron, still drooling and staring at Jason with starving, aching eyes, started rubbing her palm flat against his cock fast enough to make fire. “Fuck yeah, baby,” she said, still staring like she wanted to eat him.

Jason said, “Come closer, girls, look at me,” then grabbed his shaft and beat it between them, slapping first one face then the next while they held their tongues out like hungry, little whores. Cameron was still drooling, looking almost miserable whenever Jessica’s face met his dick rather than hers.


“Now,” he said, regaining control, “I want you both to stand up and take off your stockings.”

The girls followed like good, little whores.

“Yeah, do it sexy.”

Jason wondered if he’d ever been harder. He wanted to fuck the duo for days. They were into it, which made it so much sweeter. They had started out doing it for him, or at least for their careers, that much was clear, but now they were doing it for themselves as well. Models were models, and they loved to show off, so the girls were undressing slow, taking their time. Both of them sexy; Cameron was hungry and Jessica playful.

Jason could smell them, the scent of their pussies ripened his air. He wanted to bury his face deep into their sloppy holes, and hear them scream. He pointed to Jessica, said, “I want you on your back, babe,” then turned to Cameron. “I want to lick your pussy from behind.”

Cameron crawled on all fours and stuck her ass up in the air. Her pussy was pink and fully exposed, raw and flaring. Jason spread her ass cheeks then dragged his tongue from her lower pussy up to her asshole, stopping just short of her pucker.

Jessica sprawled flat to the mattress, her legs spread in a wide V. Cameron buried her face between them as Jessica curled her fingers into her friend’s hair.

Jason plowed Cameron from behind, glazing his face with her juices.

“Mmm … you taste so good.”

He pulled his face from Cameron’s sopping wet cunt and watched her dive into Jessica’s juicebox. It looked like someone had dumped a glass of water on her pussy. Jason wondered how much was from her own natural lube, and how much was slobber from Cameron’s mouth.

He went back to her pussy, alternating between his darting tongue and flailing lips, licking the honey right from her pot, increasing speed as she started to moan, shoving her ass harder against Jason’s face. He thrust his tongue deep into her hole, thankful that his stupid bitch cunt of an ex-wife Samantha had refused him. “You taste so good,” he cried out, fucking Cameron faster with his tongue and fingers.

Jessica was in full heat at the head of the bed. Jason couldn’t see her, but he could hear the sloppy sounds of Cameron’s mouth in and around her best friend’s cunt, and could make out Jessica’s nearly unintelligible moaning, mostly “Mmmm … just like that,” repeated in sharp staccatos over and over.

The sounds of sucking filled his studio. Jason pulled away from Cameron’s pink cake, sucked a gust of air through his teeth, then went back for more, his cock throbbing and twitching and ready to fuck as he stared at Jessica’s nipples, pointing straight and aimed at the ceiling. She curled her fingers tighter into Cameron’s hair, then yanked as if pulling reigns could muffle her moans.

Jason dove harder into Cameron, shoving his tongue into her starving hole as she rattled her ass against his face. He stayed until he could no longer take it. Jessica was breathing too heavy, and the sound of Cameron’s sucking simply too delicious. He pulled away again, saw Cameron’s puckered asshole and for a second thought of filling it, then figured the four hot pockets between them was plenty and started jacking his shaft while Cameron traded fingers for mouth and started thrusting her digits into Jessica, pressing her tits flat to the mattress as Jason slid himself inside her pussy.

Cameron lost herself to a loud and lingering moan. The sudden sensation must have been sharp, or maybe too much. She pulled herself suddenly from Jessica.

Jason pounded harder, and Cameron lost herself again. This time to a scream.


Like a good girl Cameron tried to keep lapping at Jessica’s juices, but she could barely manage with Jason railing her so hard from behind. His hands were everywhere: at Cameron’s sides, on Jessica’s chest, then back all over Cameron.

Squelching sounds erupted around them.

Both girls were moaning so much, Jason could only hear twin sets of OH, FUCKS! moaned over and over and sounding so similar that he had no idea who was saying what. The only thing he could manage himself was a barely there series of, “MMmmm … ” and, “Feels so good.”

The series of OH, FUCKS! continued until Cameron cried out, “OH, YES!” as Jessica tugged at her hair, mouth hanging open as she forced Cameron’s face deep enough to muffle her bellows.

Cameron pulled back, and barely managed, “Oh. My. God. Yes.”

Jason kept pounding, lifting his body high over Cameron and pushing her hard into the mattress, fucking her in a downward motion as if hammering a nail.

He fucked her hard until he felt seconds from losing it, then kept the cum in his cock by pulling back. “Okay, I want you guys to change,” he said.

Jason ordered the girls to switch, waited for Cameron to climb on his back, then, still fully in charge, set his hands on Jessica’s hips and swiveled her ass toward him.

Cameron parted her legs and made room for Jessica. Her eyes were closed, squeezed tight and aimed at the ceiling. Jason grit his teeth as he slid into Jessica, who was wet as a hose left running. She buried her face in between Cameron’s parted legs and pushed the blonde’s knees higher in the air.

As Jason pounded, Jessica did what Cameron hadn’t, rocking her ass up and down, swaying in perfect time with Jason’s cock and driving him toward lunacy. He had fucked plenty of models, but had never in his life been fucked like that. Not even by Samantha. The brunette was an absolute maniac.

Jason slapped Jessica’s ass as she rocked his cock while still managing to gobble Cameron’s nub. He was about to lose it, and no longer cared if he did. Jason wanted to cum everywhere: in them, on them, all over the bed.

Jessica felt too fucking good. He had no control.

Jason forced Jessica’s ass down, trying to recapture a moment of control as he pounded her hard from up high. He grabbed her neck, then shoved her face hard into Cameron’s snatch.

Jessica sucked and slurped and soaked her lips into Cameron, then pulled back, moaned, “Feels so good,” and dove for more.

Jason growled, “Oh, my God,” holding Jessica hard at her midsection and pounding the holy fuck from her body as she kept slamming her ass back, hard onto his baby maker. Jessica was a goddess of cunt. “Oh, yeah, keep twisting that pussy all over my cock,” he managed to breathe.

Jason wanted to be gentle but couldn’t. He was nothing but animal, and Jessica only a hole. Her ankles were smashed flat against her ass as he folded her body like an accordion, with half of her stacked atop the other.

He slapped his left palm against the mattress and fucked her harder.

Jessica’s hands were all over Cameron’s tits, as the blonde’s head dangled over the edge of the bed, writhing and moaning and building to a crescendo.

“Just like that,” Jessica whimpered as Jason groaned with no restraint, wondering if he would — or could — ever feel this amazing again. Finding a sliver of control, Jason slowed just enough not to lose it, then distracted himself by yanking Jessica up by the neck and mashing his mouth against her.

His cock was hard and throbbing and veiny. “Do you like that?” he asked. His clouded mind could find no other words.

“Oh, yeah,” Jessica sniveled.

Jason’s studio was sweaty and deafening. The succulent scent of pussy was overwhelming, and he would have sworn the room was holding a full orgy if he wasn’t alternating between only two holes. Cameron was still getting devoured by Jessica’s lips as Jason pulled her up to kiss him through gritted teeth.

I have to taste her.

Sweat dripped from his face onto Jessica’s back, whose face was lost in Cameron’s cunt, until she climbed out from under Jason and then onto Cameron, who was a cat, writhing in heat.

With Cameron on her back, and Jessica on top of her, Jason slipped inside Jessica’s pussy, plunging his package inside her and pushing his hands hard onto her body as she rubbed her hotbox all over Cameron.

Cameron screamed, “OH, FUCK ME!! JUST.LIKE.THAT.”

Jessica grew even more aggressive, practically shoving her pussy onto Jason’s dick.

He growled, “Oh, yeah, just like that,” pounded for a half minute, caught his breath and added, “one more thing,” then repositioned the girls like the living art that they were. He had Cameron on her back, legs spread wide, and Jessica on top of her, legs locked around the blonde and wrapped beneath her knees. Cameron clutched Jessica’s left tit with her right hand as Jason readied himself to enter the brunette from behind.

He moaned, “Oh, yeah, just like that,” as he slipped inside her soaking, wet hole.

The girls rubbed their bodies hard against each other as Cameron fucked Jessica’s tit with her lips. Jessica reached up, wrapped her arm around Jason, pulled him to her, kissed him hard, then let him go and started darting her tongue into Cameron’s mouth.

Their trinity swelled to a crescendo as the two girls licked each other’s mouths and tits, Jessica swaying her ass with a lunatic’s swivel, smashing it hard against Jason and yanking moans from his mouth. His studio was wall-to-wall sex: lush sounds musky scent, flesh on flesh soaking his senses, pulled hair, open mouths, gritted teeth, ever-mounting pressure.

Jessica rocked her ass harder and shoved her tongue deeper into Cameron’s mouth.

“Yeah, keep kissing her,” Jason panted. “Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah.”

Jessica, looked back at Jason and purred, “Does that feel good?”

He moaned, “Oh, yeah, it feels so fucking good.”

Cameron was a puddle of whimpers, pleading, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” though it wasn’t clear who she was pleading to. Jason figured it had to be both of them. Cameron’s soft cries made him want to pull his pecker from the brunette and plow the blonde again.

Everyone was screaming: hard, shrill cries leaping from Jessica’s lips, muffling the soft, whimpering sighs from Cameron. White flesh was turned pink, and Jason was little more than low, rolling growls.

He couldn’t believe he still hadn’t cum, and knew he was seconds from spraying, but before Jason blasted his batter, he had to satisfy his craving to slam Cameron one final time.

Jason plunged inside the blonde, sending her legs flying back into the air as he pressed hard on Jessica’s knees. She slithered out from beneath, then crawled up to Cameron’s side, plied the blonde’s lips open with her mouth, and started tongue fucking her as Cameron screamed: “OHMYGOD YES, RIGHT THERE! FUCK ME OH MY GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME OH MY GOD YES!!”

“Oh, baby,” Jason snarled, holding Cameron’s legs high.

“OHMYGODYES!!!” she continued to cry.

Cameron’s moans were deafening, soaking Jason’s senses and making him wonder if he’d hear them in his head forever. He was ready to blow — head swimming and body tingling, flesh sizzling like a steak on a grill as every inch of him readied to burst. He grunted, then pulled out as both girls lined up for their dessert, tongues out as he erupted, slapping them both with white-hot lava, coating them with shot after shot of his spunk. Jason moaned, still milking his shaft and the girls greedily lapped at every drop. Jessica was apparently craven enough to crave more, and went back to town on his Jason’s throbbing shaft. Lightly moaning he managed to say, “Sweetie, hand me the camera.”

He took the camera from Cameron, then said, “Hold that position, girls,” snapping several pictures while smiling. “Perfect.”

The girls rubbed their bodies against each other, soaking in their shared afterglow. Jessica said, “We are getting paid, right?”

“Yeah, about that,” Jason laughed, still playful. “Here’s $20. You girls can split it.”

“$20 an hour! Awesome.” The girls laughed, getting Jason’s joke and high-fiving to prove it, turning him on all over again.

Fuck Samantha. 

Jason had two new favorite models, and he was going to make them stars.

the end.

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