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more sex in your marriage

This story is the best erotic story I think that I have ever read! It has everything from hot SEX, sci-fi elements, mystery, and did I mention cum in your pants hot ass SEX. Lexi writes in a very, very graphic manner. But that’s the way I like it. It’s like watching a great porn story, but it’s in your own head. I would give it 10 stars if I could. This is by far my favorite erotic story, and one of my favorite stories period. Awesome and great. I can’t wait to read season two!

K, Amazon Reviewer

This was a great series. I had a lot of fun reading it, and each page had me yearning for more. The cliffhangers at the end make you want to start the next one instantly. Such a good book.

T.M., Amazon Reviewer

Season One is a very erotic story. Ms. Maxxwell has an incredible imagination and weaves that into a passionate tale of intrigue and sex. The stories will add fuel to fantasies to provide a momentary escape from the crazy world where we live. Lexi’s characters are well thought out and described in a way as to be easily imagined. These stories have been my introduction to Lexi Maxxwell and will be the reason I read more of her work. I look forward to following Grayson and Hammer into Season Two and beyond, if it goes there.

Edwin R Whatley, Amazon Reviewer

cum slut

Like other stories by Lexi this one is a fine balance of plot, character, and erotic scenes. Lexi quickly immerses you in the world and gets you invested in Chloe’s journey. The science is there, the eroticism is there, the future of sex is there. I can’t wait for future stories set in this universe and can’t wait to see what is in store for Chloe and the future of sex.

Mike Nuttall, Amazon Reviewer

Lexi ties her perfect smut into the amazing universe of The Beam. You will be begging for more Chloe. She will rock and captivate you as you reach your hand under your jeans to release what Chloe has stirred in your imagination. You WILL be wanting for more.

Matt Chambers, Amazon Reviewer

The sex is amazing and imaginative, but I also appreciate that Ms. Maxxwell respects the science. For better and worse, innovations in molecular nanotechnology will have a variety of applications; so why not use the science to enhance our sexuality and pleasure? Michael Crichton offers a great take on the subject, but Lexi Maxxwell puts her nanobots to much better use.

K.L., Amazon Reviewer


“I laughed so hard while reading, I couldn’t catch my breath! My husband thought he was going to have to try CPR for the first time! Tears were coming down, but it was the BEST laugh I have had in a long time! My favorite part was when poor seth was being teased by the girl in the catholic school girl outfit describing her acts that she was going to do to her boyfriend. Too funny!! Good job!!”


“I was so excited to see an entire season of Adult Video out! It’s a fantastically written and HILARIOUS story. You have to appreciate vulgar humor, language and sex or it’s not for you. I love all those things and Lexi put them together in one of the best “adult” series I’ve ever read. I skim through a lot of erotica, not the case here. I wanted to see the misadventures Seth, Tiffany and Heather. Sure, they’re larger than life (Heather) but there’s a lot of growth between them. I wanted to high five Lexi at the end of episode four! At the same time, I’m requesting a refund from Lexi for my dry cleaning bill, to get the stains off my pants.”

Matt Chambers

“Definitely NOT mom & dad’s erotica! Raunchy comedy set in an adult video store. Lexi breaks out of the erotica genre with this stunning entry, sure to get you ‘stroking’ your funny bone!”

Dave Breen

erotica vampire novel

“Forty Two stories from Lexi Maxxwell, one of the best writers of erotica, to date. All of her series books are unbelievable hot. Every story, be it in a series or standing alone, is sure to keep your fantasies alive and you never want to leave the bedroom.”


“I love everything this author puts out! It’s always about what I want but am usually too uptight to do myself.”

Angel Girl

“There’s such a variety of stories in this collection, it’s sure to please nearly all tastes for erotica. I know I enjoyed all of it! As always happens with Lexi’s books, I read this one in one (wet) sit. It’s a big bundle, but there’s always time for sleep later!”



“Who wouldn’t love a few filthy fairy tale? Lexi writes her naughty twists on a few fairy tales that will leave even the straight lace Mother Goose blushing and wet!”


“This collection is a must buy for fans. There are 3 stories in the collection and they range from 10-17 chapters each. Not a big fairy tale fan but the scenarios and the story telling was amazing.”

J. Pot

Amazingly entertaining, and the twists are fun, sexy and hot!! It’s a sexy twist on 3 fairy tales … true, but they are great reads and if you enjoyed the stories as a kid … you will love the adult versions!!”

Fat Mama

“From beginning to end this book will make you laugh, keep your interest and make you twitch. Starts out hot and stays that way all through the book and the kinky dwarves were fabulous. The twists are great and very entertaining!! Great job!!”

Peter Stark

naughty usa

“Divorced is the story of two people starting life as not much more than idealistic children; meeting then going through the pains of growing into an adult. Lexi has been evolving in the same manner. Her growth as a writer through the first four books of the “Alphabet” Series is amazing. I can imagine the next two books (Engaged and Fate) will further reflect her transition from amazing to INCREDIBLE.”


“This book had me so emotional. I loved it from first to last page, as every book I’ve read from this author and I look forward to more.”


“I would recommend this title to a few people I know. Not exactly your mother’s book club kind of book though. :)”

Stacy Carmichael

Divorced proves it again: Lexi is one of my favorite adult writers. Her stories always draw me in. I will read everything she publishes.”


filthy dirty normal

“Although there isn’t a BDSM side to this “50 Shades”, there is a depth of characters and storyline which will hold your attention (and BRING your arousal to attention) with steamy elicit scenes. If you loved 50 Shades of Grey, you will LOVE Lexi Maxxwell’s 50 Shades cumpilation!!”

Red Hot Reader

“50 stories for less than $5? That’s a freaking steal. Less than .10 a story. Still, it wouldn’t be worth it if the writing was no good. Luckily I’ve always enjoyed Lexi Maxxwell. Her stories are fun, intriguing, well-written, well-paced and satisfying. This is the perfect way to catch up on all things Lexi that you haven’t read or try her out for the first time. AWESOME.”


I love Lexi’s books! I am SO happy she put this collection together. One book with all my favorites and then some! Lexi’s writing is so real. I can imagine myself in almost all of her stories. It’s hot for me, which makes it extremely hot for my husband!

Lisa S.


This is an important book. It has Lexi’s usual rompy scenes and style, but the story of Caitlin and Jay and the resurrection of their marriage goes well beyond. The story deals with the fantasy, but also something vital to a good relationship. It goes beyond sex and touches on communication between a couple and what that really means. This is a mature Lexi Maxxwell serving of sexual fun, but also heart, soul, and a garnish of concern for the human spirit. This is an important message. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it. Learn from it.

Athena Morgan, Amazon Reviewer

Great plot, well developed characters, and written softer, but still ‘hot and EXTREMELY bothered’ reading material … Perfect for someone just getting into erotica, or someone who reads it all the time. I highlighted lines as wisdom to take outside of the book.

A.V., Amazon Reviewer

This book is a thinker, and made me take a step back and look at my own life and the things that I have gone through. It is the best of the best that I have read to date of erotic nature. This was a fast read that kept me up till I finished it and it gave my wife and myself things to talk about for days after. Lexi, Thank You for this one … don’t stop give us more! Beyond 5 Stars!!!

J. Adams, Amazon Reviewer

xxx files

I am a huge fan of Lexi’s works. I never miss an opportunity to check out her books. I just cannot put into the words the thoughts and feelings they inspire in me. It is like I am the character she is writing about and I can experience all the feelings Autumn is.

M.S. Amazon Reviewer

If you’ve read much of Lexi, you know Autumn. Her life before writing, before her monogamous life with Sam, was crazy, but I love she & Sam together. The stories with Tucker Max are freaking hysterical!!! Those were new to me and I could not stop until I reached the end (and loved every minute!).

BioMom 3, Amazon Reviewer

This is my favorite Kindle read of 2013. Autumn is an All-American slut, compelled to make the most of her talents. Her enthusiasm is off the charts, and the writing has more giggles than anything out there. Ms. Maxxwell brings heart and soul to Autumn. We get a glimpse of her determination and valuable insights into her life philosophy. Growing up, we all learn self-limiting behaviors designed to keep us on the straight and narrow, but conforming to conventional beliefs can make us crazy. A hell of a lot more fun to read than a self-help manual, with fewer side effects anti-depressants. (Laughing and horniness have been reported).

Kelly B., Amazon Reviewer

future of sex

“MILF not only made me chuckle on occasion but also made me think about what I would do if put in the same scenario. From the angst of dealing with a teenage daughter who reminds you the mother of yourself at that age, to the routine marriage and sex, piling bills/debt, and a best friend who is your “frienemy”- all of which are things people deal with on a day to day basis in some capacity, MILF is a great, easy, and fun read for sure. I can’t wait to read more and to see what Natalie/Alexa are up to.”

Amazon 143er

“How does a MILF Wife & Mother become a Courtesan? You ask Lexi Maxxwell to write a book. Loved the way you set up Alexa right from the beginning. I love the way that you solve the financial problems in every day families with money making sex… you are amazing… I loved it and want more… BTW if you are new to Lexi’s writing you have only just begun. TY Lex … You did it again.”

Peter Stark

“Love the book. Thought the two kids were dead on to what most kids would do. In this economy, I bet there are lots of true stories like this one. Can’t wait for the next episode.”

R. VanZuiden

adult video

“This is what I call erotic and explicit! Let me warn you, if you love those sweet and innocent romance books, well this is not for you! Lexi Maxxxwell doesn’t have “XXX” in her name for nothing. The scenes are very and I mean very explicit and hardcore. This is a wicked roller coaster ride of emotion, sex (rough and sweet) and we are all along for the ride. You instantly get pulled in and Lexi doesn’t let go until you have read the last page. This is just the first of the series and I am excited to read them all! Well written, plot and sexual encounters are perfectly balanced. You couldn’t ask for more in an erotic fiction story, well done!”

Lilith Falls

“Lexi’s an artist she brings you in and doesn’t let go!!! The plot was amazing, I loved how it started with Emma and Ian. Don’t we all wish to have some one like Ian. I thought it couldn’t get any better but, Henry well sparks fly then and all I can say is WOW. The sex is amazing and the story was deliciously wicked!!!”

Nancy M.

“OMG I cannot believe how much I loved this story, it left me wanted more. It had a story line which was very well written & characters that you fall in love with and best of all, some really HOT sex!!!!!!”


dirty stories

Cheated is about the revenge Delilah needed to get her life back together after having it destroyed by the man she loved and her only friends. Revenge is not about getting even; it is about getting ahead. This is a Lexi Maxxwell book so to say the plot revolves around very explicit sex would not likely give away the story line. The reader is drawn into the story so deeply they soon are cheering Delilah on to victory. The range of emotions runs the full gamut and shows Lexi’s ability to involve the reader in this erotic tale. Outstanding.”

Edwin Whatley

“I loved this book so much more than words can describe. Definetly one of my new favorites. Lexi definetly didn’t let me down on this one. Love it!”


“A unique combination of humor & steamy hot goodness! Just the sample had me going gaga. This is a must read!”

Hippie Chickie

filthy fairy tales

“I couldn’t wait to find out how things between Celeste and Rick were going. I finished this book and wanted to punch Rick and scream something at him, I don’t know…i t’s just …Come on! Make up your mind!. This book is GREAT. Lots of hot sex and funny enough to make me laugh out loud. Keep writing Lexi, you’re an amazing author.”

P. Cena

“It was nice reading about all the characters from Lexi’s books. Lexi knows how to keep things exciting and hot.”


“This book was well written and I enjoyed reading this book so much that I would read more of your books that come out as soon as I see them on my kindle. I would recommend your books to everyone that enjoy reading these kind of books.”


“Steamy action through and through. Could not put it down. Very erotic and stimulating read for adult audiences. A MUST read.”

Debbie D.


“The variety between stories and situations is great, and I’m enjoying the mix of real world situations and unexpected twists. The right amount of humor thrown in at the right time makes it human and real, despite the fantasy aspect of the stories.”

Rick V.

“I love the stories!!! They are very hot and steamy with a great story. That’s what I love about erotica — a great short glimpse into the hot and steamy world of their characters. I’m panting in anticipation. Thank YOU for the great world and characters. If you like erotica you will LOVE this!!!!!

Gloria S.

“I love that there is character development and that the characters repeat throughout the stories, so you really get to know them. They all live in a town called Normal and we learn about what happens behind closed doors, which is super hot. You will not be disappointed; this is one you book you will want to go back and read again and again.”


Fifty Shades of Lexi

“Lexi Maxxwell has a tendency to shake up the bottle before she pops the cork, and Engaged is that kind of book. It’s pretty much wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling orgasmic insanity; so if that’s why you’re checking out the reviews, you’re welcome.

But this is also a love story, or more accurately a story about knowing yourself well enough to love wholly and completely. It begins when Richard celebrates an absolutely incredible night with the insatiable Liza by proposing marriage, and then he proposes that she take off on a venture of sexual self-discovery just to be sure that it’s what she wants.

Liza has had all kinds of relationships and sexual experiences in her past (most significantly with other sexy girls), but how well does she really know herself? Could she benefit from a few do-overs without any emotional investment in the outcome?

I love the premise, and I love stories that give me an opportunity to reimagine my own life. If you like that sort of thing, Engaged is that kind of book as well.”

Kelly Lawrence