Gerald Hill: Like a Redwood Falling

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Naughty USA OptimizedGerald crossed the lobby of the Nakagachi, then rode the elevator to the parking garage. The doors dinged open. He smiled and nodded at the attendant, then went to the far side of the lot and stepped into his glassy black Escalade. He turned the engine, pulled out from his space, then circled the garage one floor and pulled into the early morning traffic.

His new firm, Miller & Hodge, was only a few minutes away – walking distance, if he was in the mood. He might be soon, though not on his first day. Gerald had a full morning planned, getting acclimated through the transition. Bill Strepp, the lawyer whose place he was taking, had been a friend of Gerald’s in college, and had given him a head’s up about the job before it went live. He had been a consultant for years but was finally looking for something more long term.

Judging by the Skype interview, Gerald would have landed the job anyway. The partners appeared to love him and the interview couldn’t have gone better. He agreed to give the gig six months. If he loved it, he’d stay. If not, he’d find something he loved.

Life was too short not to live the way you wanted.

Gerald passed the park behind the library, a couple of blocks from Miller & Hodge. The site of the deep green grass gave him a swollen groin as he remembered the previous Friday and the feeling of the gorgeous girl’s lips wrapped around his dick. She had been a pro for sure, but Gerald had paid for quality plenty of times. He’d spent the night with some pricy girls, and had still never had a mouth like that. He almost felt bad, cruising the street for bargains, but was glad he did. The girl was something else, with looks and skill. It was amazing that she was on the street.

Gerald had gone out both last night and the night before trying to find her again, without any luck. He would make the rounds again tonight after work. Of course, the smart thing to do would be to start looking elsewhere, find something that wasn’t so goddamn close to work. But dammit, that might have been the best load he’d ever blown, and he hadn’t stopped thinking about it since she first covered his cock with the slick of her saliva.

Like he always said, life was too short not to live the way you wanted.

Of course, if he never found her again, that was just as well. Miller & Hodge was a great job, but at $200 a shot, giving it to a cum catcher to gobble the goop on a daily basis wasn’t sustainable.

Gerald parked the car in the firm’s row of reserved spaces, straightened his tie, then pulled his Jack Georges black briefcase from the backseat, closed the door and walked toward the elevator, trying to rinse the images of mouth fucking a hooker from the carnival in his mind.

His liaison at the firm was named Abby, PA to his new associate, Kirsty Poole. He and Kirsty had exchanged a brief conversation when the partners first introduced the two of them, but all communication since then had been with Abby.

Gerald stepped from the elevator, crossed the hallway, then opened the door to Miller & Hodge where Abby was waiting to greet him. He had been curious to see what Abby looked like, and was pleasantly surprised with what he saw. Gerald was great at this particular type of guessing game, but with Abby he’d only gotten it half right.

He got the petite blond part down, along with his perfect picture of her fitted Ann Taylor skirt and blouse. Gerald had pictured Abby with larger breasts, small C’s or swollen B’s, but Abby’s breasts were on the small side. They looked perfect on her, and Gerald couldn’t help but think that they would look damn fine in his mouth, too.

Gerald felt a wave of guilt. He shouldn’t be thinking that way about his new coworker, especially on his first day. Those types of thoughts made it difficult to get work done. Of course, it wasn’t helping that four floors below, and just three days earlier, Gerald had probably delivered the most memorable load of his life.

“You must be Gerald,” Abby said, holding out her hand to greet him. “It’s great to meet you. Welcome to Miller & Hodge.”

Gerald took her hand. “It’s good to meet you, too,” he said. “I’m happy to be here.”

Abby led Gerald to Kirsty’s office, where he sat while Abby stood making small talk while they waited for Kirsty to arrive. In mid-sentence Abby looked up, turned toward the door, and smiled at the woman on the other side of the glass.

NO, it can’t be.

It was. Gerald’s heart froze in his chest and his mouth went dry. His brain tried to sort the impossible logic of what was happening, but his mind was lost in a sudden shroud of fog and inappropriate desire.

“Morning, Abby,” the woman said, opening the door.

Their eyes met. Gerald could only imagine the shock on his face. “This is Gerald,” Abby said. “He’s been waiting to meet you.”

Kirsty’s face was bright red, but impressively, the woman had her shit together. She softly cleared her throat, smiled, then said, “I believe we’ve met.”

Abby said, “Gerald was just telling me he’s leased a one-bedroom in the Nakagachi. Six blocks away for six months.” Abby was a great PA, Gerald thought. Though he had not even seen her prepare Kirsty’s cup of coffee, she was handing it to her boss with steam curling from the cup.

“I’ve heard the Nakagachi is gorgeous,” Kirsty said, taking the cup and bringing it to her mouth.

“It is,” Gerald stood, offering his hand to Kirsty. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Where do you two know each other?” Abby asked.

DowntownGerald said, “Kirsty was kind enough to meet me last Friday. I had just checked into the Nakagachi, and wanted to go for a drive and see the new office. She was just leaving the office. We bumped into one another down at the gargoyles.” He turned to Kirsty and smiled. “She made me feel immediately welcome.”

Abby complimented Kirsty, Gerald thought it sounded more sincere than brown nosing, then Kirsty made an excuse to ditch the conversation so she could have her office to herself.

Smart girl. 

Gerald followed Abby into the Conference Room, trying to sort through his soaring thoughts. She had to be as embarrassed as him, if not more so.

But what the fuck was she doing hooking outside her office in the first place? 

Gerald suddenly realized exactly what had happened. He remembered her sitting in the passenger seat stuttering, I’m not…I’m not a… as he pulled into the empty lot. He hadn’t given her a chance, with his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties before killing the Escalade’s engine.

A sickening sour roll through his stomach as Gerald remembered lowering his zipper, freeing his cock, and giving her a command:

I need you to suck me off NOW. How much will that cost?

Yet, she was the one who agreed.

“$200,” she said.

Gerald laughed out loud. A lawyer’s fee for a blowjob.

Abby looked over and smiled. “What did I miss?”

Gerald shook his head. “Nothing,” he said. “I’m just happy to be here.”


This would certainly pass, everything always did, eventually. But it wouldn’t be easy. His associate, and perhaps future partner, had taken his hot vanilla better than anyone ever had. It would be downright impossible to look at her and not imagine her on her knees, or in his Escalade, or on the couch in her office, or anywhere else where he could mouth fuck her all the way to his happy place.

Abby and Gerald killed time, going over a few of the basics they’d already covered over the phone, until Kirsty entered the Conference Room 15 minutes later, right on the dot. Gerald looked up and smiled. And no matter what he did, he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face for most of the meeting.

Gerald did his best to keep his mind on McKinley and Ackerman, they were going to line his 401K after all, but he couldn’t stop watching Kirsty’s lips, couldn’t stop thinking about the way she had tightened them around his tip just as she knew he was about to lose his spunk. Every time she looked over at him, his face fell into a smile and another wave of guilt flooded his body.

The only thing Gerald could do to maintain his sanity, and quietly let Kirsty know they were in whatever it was they were in together, was to play with language through a morning’s worth of clever phrasing. He hoped he didn’t go too far when he said, “It looks like you’ve had to swallow a lot before I got here. I’ll be happy to help you with the load as much as I can.” Abby didn’t flinch, but judging by the look on Kirsty’s face, she was likely thinking about the Escalade, too.

Their morning meeting ended 15 minutes early. Kirsty said she needed a few minutes to take a call, but promised she’d be ready for lunch at Petit Louis with everyone else. Gerald was thankful he’d managed to keep the red from his rod while in the Conference Room, but was raging thick by the time he was back behind his desk.

Gerald was a faced with a new problem. He was a consummate professional, and had never considered cuffing the carrot in the workplace. But he knew damn well that if his wall wasn’t made of glass, his one-eyed snake would be seconds from spitting. Gerald thought about going to the restroom to relieve himself, but the risk of being found, masturbating in a bathroom stall on his first day at the firm, was simply too big. It wasn’t as though he could explain to the partners that one of their associates had been giving him a rock python all morning because she’d sucked him hard and licked him dry from the passenger seat of his Escalade three days earlier, and for the bargain price of $200.

Gerald swallowed, and for the first time wondered if Kirsty was up for a repeat. Sure, the incident was an accident, but she had gone right along with it. If she did it once, why wouldn’t she do it again? Sure, she had a lot to lose. But then again, so did he.

No, Gerald shook his head. It was too weird, and the new job at Miller & Hodge too important.

Petit Louis was only a couple of blocks away. Kirsty walked several steps ahead the entire time, with a pace that made it impossible for Gerald to keep up without ditching the associates walking beside him. At lunch, she sat clear on the other side of the table. Perhaps odd since Kirsty was the associate assigned to handle

Naked and waitingGerald’s transition to Miller & Hodge, but not too crazy considering there was a long banquet table of people eager to make Gerald welcome, alongside a raw seafood bar and plenty of alcohol.

Like the walk to the restaurant, Kirsty kept her distance on the return trip, lingering at the table, then staying a full half-block behind the whole way back. They were supposed to meet in the Conference Room to finalize the morning, but Abby quickly disappeared.  The two of them alone in the room pushed Gerald’s cock against the fabric of his slacks. Kirsty saw his sudden bulge, flushed, then made a hurried excuse to leave.

Kirsty headed toward the door. “See you in an hour,” she said.

“It’s great to be here, really, thanks again.” Gerald smiled.

“My pleasure,” Kirsty said, opening the door.

“I hope so,” Gerald whispered.

The next hour felt like forever as Gerald imagined Kirsty sitting in his escalade, his fingers crawling up her inner thighs, already slick from the juices of her clit as their breathing heaved together.

Their eyes locked. Gerald whimpered, then nodded, giving Kirsty full permission to do it her way. She lowered her head and swallowed him whole. Up and down, hard and soft, until a deep moan of runaway pleasure escaped from his lips. He curled his fingers into her hair and pulled as his first burst of hot, sticky cum hit the back of her throat. She moaned and sucked, her tongue dancing the length of his shaft. He pulled out and painted her face in a splatter. Kirsty leaned into his lap and licked the warm cum from his still throbbing cock.

GODDAMMIT, he was hard, and would have paid a handsome grand to cum in Kirsty’s mouth if she offered. Though the blood below his waist was hoping she would, the practical part of him hoped she wouldn’t return to the conference room at all.

This situation, like a blowjob, was sticky.

Then again, life was too short not to live the way you wanted.

Gerald left Kirsty a note, then went to his office. There was nothing he could do to soften the hardon nudging against his better judgment. He was fully engorged when Kirsty entered his office, smoking hot and clearly flushed. Maybe no one else in the office would be able to tell, but Gerald was sure she’d been rubbing her lips by the blush on her cheeks.

He smiled and said, “I need you to suck me off now. How much will that cost?”

Kirsty walked directly to his desk and leaned across the top. Gerald looked down the line of her blouse into the curve of her breasts, imagining them covered in creamy drops of white. “One time, and one time only,” she whispered. “Meet me in your Escalade. Five minutes.”

His office door swung shut. Three minutes later, Gerald was sitting in the Escalade, throbbing cock in hand, grateful for his tinted windows. The passenger door opened. Kirsty climbed in and slapped Gerald’s hand from his dick, then wrapped both of hers around it and started twisting them softly.

Gerald moaned.

Kirsty pulled his slacks lower, cupped his balls, then leaned forward with full lips and slid his rager into her mouth.

Gerald’s dick was so deep in Kirsty’s mouth it was practically in her neck. He was moaning loud enough to be heard outside the thick steel doors. His pubes tickled her nostrils. Kirsty pulled away then grabbed a breath and said, “It’s okay to fuck it,” before taking his train into her salivating tunnel.

Gerald thrusted three times, hard, then lost half his balance as he fell into the crevice under the steering wheel. He shoved his foot into the corner and pushed himself upright as the first of his spurts shot so far down Kirsty’s throat, they weren’t even swallowed.

Gerald was a Redwood falling; slow shots of hot cum, emptying from his cock with the thickness and speed that can only follow a day’s worth of thought.

Kirsty probably realized the same thing, and the idea of his day’s worth of hunger must have turned her on, because she was heating up just as he was emptying out. Truth was, Gerald was glad he had cum so fast — one more minute and he would have pushed her into the backseat and shoved himself somewhere tighter.

His breath was labored, but Gerald still managed, “That was fucking amazing.”

Kirsty eased her mouth from his slobber covered cock, then said the impossible: “Thank you, that was yummy.”

Gerald stared at Kirsty, unable to believe his eyes: a gorgeous woman who had given him the best blowjob of his life last Friday, then another one that was maybe twice as good, even though it was only a third as long. A woman who made him hard with a thought, then kept it there with her scent.

A woman who was his associate at Miller & Hodge.

Liar“Well, if it was just one time, at least you made it unforgettable,” Gerald said. “Really. Thank you.”

Kirsty smiled with a hint of something Gerald couldn’t quite untangle, though pressed to guess he’d say she was burying a desire to fuck him into a stutter. It was a good thing he’d gone soft. The Escalade’s suspension was great, but not nearly good enough to keep the SUV from bouncing considering how hard he’d be plowing her if he could.

“It was just one time. We’re done, and you know why.” Kirsty half-smiled, then opened the door. “Wait five minutes before you come back up,” she said.

“No problem,” Gerald said as the heavy door thudded shut.

After Kirsty had been gone a minute, Gerald pulled the phone from his pocket and hit Alyssa. There were four rings before Alyssa’s voicemail answered.

“Hi Honey,” Gerald said. “Just calling to say I missed you, and that I should be home around ten minutes after five. I won’t have to work late like I thought I might. Love you, love you.”

Gerald slipped the phone back into his pocket and headed for the stairs.

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