Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

With a 4.9 out of 5-Star average on Amazon, Lexi's readers are in love for a reason.

Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell

Quick and Dirty (Just Like You Like It!)

Erotic short stories are hard to pull off. They have to make you care about the characters, and get you off — all in the space of a few thousand words. No one does that better than Lexi. From confessions to sex in public to dirty little random encounters, Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxwell will deliver 50 stories with exactly the thrills you’ve been looking for.

From the reader adored writer of “The XXX Files,” “MILF,” “The Future of Sex,” the ABC series (Anticipation, Bitten, Cheated, etc.) and the world’s smuttiest soap, “Naughty USA” comes this dirty collection of short stories.

Lexi Readers LOVE Fifty Shades of Lexi!

“My wife read 50 shades of gray and she became a different women in bed so I figured we would try to turn it up a notch, and this book did the trick. Since she has been reading it she is a total slut (the good kind lol). She is more verbal and says some nasty stuff while we’re getting down and she takes some of the things described in the book and uses them herself which is awesome. I have not read the book so I am only going from what she has told me but I know that she loves it and I love that she gets wet every time she reads it.”

“Oh yes! Oh yes! This is the Ultimate collection of the Hottest of the Hot. I have loved and own all of these sexy stories individually, and love them all the more in one giant set. Talking Dirty has my heart but the other stories such as Swallowing Secrets, which first got me hooked, and the Fantastic XXX Files are some exceptional pieces of work. Nothing reads better, hotter, wetter than this stuff! All in one book! Cumpilation should’ve been its soul title as I find its one great set of just wonderful erotica. This stuff reaches inside, gets my heart racing, juices flowing, and mind blown like nothing else. Well worth the price! I can’t say enough good things about it. When I’m wanting to be in the mood this book will do it in many ways. A must have!”

“162,000 words of PURE GOLD. I could not believe all of the subjects that she wrote about, they were almost more than I could handle. I found a writer that if not the best writer of erotic stories than she is in the top 1%. I have to agree with the last statement used telling me about the book “THIS is Why Erotica Readers are Happier People”

“Love Love Love this cumpilation of Lexi’s stories! I read straight through all 50+ stories in 2 days (would have been 1 but had to stop and be mom for a while lol). Lexi’s work is not just cheesy erotica, it has a plot, and realistic characters. I love how the stories continue over into each other. Smut for smart people!!!”

“Lexi is one of my favorite erotica authors, she develops the characters enough where there is a story line without too much fluff and the interactions between the characters are hot, hot, hot. You get the emotional connection that is really what makes the rest of it so much better. I highly recommend this book and I’m sure will go back to reread these stories again and again.”

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