Kirsty Poole: Swallowing Secrets

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Naughty USA“Morning, Abby,” Kirsty said, greeting her secretary as she opened the office door.

Kirsty saw the new guy, Gerald, sitting in a chair by her desk, his mouth an O of perfect shock. Gerald was the stranger she met in the Escalade, the stranger whose cock she swallowed, whose cum had coated her throat — the stranger she hadn’t stopped thinking about for more than a few minutes at a time since he rattled and blasted in her mouth, and all over her face the previous Friday.

“This is Gerald,” Abby said. “He’s been waiting to meet you.”

“I believe we’ve met,” she said, face red.

“Gerald was just telling me he’s leased a one-bedroom in the Nakagachi. Six blocks away for six months.” Abby handed Kirsty a cup of coffee, black.

“I’ve heard the Nakagachi is gorgeous,” Kirsty said. And it was. All steel and glass, and dark wood. Like his Escalade.

“It is,” Gerald stood to greet her and held out his hand. “It’s good to see you again.”

Kirsty was speechless. Abby said, “Where do you two know each other?”

Gerald answered and Kirsty wanted to fuck him for it.

God bless that man. 

“Kirsty was kind enough to meet me after preparing last Friday. I had just checked into the Nakagachi, and wanted to go for a drive and see the new office. We bumped into one another down by the gargoyles.” Gerald turned to Kirsty and smiled. “She made me feel instantly welcome.”

“Ah,” Abby said. “Kirsty is like that. I’ve worked here six years now. She’s wonderful. Truly, nicest boss I’ve ever had. You’re going to love working with her. I guarantee it will be worth the move.”

Kirsty was grateful Abby was giving her a reason for the blush on her face.

Gerald said, “I have a feeling you’re right,” then gave Kirsty another wide smile, impish enough to make her wet.

“Thank you both,” Kirsty said, still blushing, both on her face and in her panties. “Those are kind things to say. If you’ll excuse me, I need a few minutes to get settled, and tend to an urgent, unexpected email emergency. Sorry, just a few minutes before we get started. Abby, please gather the Ackerman and McKinley folders, plus the zip drive, then meet me with Gerald in the Conference Room. Fifteen minutes.” She turned to the man who filled her mouth while still a stranger. “Gerald, it’s good to see you again.”

The wide smile was still fixed to Gerald’s face. Sincere, warm, inviting. Grateful.

Kirsty was still wet, and getting wetter.

She went to her desk, sat, then waited for Abby and Gerald to leave. Once they were both out the door, she opened Skype and clicked on the icon with Celeste’s face. Celeste picked up her cell on the third ring.

“Hey K, I hate it when you call me on Skype. It just shows a bunch of numbers, and I think it’s some bullshitter who’s gonna take my time trying to bullshit me. I don’t like it. Use your cell like everyone else in the world.”

“Fine,” Kirsty said, pacing. “But I need you to listen and don’t have long. I’m in a rare moment of weakness and want your advice.”

“Sure,” Celeste said, obviously curious. “What’s up?”

“You know that shit you’re always trying to get me to do?”


“No, Celeste. And I told you, edibles are fine. I just don’t want to smoke it.”

“Swallowing cock with random strangers?”


“Really?” Celeste laughed. Because I was totally kidding. So what does this mean, did you pull a shift at some glory hole over in Edison Park?”

“I’m not you,” Kirsty said, knowing Celeste would take it as a compliment. “But I did something pretty bad, or good according to you. It happened last Friday.”

“And you didn’t tell me? You bitch. Not telling me is way naughtier then whatever cock swallowing is making you feel all blushy.”

“I would’ve told you, but we haven’t seen each other. Now it’s an emergency.”

Celeste gasped. “You got caught?”

“Not exactly.” Kirsty leaned closer to the monitor and started her story. “Last Friday, dumbfuck Damon was supposed to pick me up at 8:30, but didn’t. Left me waiting — shocking, I know. So I called for a town car and an Escalade showed up like 10 minutes later. I figured they sent the SUV since I called last minute. But it wasn’t the car company, it was a guy who wanted a hummer.”

“No way!” Celeste was laughing hysterically. “That’s a scene in a porno. You got in?”

“I was already in the Escalade when I realized what was happening,” she said, then added, “Please stop laughing,” when Celeste couldn’t, or wouldn’t stop cackling.

“So you did it?”

“Hell yeah I did it,” Kirsty said, surprised by the width of her smile, and the volume of soak between her legs. Remember Mikey McFoxyFox from Sigma Chi.”

“Of course.”

“This guy was like that. Totally my type. I haven’t been hotter in years.”

“Oh my. You didn’t tell Damon, did you?”

“Hell no. Made him fuck me like a sailor all weekend, though. Things were actually great.”

“So what’s the problem? You swallowed some guy’s throat yogurt and had killer sex with your boyfriend all weekend. You sound like one lucky bitch to me. Why are you bothering me while Rick is in the shower? I could be thinking about what Johnny’s gonna do to me 96 minutes from right now.”

“There’s a new guy at the firm, Gerald. He has a six-month contract. There’s talk of offering him partner if he lives up to his promise. His resume’s amazing. On paper, the real deal. We’re lucky to have him. He and I will be working side by side when he’s not working with Jay, so I had to stay late on Friday to prepare. Gerald is staying at the Nakagachi, and went for a drive to check out the office…”

Celeste gasped. “No shit. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”


“Wow,” Celeste started laughing hysterically again. “This just went from porno to sitcom. Holy shit, Celeste! I can’t ever get you to do anything risky, now you’re blowing your new partner in the back of the Escalade! Just. Wow. I love you. You’re like my favorite person ever right now.”

Celeste laughed again, said, “Have you blown him yet today?” then laughed again.

“You’re not helping.”

“Oh fuck you, Kirsty. That’s why you called me. To make you feel good about it, so don’t give me that best of times worst of times bullshit. You want my advice? Enjoy it, but make the rules clear from the beginning. Seed is seed. I love every drop, you know I do, but don’t let it ruin your life. Protect yourself and your environment. If you think you can do this, you should. Use it to make your life with Damon better. I know you think that’s bullshit rationale on my part, but I’m telling you, it works. You’re gonna get off in ways you won’t with Damon, take it home and make him a happier man because of it. If you and Damon get married, fine, deadbolt your fur box and be done with it. Right now, enjoy Mikey McFoxyFox 2.0, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your life or work.”

alone with naughty thoughts“Not sure I can do that,” Kirsty said. “I thought about him all weekend. Every time I was naked.”

“Of course you’re not sure, that’s why you called me. But it is what you hoped I’d say.” Kirsty thought Celeste had hung up, since that was a spot where she usually would, but after a second of silence she added, “I’ve been giving my baby sister some killer blowjob lessons. If you want in, just let me know. I’ll show you how to give Gerald the face.”

“I know how to give the face,” Kirsty said, then hung up.

Kirsty closed the door to her office, hating the glass wall but grateful for it anyway. If her office walls weren’t see-through, her fingers would be beneath her panty elastic already. Kirsty thought about slipping across the hallway and into the bathroom, but didn’t want to draw unneeded attention.

Might as well get to the Conference Room and get shit over with.

Kirsty stepped into the Conference Room. Gerald caught her eyes and put a smile on his face that didn’t leave for the entire meeting.

Gerald was one of those guys who made everything seem easy. The McKinley and Ackerman accounts, the same folders she’d spent an entire week and into Friday night preparing, were neatly summarized by Gerald in a few sentences.

No matter where discussion drifted, he had the perfect insight to add. If he didn’t, Gerald stayed silent. Every exchange was professional, though he managed to slip in the occasional double entendre only the two of them could possibly understand; comments so subtle Kirsty wasn’t sure how many flew over her head before she finally realized what Gerald was doing.

When he said, “It looks like you’ve had to swallow a lot before I got here. I’ll be happy to help you with the load as much as I can,” the most over the top comment by far, though said in a voice so even it invited no attention, Kirsty felt a flush between her legs deep enough to make her wish Abby wasn’t in the room.

Kirsty kept replaying the conversation with Celeste in her head.

Enjoy it, but make the rules clear. Protect yourself and your environment. If you think you can do this, you should. Use it to make your life with Damon better. You and Damon get married, fine, deadbolt your fur box and be done with it. Right now, enjoy Mikey McFoxyFox 2.0, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your life or work.

Every time she looked up, Gerald was smiling. Every time Gerald smiled, Kirsty remembered: the Escalade, his scent, the shadow of his stubble, the feel of his cock throbbing in her mouth, her crushing, unfulfilled need to have him fuck her from behind; the explosion that filled her mouth, covered her face, and occupied most every inch of her mental real estate through the weekend, even when Damon had been giving her every one of his eight inches, with everything he had.

Kirsty had worked at Miller & Hodge for years, and not once had she ever thought about masturbating at the office. Four days earlier and the thought would have horrified her. Now she was counting minutes until she could get to the restroom without drawing attention.

The morning meeting ended 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and Kirsty would have spent it in the bathroom, but she ended up on an emergency call to Maryland with Insight, one of the firm’s biggest clients. By the time she was off the phone it was time for lunch. Gerald was meeting her, along with several partners and associates, for a welcome lunch at Petit Louis, the restaurant they always took recruits when they wanted to show off. With Petit Louis’s raw seafood bar, Miller & Hodge clearly wanted to show off for Gerald.

There must be something they loved about him, too.

Kirsty sat as far from Gerald as she could without being rude. He continued to slip private, clever double entendre into the conversation whenever possible. Kirsty couldn’t stop thinking of the previous Friday, which kept her pussy soft and full and wet. She would have abstained from alcohol, but always drank at the firm’s social lunches and didn’t care to invite inquiry. Once she had one, the second and third came easy. She should have stopped at two, especially when every drop made her think about the drips she’d rather have dribbling down her chin.

female masturbationBy the time everyone was readying themselves for the two block walk back to the office, Kirsty decided it was time to tell Damon what had happened the Friday before. She was confident enough in their relationship to know they’d move past it, especially if they were meant to be. The worst thing she could do would be hide it from Damon, or follow Celeste’s advice and end up down the same rabbit hole of unhappiness and deception her friend had fallen down several years before.

Maybe Damon would see it as the wake up call it was, maybe it would be good for their relationship. Like the time she walked in on Damon buttering his own corn while watching a big titted brunette get fucked in the ass, even though he’d never asked her if she was willing to do it before. Seeing her standing at the door, sent him over the edge, sending cum in an spray across the bed. Kirsty smiled, excused herself, and returned with a warm washcloth a minute later. Then, later that night, she offered her freshly lubed ass for Damon to do whatever he wanted with.

It was some of their best sex ever, and now a semi-regular treat, for both of them.

They had always been reasonably open with one another when it came to sex, and it was a trust that had increased over the years. Which was why she was so upset with Damon for not leveling with her lately. Maybe if she told him about Gerald, Kirsty could find out what he wasn’t telling her.

It was difficult to know the right thing to do, or concentrate with the screaming in her snatch.

Kirsty was mostly quiet on the return walk, as well as back in the Conference Room while she and Gerald finished the final half of the McKinley Ackerman transition. Once Abby left, and it was only the two of them remaining, Kirsty saw the growing bulge in Gerald’s black slacks and knew she had to leave soon.

He smiled.

She remembered; the car, his cock, a mouthful of cum.

“You’ve got this then?” Kirsty said.

“Sure thing,” Gerald nodded. “How about I gather everything, then make a list of questions with anything I’m still confused about. Sound good?”

“Sounds great. See you in an hour.”

Kirsty’s hand was on the glass of the Conference Room door when Gerald said, “It’s great to be here, really. Thanks again.”

There was nothing sinister or assuming in his smile, and though Kirsty could tell by everything from the bulge in his slacks to the scent on his neck she’d been standing close enough to smell that he would love nothing more than for Kirsty to drop to her knees so he could throat fuck her to a hot white euphoria, even if Abby and everyone else was lined outside the glass ready to watch, his smile was mostly gratitude.

“My pleasure,” Kirsty said.

“I hope so,” he replied, soft enough to make Kirsty wonder if he’d really said it.

Kirsty’s phone vibrated on her way to the bathroom. A text from Celeste: Remember to say thank you! Lol. She opened the bathroom door to a second buzz: P.S. How much did you charge?

She entered the bathroom, overjoyed to find it empty, then slipped into the first stall, sat on the toilet, and swung the door shut. She hiked her skirt up past her knees, then pulled her cream colored panties down to her ankles, spread her legs, splaying them in a V with one foot on each side of the stall.

Kirsty used her right hand to tease her sopping clit with small, circular motions, as her other slipped under her sweater and bra to caress the nipple of her left breast.

She pumped her two middle fingers in and out, pulling them topside every few seconds to rub at her clit, before plunging back into her depths, slightly deeper each time until her two fingers were grazing the wall of her G-Spot.

Kirsty’s right hand was a whir of motion as she lifted her ass from the seat to give her fingers room to penetrate deeper. She whimpered, imagining Gerald’s cock inside her hungry mouth.

A deep moan of runaway pleasure escaped his lips, pushing Kirsty past coherent thought. She tightened her lips and lowered her mouth as far as it would go, tickling the back of her throat with Gerald’s throbbing. Her tongue danced the length of his shaft and he pulled out, painting her face in a splatter. Kirsty leaned into his lap and licked every drop of the warm cum from Gerald’s still throbbing cock. 

Kirsty’s pussy made a slippery sound as she rubbed it up and down, and down and up. She wanted to scream but couldn’t, wanted to stop but that would have been impossible. The taste of copper soured her mouth as she bit her lip to keep from screaming, bucking against the four fingers and palm’s worth of pressure grinding against her clit.
The first wave started below her calves, then raced toward her center as it washed through her body, flooding the restroom with the sudden scent of sex.

Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm… Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm…

Kirsty cried as though being pounded, her hand moving furiously along the length of her lips, pushing hard at the top of her throbbing clit.

office hunkShe managed to throttle most of her scream, but some of it was still bouncing through the bathroom. She hoped to whoever was up in Heaven, if there was anyone at all, that no on had entered the restroom. If they had, Kirsty was too lost to know.

She left her stall, relieved to find the restroom empty. She washed her hands, then headed toward the Conference Room and a waiting Gerald. She’d taken care of herself. All she had to do now was make it through the next couple of hours, then she could get home to Damon and tell him everything.

Gerald wasn’t in the conference room. The McKinley and Ackerman accounts sat in two neat piles with a post-it note on top that said: Went to my office!

Kirsty left the Conference Room and headed toward what was Bill Strepp’s office just two weeks before. She opened the door without knocking and saw Gerald sitting at his desk.

Unlike the last time, when his words were labored behind heavy breath, Gerald spoke evenly when he smiled and said, “I need you to suck me off now. How much will that cost?”

Kirsty was quite sure that like the last time, Gerald’s cock was throbbing.


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