Celeste Sinclair: Her Body Still Shaking

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Naughty USA OptimizedCeleste wanted to scream, Fuck me in my shit pipe! or maybe something filthier, but knew it wouldn’t do any good. It never did. Not with Rick.

Rick was pumping like he wanted to mean it, and Celeste wiggled her ass and sloshed the top of Rick’s cock enough to cover the distance, but he was far from filling the void in her fuckhole.

Celeste’s dirty talk usually managed the opposite of its intended effect, slowing Rick to a stuttering thrust, rather than speeding him to the galloping pound she was hoping for — as if her unbridled honesty embarrassed him.

Not getting the math to add up was the most frustrating thing in Celeste’s life. Men wanted to be craved, and it would have been impossible for her to crave her husband more, or for her to do more to assure Rick that she did, or that there was nothing she wanted more than for him to be a man and take her as hard as he could.

Yet the harder she tried, the softer he was. Especially when it came to the dirty talk.

Celeste had never met a man who didn’t love a handful or so of smutty words to season their fucking. Even if they didn’t think they did at first, once you strung the right syllables together from behind a wall of sweat — all bets, and panties, were off. Most men could launch rockets from dirty talk alone. A soldier stationed in Fort Bushy with a few whispered orders from Celeste would be enough to send any man over the edge. Except for Rick, and Celeste had tried everything.

She’d started with innocent.

That feels, so, SO good!

I feel so safe underneath you!

Yes, right there. That’s PERFECT!

Then she had went to not so innocent.

I want you to fuck me all night long. 

I’ve been thinking about fucking you ALL day.

My panties get wet just thinking about what you’re going to do to me. 

And, of course, in both play and desperation, Celeste had gone hardcore more times than she could count.

I want you to fuck my face and lick me into a bucket, then bend me sideways and plunge your throbbing cock as deep into my dripping pussy as you can shove it. I want you to pound me as hard as you can, spanking my ass until you can’t stand it any more. Then when you’re ready for your throbbing dick to empty its cum inside me, I want you to pull out and drizzle my tits with your gorgeous cock!!

The last one may not have worked on Rick, but it sure worked on Celeste. She was so hot when the words were racing from her mouth, the final syllable sent her into a screaming orgasm, the kind that carried aftershocks. She kept grinding Rick’s sugar stick until he finished without ceremony a few minutes later.

A teaspoon of jam on her muffin and he was out cold, snoring in seconds.

Sex in the MorningAt least they were having sex. And it was morning. Usually Rick only wanted it at night, right before he cashed into his much-needed Z’s, but rarely during the day. Celeste nursed a flutter of hope that they were about to have a fuck session to remember when Rick rolled into her earlier that morning, nibbled on her ear, ran his hand along the inside of her thigh, then pressed his palm against her wet middle.

But that was only a few minutes before, and it was already forgettable.

Celeste used to blame it on herself, used to think Rick’s lack of desire was her fault, and an embarrassing reflection. But after several years of marriage and a shocking number of men laying worship at her altar, Celeste was certain she wasn’t the problem. Hell, her sister Autumn was the best dirty talker she’d ever heard, the girl was fucking Shakespeare when it came to mouth shit. Celeste never told her as much, but that was only because Autumn thought of her as a Cock God, and Celeste enjoyed her time on the pedestal.

Her sister had her wet from the other side of a wall when she heard her men groaning. She must be doing something right, Celeste figured the first time she placed her ear to the wall and listened. That was when she heard this gem: Stuff my mouth full of cock, and shut me the fuck up! 

That was good stuff. One of Autumn’s regulars. And even though it was the first, it was still one of Celeste’s favorites. She was also fond of: Apart from my mouth, cunt, and asshole, is there anywhere else you wanna shove your tongue?

As good as Autumn was, it would have made no difference to Rick, who preferred his vanilla three times a week.

Rick kept pumping, a little faster, but still in a different orbit than Celeste’s white hot heat. She moaned involuntarily, thinking about the Rick she wished was inside her, pounding his nail instead of checking her blueprint.

Her meow must have given him fuel. From nowhere Rick said, “You are so hot, I’m going to fill you with my juice.”

Hardly worthy of an award, but hell if she wouldn’t take it.

Celeste moaned louder, grinding her pelvis into Rick as she nibbled on his ear and whispered, “That’s it, barman. Fuck me like I deserve to get fucked! Are you imagining us alone in the bar, I’m bent over a stool while you fuck me hard and fill me with your cum?”

Rick was finished. He sputtered his moan, squirted inside her, then rolled to his side of the bed. Celeste looked to the nightstand to check how long it would be before Johnny would be knocking on her back door.

“I love you,” Rick said.

“I love you, too” Celeste replied. And she did, always had.

Nothing would make her happier than to call off her countless bedroom callers. Her well was deep, and Rick had no bucket to fill it. No, he had the bucket. But dammit if he hadn’t lost it. If he could learn to butter her lips a bit better, everything else would fall into place. Including children and the rest of their happily ever after.

Rick was usually sleeping seconds after his squirt, but was different in the daylight. He rolled closer, pulled her into a spooning position, then grazed her face with the back of his knuckles. Celeste loved his touch, almost as much as sex, and there was no doubt Rick was the only guy who could give that to her. She trusted Rick, and not just in a “he can keep a secret” sorta way.

Rick pulled Celeste even closer to him, and she felt herself getting sleepy. Not good. Worse, she could feel Rick nodding off beside her. Their breath fell to even rhythm for a minute or so, then the silence was cracked by a sharp snore from Rick behind her.

Celeste was filled with a horrible wave of guilt. She wanted to fall to sleep with Rick, enjoy the out-of-the-blue early morning tryst in full, but it was already way after the time Rick was supposed to leave, and Johnny would be over soon. While he was smart enough to turn around if he saw Rick’s Infinity in the driveway, Celeste hated the open loop in her head. “Honey,” she said.

“Huh?” she pictured Rick’s eyes closed, mouth hanging open.

“You’re gonna be late.”

Rick groaned, then said, “It’s okay. Jesse wants to try unlocking. I told him he could try it for the next two weeks. I’m hoping it works. It will give us a few more hours in the mornings.” Rick started to trail off, mumbling something after “mornings” Celeste couldn’t quite catch, followed by another light snore.

“That would be great,” Celeste said.

Slight worry, a light flutter a minute before, was now a bucket of panic spilled on her floor.

Celeste glanced at her iPhone, sitting on the nightstand just out of reach. She had to text Johnny, call off the afternoon. Play it cool with Rick. But there was no way she could grab her phone and get a text to Johnny, or “Lucy” as her iPhone called him, without Rick getting wise.

“What would you like for dinner tonight? I was thinking I could bring something yummy to the bar.”

“Really?” Rick was suddenly awake. He loved Celeste’s cooking, she was damn good in the kitchen, and he was often disappointed he usually only enjoyed it as leftovers.  Especially with all the time Celeste had in the day. She kept the house perfect, and well stocked, but didn’t work, even though Rick thought she should since she would get to use her smarts and bring a second income into a life she liked to spend so much on.

Breakfast never happened and Rick usually had a salad for lunch. Sometimes, he would have leftovers when he got home, but most times he filled up on deep fried crap from the bar that he didn’t really enjoy. But it was convenient, and amazing to Celeste that no matter how much garbage he poured into his body, her man was still a chiseled temple.

“Yeah,” Celeste said. “Anything you want. And that sounds great about Jesse. It could be wonderful for both of us. You should go in today, make sure he’s settled. Get him trained as soon as possible so we can start planning some amazing afternoons.”

Celeste made sure the excitement was full in her voice, then added. “I’ll come by around five, right before the bar gets super busy, and we can eat whatever you want. I’ll run to Greens and grab some ingredients. Sound good?”

Rick sighed, then said, “Sounds great.’

“Well then,” Celeste said, petting his leg, “Let’s get going.”

Rick hit the shower. Celeste grabbed her cell and texted Johnny: Hold off. Rick home. Don’t know how long. Confirm you got this. Be back soon.

Rick Was in the ShowerRick must’ve been fine with the idea of going into work and showing Jesse the ropes, once he got over the idea of missing his late morning nap. His shower lasted only a few minutes, then the water stopped and he came out of the bathroom dressed in jeans, a button up — professionally casual — and the jacket that made him look cooler than he was. Celeste had checked her cell four times since Rick went into the bathroom, but Johnny had yet to text back.

As fast as Rick was in the shower and closet, he took forever at the door, lingering at the threshold, and giving Celeste a long gaze while caressing her cheek and taking half a fucking forever to figure out what he wanted to say. Finally, he opened his mouth.

“How about I come home for dinner and we try round two. I know I’m not always there for you in the ways you’d like me to be. And I really do want to try harder. That’s sweet of you to offer to drive out to the bar, but I think I’d rather come home.”

He smiled and Celeste smiled back. “That sounds wonderful,” she said, meaning every word, but guilty that she wanted Rick to get the fuck to his Infinity. The iPhone was in her pocket but it hadn’t buzzed, which meant Johnny could be over any second.

Rick leaned into the doorway, kissed Celeste on the cheek, reminded his wife how much he loved her, then closed the door and headed toward the driveway. Celeste closed the door and checked her phone. Still text from Johnny.

She would have been pissed that he’d not responded if she wasn’t so utterly relieved that Rick was finally on his way to Ale Mary’s. Her phone buzzed halfway to the kitchen.

Is it safe?


A few seconds later, Johnny’s three raps and a slap were pattering at the back door.

Celeste opened the door. Johnny said, “I was in the alley waiting until he left.”

“Why didn’t you text me back?” she demanded.

“I didn’t want your phone to go off while you were talking to your husband, and I was driving before that. Chill out,” he said. Uncharacteristic of Johnny, but given the edge in her voice, it was cool.

“But I told you to text me back.”

Johnny shrugged. “What do you want me to say? I’m sorry. For reals.”

Celeste hated it when he said for reals, but his smile and cock were both wide enough to make it okay. “Get in the bedroom, NOW, she said.”

Johnny grinned and headed toward Celeste’s bed. She followed a beat behind.

She didn’t like Johnny’s explanation, it felt off. Then again, why would he lie, and even if he was, what the fuck did it matter to her? It wasn’t as though they had a deep relationship founded on mutual respect and transparency. Their relationship was built by deceit and preserved through pleasure.

Johnny stripped the shirt from his body as he crossed the bedroom’s threshold, and had his pants off by the time he hit the foot of the bed. Celeste had no idea if he wore underwear out in the real world, but in The Bed Bunny’s Palace, he was neatly trimmed and underwear free.

Johnny jumped on the bed.

Celeste liked to wear something that made her feel pretty and slutty when one of her men came to please her, but she was still in the cami and boxers she had on when kissing her hubby goodbye.She stripped to skin in two seconds, then crawled into bed beside Johnny.

Johnny was normally rock hard immediately, but today he was soft. Celeste thought maybe it was her change in attire. She shook the thought, parted her full, red lips, then, without hands, pulled Johnny’s slowly rising dick inside it. She raised her head slowly, her mouth dragging up the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva behind her.

Rock hard, Johnny pulled himself from Celeste’s mouth and assumed his regular position under her pussy. She swung her leg over his face until her still stretched spread was hovering inches from Johnny’s eager tongue. He teased her clit with a series of quick flicks before Celeste lowered her body, setting her pussy on his face as she grasped his cock and started to suck it.

Johnny’s hands clenched Celeste’s ass as he shoved his tongue deep in her succulent cunt. After a minute, he gasped for breath. Celeste raised her body and Johnny slathered her soaking lips with small kisses as his tongue drifted closer and closer to her smaller hole. Celeste started thinking of Rick.

The tip of Johnny’s tongue was suddenly flicking against her asshole. She whispered, “go ahead,” under a heaving moan. A second later, his middle finger was knuckle deep and Celeste was losing control.

“You like my finger in your ass?”

“Oh, yes!” Celeste moaned. “I always finger my asshole and pretend it’s your cock!”

That wasn’t true at all, though she did finger her ass and imagine it was Rick’s all the time. And while she would have given anything to have Rick beneath her, doing what Johnny was doing and loving each second, he was at Ale Mary’s and her hole was getting drenched without him.

Johnny swapped his finger for his tongue and covered her ass with sloppy kisses, thrusting his soft wet knife inside her.

“OH MY FUCK! Keep doing that!” Celeste screamed.

Even though Johnny was doing better work than usual, Celeste couldn’t stop thinking about Rick; craving her true man inside her.

Celeste pushed Johnny from her, rolled to her back, then said, “Fuck me,” as she spread her legs and raised her knees into the air. Johnny looked surprised. He’d been inside her before, but most times she didn’t actually want him to fuck her.

“NOW!” Celeste commanded, furiously rubbing her clit.

Johnny plunged inside, starting with a slow rhythm and grinding his hips down into her body.

“Faster,” she yelled. Then, “Did you like licking my ass?”

Johnny said nothing, but started fucking her faster.

“I asked you a question,” Celeste growled through heavy moans. “Did you like licking my ass?”

“Ah…” Johnny was moaning. “Yes! I could lick your ass for hours!”

Celeste could tell he was about to lose his load so she pushed him off of her again, then got on all fours and raised her perfect ass up in the air.

“Fuck my ass!” she hissed over her shoulder.

Johnny’s cock was already slippery from Celeste’s pussy, but he wiped his hand against her lips, then lubed her asshole with juices. Celeste’s anticipation swelled as Johnny placed the tip of his swollen dick to her tiny puckered entrance.

Johnny’s head pushed past her ring and she released a low moan as he thrusted his hips forward, driving his dick deeper inside. He reached around and started to play with her clit as his cock held position deep in her ass.

Johnny’s rubbing  increased, Celeste started to shudder.

Celeste Wanted to Scream“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!”

Johnny thrusted harder, his cock now sliding in and out of her ass without friction. After another few seconds she felt Johnny’s body tense. He pulled himself from her ass just as she swiveled around and positioned herself under his cock.

He made it just in time, getting close enough to get most of the load in her mouth, though the first shot grazed her cheek and landed in the hair behind her ear.

Their usual hour plus tryst had been reduced to less than 10 minutes. They lay on the bed in silence for a few more, then Johnny stood and started getting dressed while Celeste did nothing to stop him.

She left the bedroom, got him a cold class of water, then told him she’d see him later.

Her entire body was still shaking from the quake of her orgasm. Yet, she couldn’t stop thinking of Rick. Mostly, Celeste couldn’t figure herself out: If she wanted to make things work with Rick more than ever, why was she was taking her behavior so close to the edge?

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