Spur of the Moment

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Spur of the Moment


You’re preparing lunch in the kitchen, beautiful as always in your tiny shorts and slinky tank. I can feel you waiting for me so I slip behind you, brushing my lips against your neck as you scoop bright green avocado from its shell.

You kiss me back, loving me with your eyes as I taste avocado at the tip of my tongue, touching it to yours.

You smile, licking green from my thumb, then a speck from my lips.

You return to your slicing, still licking your fingers and letting me lick yours before tasting my mouth. Finally, you lay the knife on the table and turn your full attention to me, pressing your body to mine as I push my fingers hard between your legs.

You giggle, then turn your back to me, gently pushing your ass into my hardening middle.

I unbutton your shorts, then slide the denim down to your ankles.

My cock twitches as I see you’re wearing nothing underneath — except for a single neat line running from pussy to pelvis, thin and inviting, begging for my fingers, my mouth, my dick — all the attention I can possibly give it.

I hook my fingers under your tank and lift, so I can lightly paw your breasts before slipping my hands under your ass and scooping you up to the periwinkle-and-white-tiled countertop.

You smile like you want me, then plant your lips to mine and wrap your naked legs around me.

I brush my fingers against your skin, already sweating and starving to have you.

You lift your arms, inviting me to peel the top from your body. I drop it to the floor, then, fully naked, you lean toward the counter top, nudging your left nipple up into my hungry mouth. I brush it with a kiss, then sink between your parted legs and bury my face in your pussy.

You look down, eager to have me as you push my head deeper into your already aroused and sticky middle.

You throw your head back, already moaning as your skin beads with an early sheen of sweat. You stare down at me, still smiling, and now moaning louder as I lap at your middle, darting my tongue deep into your folds, flicking faster and making you wetter — sucking your clit tightly between my lips and lightly tugging.

“OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH,” you repeatedly moan while patting the back of my head.

I stand to kiss you, and our tongues start to dance with their usual tango.

It isn’t enough, so I splay a pair of fingers from my spreading palm, then slip them into your preheated oven. You gasp, then whimper, and follow with a moan. I lightly grunt, then thrust my digits inside you, faster and faster, pretending they’re my cock as your hand alternates between brushing my dick beneath my painter’s pants and circling my wrist to push my fingers deeper.

With your left hand holding you steady on the counter, your right wraps around my neck, slithering around to draw me toward you. One foot dangles from the counter while the other is planted flat on the top, making it easier for me to push my face into yours.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” you continue to moan.

Your mouth is open, parted in want and craving, exclamatory moans falling out from inside, one after the other as our tongues continue their dance.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.”

I stop moving my fingers in and out so I can palm your pussy instead, only for a minute before I return to pawing your body.

You grind your cunt against my middle, then smile like a siren, silently begging for more. You hop from the counter.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.”

My smile matches yours as you move the knife from the counter. I move the flowers, and we meet in a kiss.

You fall backwards onto the table, kissing me as you unbuckle my belt and tug at my pants. You leave me to finish undressing myself, then set your mouth back to mine, sucking on my bottom lip as if drawing nectar from fruit.

With my pants in a puddle you start slowly stroking my cock, back and forth and up and down until you scoot back on the counter and raise your right leg up onto my left shoulder.

I gently grab your thigh with my left hand, position my cock against your hungry hole with my right, and hold myself at the base, teasing you with my tip, inserting only a nudge at a time, in and out, then in and out as you whimper, telling me with your moans and eyes and all of your body that you want everything I can give you.

Still holding your left thigh, with your leg hoisted high on my shoulder, you plant your left heel behind my leg.

I grab you by the ankle so I can fuck you faster.

The table rocks beneath us, lightly scraping the floor as your moans increase in both volume and intensity. I fondle your tits as you watch me fuck you, before tilting your head to stare in my eyes.

I lean in to kiss you. Your mouth meets mine, and the bend of your body plunges my cock deeper to the hilt.

You whimper and squeal and chew on my lip.

The smacking sound of our kisses turns me on, as does the neat line of hair above your clit, and staring at my cock as it slams inside your juicy hole.

Your head falls back, your chin points to the ceiling, and your hair brushes the table. Your right hand falls to your clit, where you meet the rhythm of my thrusts, making tiny circles with your three middle fingers.

Your moans seem to beg for my mouth so I surrender it to you, pushing my body harder against yours, driving into you so deep that withholding screams is impossible.

The screams fall from your mouth, but you keep them tiny.

I lightly grunt as you pant, wanting more of you, but fighting the urge to fuck you harder and faster, preferring to elongate the moment for both of us.

When your moaning turns to screams, no longer tiny and punctuated by a series of hissing yeses, and your pussy clenches my cock as if ready to milk it, you smile at me, the widest of the morning so far, then pull your pussy away from my dick, scramble to your knees, then attack my face with your lips before moving like an animal on all fours and taking the all of my cock into the warm of your mouth.

“Mmmmm … ” you moan as you slurp on my tip. I close my eyes and imagine you, just as you are but with stars and sky and forever around us. In my mind I see you from behind, your ass high in the air, showing me both of your beautiful holes.

You bob up and down, cupping my balls in your palm.

I put my hand on the back of your head, gently pushing you down so I can fuck your mouth harder. I thrust for a minute, until you part from my cock, leaving with a few teasing strokes, before crawling back up on the counter to surrender your ass.

Your knees are flat on the table, and ass just above your heels. Your body is nearly flat, as if lowered in prayer, which in a way you are.

With one of my hands on each of your cheeks, I part them like curtains and enter your cunt from behind. Your sigh is so deep I’m unsure if there’s a bottom.

You rock your ass back and forth on my cock, faster and faster, fucking for both of us, and showing me you’re lost in desire by the length of your moan and the sound of your scream. Your tits sway above the table, and I can no longer help myself.

I have to go faster and do, plowing into you fast — and hard enough — to cum.

Your oh yeahs are piling to many a minute as your fingers curl into the tabletop to steady yourself, even though there’s no need — not with me holding you by the waist on either side, just hard enough to let me thrust as hard as I want, and shoot moans from your mouth like lighting from the sky.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah, MMMMM … ”

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah, MMMMM … ”

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah, MMMMM … ”

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah, MMMMM … ”

I’m ready to cum, but can tell you don’t want me to.

I’d rather be your slave than anything on earth, so I don’t resist when again you pull your pussy away, then scoot back on the counter and turn your body to face me, nipples pointing and begging for my fingers.

I crawl up on the table, scooting behind you to give you what I know we both want. I can smell it on you like sweat as my right hand carpets your breast.

You plant your right foot on my knee, then curl your fingers around the base of my cock and start stroking it up and down the soaking wet lines of your flared opening, before moving it back to your tiniest hole. You tease yourself for a moment, mouth parted in pleasure as you slip my dick into your ass.

I wrap my arms around your waist as I thrust in and out of your tiniest hole. You turn your head to meet my mouth, kissing me hard as I fuck your ass. Your whimpers give me fuel.

I grab your waist harder to steady my thrusts. Your cries intensify and climb toward crescendo.

Control turns to whisper as I clutch your left tit and throw my body hard against yours, pushing myself deeper into your asshole as you fill the kitchen with cries of pleasure. My balls are tight and swollen. I know I don’t have long.

I slow my thrusts, sliding slowly in and out of your ass, until I finally pop all the way out. You smile at me as we shift positions for what will probably be the final time. I can’t take much more and now, finally, neither can you.

I love your smile, and treat each one as the treasure it is.

You give me one more, telling me without words that there’s nothing you love more than this spur of the moment between us, then return to your worship, lifting your ass as I stand behind it again, positioning the tip of my dick against the soaking wet line of your pussy as I rest my left palm on the flat of your back.

I tease you for seconds, then slip inside you, fucking your asshole again. The table starts scraping harder against the floor as you clutch it hard with your fingers, afraid you might fall.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” you moan; heavy, deep and heaving.

I love your ass, so tight, wrapping my cock like a vice.

Your tiny screams are now stretching wider, and so loud I can no longer think.

Your body’s bent low, nearly flat against the table, layered like lasagna: legs, knees, thighs, and torso. My hands are on your back.

Still clutching the table tightly with one hand, you slip the other between your legs, back toward where my dick is filling your asshole with rapture.

You furiously stroke your clit.

Whimpers and screams collide into one; a wall of pleasure pours from your mouth, so much that you can no longer keep your hands in your pussy.

I feel that final shudder and know I’m near blasting. You feel it, too.

As much as I want to fill your asshole with cum, I know you want to see our reward as it shoots from my tip.

I pull out and you reach behind, curling your fingers around the top of my cock then milking a long series of squirts across your overheated skin, spattering your body, up to your tits, down along the sides to your thighs, and, of course, all over your ass, leaking from the crack, down your cheeks and slathered across your perfectly puffy, pink pussy.

I kiss your arm, and you squeal, happy and out of breath, probably already thinking about the next time we’ll lose ourselves to the spur of the moment.

the end.

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