The World’s Smuttiest Soap

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Naughty USA OptimizedI wasn’t exactly sure what Naughty USA was when I first started writing. It was very late 2011, and the only thing I knew for sure was that I really wanted to start writing fiction (somewhere other than from behind my locked bedroom door).

Like every time I get an itch, I’ll do anything to scratch it.

I was writing a lot of marketing copy at the time, and while I did enjoy it, it’s not the same as writing stories that people can’t stop reading. I love telling dirty stories in real life, and love the reactions I earn as they fall from my mouth. Considering the market’s size, erotica was my most logical genre.

Despite reading erotica, I’d never tried to write anything for others to read (not even anonymously on sites like Literotica) and had no idea what I was doing. The first story I  wrote was “Swallowing Secrets,” before it was “Naughty USA.”

That story was supposed to stand alone. Clearly, it didn’t.

I ended up writing a few more stories back-to-back-to-back. I finished with a half-dozen tales, all orbiting my own tiny universe. I loved these characters, and their nasty little lives, so I wrote another half-dozen stories to finish what was by then called “The Swallowing Secrets” series.

Then, because the characters were already breathing with a life of their own, I started with Sex & Money — a direct continuation of their world, adding several new characters to my dirty little soap.

I loved writing these, and by the time I finished Sex & Money, I had a favorite character — Autumn Cole — and wanted to write stories with just her. So I started the Talking Dirty series. These were written in first person, which was a ton of fun since Autumn is the character who I write as a sort of stand-in for me.

I finished Talking Dirty and got SUPER busy.

I couldn’t exactly quit my day job. Lexi sales were still mostly nonexistent, yet I truly believed in my ability to build an audience, and really loved the characters and worlds I was building. But as much I longed to keep going, the hard part of writing in the same world and around a rotating set of character (as with Swallowing Secrets, Sex & Money, or any soap in the world), is that you must effectively track  all your characters’ behavior, or else risk doing a grave disservice to your readers.

Tracking the characters and writing their arcs was a ton of fun, but extremely time-consuming, especially considering I had thousands of words worth of paid copy to juggle each week.

After Talking Dirty, I had to let my characters go for a while so I could start writing what I referred to as “single serving fantasies.” These are the Random Encounters, Sex in Public, Holidays, Pop My Cherry, etc. — many, many titles that I’ve since stripped from the market.

Guy or girl walks into a coffee shop. Sees a hot guy or girl.

They fuck.

Spew, wipe, repeat.

As much as I like reading and writing this sort of story, it wasn’t long before I started starving for something more creative. I managed to squeeze in the first season of XXX Files in late spring of 2012, but still my earliest characters spent an awful lot of time nagging me, begging for more of my time.

I wanted to write them again, but found it hard to justify the time. My smutty soap never really sold all that well, and I had to stick with what I knew was working.

Around summer I started getting a lot of email from married women (and a few men) telling me how much Lexi’s stories were helping them with their marriage and confidence. The way they were seeing themselves, and understanding their feelings, caught me by surprise.

Those emails meant the world to me and I started to really want to write something for them. At the same time, and because I can never seem to focus on only one thing, I started watching a ton of True Blood. And that made me want to write a super sexy vampire story.

Again, the characters from Swallowing Secrets and Sex & Money took a backseat. I finished Bitten, my vampire novel (which I later slotted into the ABC series), then Anticipation. Finally, the year ended with me determined to leave my marketing job and try my hand at writing fiction full-time.

I promised myself that on Lexi’s one year anniversary of publishing Swallowing Secrets, I would finally follow it up. So I bookended the original 24 stories with another two-dozen, changed the title to “Naughty USA: Year One” with Swallowing Secrets and Sex & Money being the first two chapters in a four chapter series.

If Naughty USA: Year One does well (especially in reviews) there will absolutely be a Year Two.

I really, really love the result. I hope you do too. I’m super proud of these stories, and how well everything finished off and came together. Not  surprisingly, I fell in love with these characters even harder the second time around, and have so many places I can’t wait to take them.

I really hope you love my work, and will review it if you do. I write for my readers, which means I choose what to write next based on audience feedback. If you enjoyed Naughty and want to read more, your review WILL matter.

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Naughty USA #6 — Gerald Hill: Like a Redwood Falling
Naughty USA #7 — Celeste Sinclair: Her Body Still Shaking
Naughty USA #8 — Rick Sinclair: The Dirty Girl Behind the White
Naughty USA #9 — Johnny Martin: Cougars And Cum Catchers
Naughty USA #10 — Rick Sinclair: Birth of the Pink Triangle
Naughty USA #11 — Autumn Cole: Wet Enough to Smell in the Dark
Naughty USA #12 — Kirsty Poole: To Spit or Swallow The Truth

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