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Naughty USA: Year One

The First Full Season of the Smuttiest Soap Ever Written

Celeste Sinclair might be Inferno Fall’s biggest slut, if it wasn’t for her kid sister, Autumn Cole. Join Celeste, Autumn, and a large cast of characters as they swap secrets, lies and plenty of fluids. Naughty USA is sexy, funny, and guaranteed to turn you on.

Kirsty Pool agreed to work late on Friday to prepare for the new guy Gerald, she had no idea she’d wind up with a dick in her mouth and $200 for the pleasure.

Celeste Sinclair, cum hungry cock guzzler and Kirsty’s best friend. Celeste is so unhappy with the attention her husband Rick’s been giving her clit, she’ll fuck anyone from the teacher’s aid, Johnny to the UPS man, Paul. But is she cumming too close to the edge?

No one has a filthier mouth than Celeste’s sister, Autumn, but if she’s gonna fill it with cock, she’s gonna be the best. After an afternoon’s worth of lessons from Celeste, and a dozen swords swallowed, Autumn gave her boyfriend Sam, maybe the love of her life, a memory even Alzheimer’s couldn’t fuck. But can she keep her methods a secret?

Celeste Sinclair has just launched a new escort company called The Pink Triangle, using Twitter to connect with wealthy clientele who know what they want and are willing to pay a premium to get it. Sex and Money introduces the world to new reader favorite Brooke Singer, along with Sophia, Robert, and more of Autumn and all the characters that name Naughty USA so, well, naughty.

In the third episode of Lexi Maxxwell’s Naughty USA, the girls in the Pink Triangle pick up where they left off in the second episode, Sex & Money. Webs get stickier as secrets are swapped as often with fluids. Autumn, Sam, Brooke, Johnny, Celeste, Sophia, and Rick are all back, with a few new additions to Inferno Falls, including Whore #2 hopeful, Olivia.

In the fourth episode of Lexi Maxxwell’s Naughty USA, the sexy adventures that began with “Swallowing Secrets” continue, and conclude. Join Autumn, Celeste, Brooke, and Kirsty. See what naughty things they do from inside The Broadway, and how they wrap Year One with a BANG!

Lexi Readers LOVE Naughty USA! Here’s What They’re Saying:

“I couldn’t wait to find out how things between Celeste and Rick are going to be and when I finished this book I just wanted to punch Rick and scream something at him, I don’t know…it’s just…Come on! Make up your mind!. Sorry, I overreacting here. But this book is great, lots of hot sex and really funny it make me laugh out loud. Keep writing Lexi, you’re an amazing author.”

“I love Lexi’s books! I am so, so happy that she has put this collection together. One book with all of my favorites and then some! Lexi’s writing is so real to me. I can imagine myself in almost all of her stories. It’s hot for me, which makes it extremely hot for my husband!”

“Amazing collection of stories!!! Had to stop reading a few times cuz I got too hot! Your books never quit turning me on!!!”

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