Lexi Maxxwell Writes Smart, Unapologetic Erotica (Smut For Smart People).

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The Tucker Fucker is Cumming

The hilarious adventures of Autumn trying to write a story about a girl who’s writing a story about fucking Tucker Max

Autumn Cole is Lexi’s favorite cum slut, and her most popular. Cum with her as she tries to convince Tucker Max to let her write a story about him, WITHOUT having sex with him. (Believe it, dear reader).

Lexi Readers LOVE I Fucked Tucker Max!

“You may have seen Autumn if you have read Lexi Maxxwell before, she is a super crazy woman trying to make a living writing erotica. Her life before writing, before her (mostly) monogamous life with Sam was crazy to say the least. Love Autumn & Sam together. The stories that involve Tucker Max are freaking hysterical!!! Those were new to me and I could not stop until I reached the end, and I loved every minute.

“Autumn is this super-hot girlfriend of the year who makes her living writing porn under the pen-name Lexi Maxxwell. This is a Lexi story about Autumn who is writing a story as Lexi about Tucker. It’s like those Russian nesting dolls at grandma’s, only with sticky sex in every chapter. Since Autumn came up with the title before she met Tucker, she’s at her resourceful best to make it work. Fortunately, she’s skilled at persuading guys to help, and of course her girlfriends are always down. Tucker gets spot-on treatment, and even received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review (about two-thirds of the way through). The pseudo-autobiographical Autumn and her understanding boyfriend, Sam get better with every adventure. IFTM is absurdly funny and incredibly hot, usually at once. I anticipate nodding approval from crossover Tucker readers, and multiple delights from devoted Lexi fans.”

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