Autumn Cole: Wet Enough to Smell in the Dark

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Naughty USA OptimizedI fucking hate myself, Autumn thought, even though she didn’t.

Most people probably assumed Autumn had rooms piled high with trophies due to her buoyant self-perspective. So it wasn’t so much that she hated herself as she hated what she was doing and where she was going at this particular place and time.

Autumn was on her way to Johnny’s, to get him hard, then suck his dick until he came in her mouth, or on her face, tits, tummy or hair, or wherever the fuck he wanted, as long as when she was finished he finally admitted that she was better than Celeste.

And that, by nature, was bullshit.

Why she even cared, Autumn didn’t quite know. She could usually figure her reasoning, even when faulty, but this was so shallow it made her embarrassed to be alive. So what if Johnny thought her sister was better at sucking cock. She probably was.

Lord knows, she had the experience. But what a waste of time trying to compete. Wasn’t she too old to still be going toe-to-toe with Celeste, especially over stupid shit like this? And even if she was going to compete, was this really something she needed to be better at?

Johnny had said as much, back when he was trying to wiggle away from a free mouthfuck like an idiot.

Celeste was one of the world’s few legitimate cum buckets, why would Autumn want to compete with that? Especially considering how amazing things were with Sam. It was like winning a porn award for cock sucking. Yeah, you were honored, but it wasn’t as though you were winning an Oscar!

Sam was a dream come true, a gentleman in every way. They’d been dating for a little over month, taking things slow enough to make them last. Things were going great, no doubt the best relationship Autumn had ever had. Yet she was one highway exit away from fucking it up, just as she had been three times before.

Autumn put on her blinker, pulled to the right, took the exit toward Johnny’s, then hated herself a little bit more.

Sam seemed like he might be slightly suspicious, which made Autumn feel like dying inside, though the cancer wasn’t black enough for her to stop, at least not yet. Getting caught would ruin everything, and possibly the best thing that had ever happened to her. She had to keep asking herself WHY? It wasn’t just the competition she couldn’t help but have with Celeste. It couldn’t be. There had to be something more, too.

Autumn liked Johnny’s aggression. Something about him smelled different from Sam. He treated her mouth like a faceless fuck hole, Sam treated it like a temple. But what the fuck did that say about her that she’d prefer her face to be some cum painter’s canvas than to be worshiped by a truly nice guy like Sam?

Sam loved getting head, and Autumn clearly loved to give it it. But when his dick was filling her mouth, he always acted a little too grateful. Autumn liked being appreciated, but didn’t need the TLC to hold its hand. Which was probably why she loved gobbling Johnny as much as she did.

When Johnny fucked her mouth, Johnny really fucked her mouth. It may as well have been the wettest, deepest pussy on a sopping wet career girl. He didn’t stop and she didn’t matter. She may as well have been on the other side of a glory hole. There was something so carnal in the way Johnny moved his body, as though he owed her nothing and she existed only to swallow his yogurt. Of course it was only like that while he was fucking her mouth. Before and after, he too was a perfect gentleman. She’d known Johnny nearly a couple years, but had only known that side of him for two weeks. She had to admit, she loved it. And thought of it often.

Some women may have found it degrading, being so subservient to a man. Autumn didn’t. It was pure gratification. Sure, he was taking what he needed, but that need was filled by her. And it wasn’t like she lay there and took it. It wasn’t mouth rape. She met him thrust for thrust, hungry drool spilling from both sides of her mouth. He treated her mouth like a cunt; so did she.

Thinking about swallowing Sam’s did made her wet, she’d fingered herself to a sopping yummy several times while thinking about it. But she had feelings to anchor the images. With Johnny, it wasn’t a feeling at all. She pictured lapping him up and down, twisting the tip of his dick, then deep throating his pole until a cream eruption coated her throat. Plus, if she were digging down to the nasty, she didn’t care for the taste of Sam’s load, which was a bit too acidic. Johnny’s may as well have been a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s.

Tasted Like Ice CreamAutumn would have to work on Sam’s diet.

There is something seriously wrong with me. 

Ever since that night when she’d given Sam everything she had without asking for anything in return, their relationship bloomed into truly amazing, everything she’d been dreaming of. Except it was founded on lies, and she had the nagging suspicion that Sam was on to her. Normally intuitive, Autumn had no idea whether it was Sam’s instincts tingling, or false readings interpreted through guilt.

Autumn made a right on Cordova, three blocks from Johnny’s, deepening her self-hate more with every mile, embarrassed by her aggression, first with the sexting, which could be used as proof against her, and then with the email.

Those girls are all amateurs. I’ll get your cock hard enough to hammer nails, then soften it to liquid with a cockjob you’ll think about with every step you take for the next six weeks. And you can shoot your spunk wherever you like. My mouth and face are fine, but I’m sure your imagination is better than mine.

Autumn loved writing shit like that. Loved imagining the swell of a guy’s cock as he read her words. The want she stoked inside them belonged to her.

But it was a dangerous game to play, and she’d been playing too long.

This would be the final time.

Autumn would have turned back right then, if it wasn’t already too late. The only thing Autumn hated more than celibacy was wasting her time. Plus, driving back home just a few blocks from Johnny’s would leave her with a bottomless ache her fingers would have a hard time filling. She’d let her digits dance, but only after she had Johnny’s cock, and delicious load, lingering in her memory.

Autumn pulled into an empty spot under the overhang, grabbed her purse and stepped from the car, then climbed the apartment stairs. She didn’t even ring the doorbell.

Johnny swung the door open with a smile. “Hey there,” he said.

Autumn was surprised. For all Johnny’s resistance, he was certainly spry.

“Hey,” she said, then turned her voice to a purr. “Happy to see me?”

“Don’t I look happy?” Johnny pulled his cock from his pants and started stroking it.

“Wow,” she giggled. “Looks like you’re finally coming around. Does that mean you’re ready to cum on my face?”

“I cancelled plans tonight because I’m sure you give the best fucking blowjob in the city, and right now you’re about to take the blue ribbon.”

He sure knew how to get a girl wet.

Autumn closed the door, dropped to her knees, then took his shaft in hand, a foot from the doorway. “Not here,” Johnny said, pulling himself from her palm. “Over there.” He pointed toward the couch.

Autumn followed Johnny, then grabbed his shaft, more aggressively than the first time, and dropped to her knees again. She knew her mouth would be filled for a few minutes, so she got her opening line out of the way.

“I want this to be extra great for you, so while I’m sliming your cock with my hot wet mouthcunt, you should probably think about something that will give me a bigger load, like maybe that babysitter you always wanted to fuck. And if you never had a sweet 16 year old babysitter with a tiny pink pussy, I used to be one myself, so you can use this.”

With the hand not on Johnny’s cock, Autumn pulled a paper from her back pocket, and unfolded a picture that looked like it had been printed on her computer. It was of her when she was sixteen or so. She was wearing a pink and black striped shirt, her hair pulled into two neat pigtails. She looked too young to be wearing the suggestive look the camera clearly captured. But youth and innocence were entirely different, and Autumn had lost her innocence long before her youth.

Johnny looked at the picture. A moan escaped his lips, and his cock twitched on its own. Autumn pulled a second paper from her pocket; a more recent picture. She was wearing the same pink and black shirt, but it was lifted so that the bottom was resting just above her pert tits and pink nipples.

“The first picture doesn’t show you where you can cum if you wanna,” she said, pointing to the second photo. Johnny’s cock twitched again. Without another word, she swallowed it whole.

Her tongue slithered around his shaft, wrapping around his head, then sliding up and down his entire length. Johnny seemed even bigger than usual, so Autumn started pumping him at the base as she flicked the tip of his dick with her tongue. He was already moaning, moving too fast, and trying to assume control of the cock swallow. He may have thought following his own rhythm would give him a better blowjob, but that was bullshit, and Autumn wasn’t about to let it happen.

She hadn’t been bobbing long and Johnny already seemed at the edge of a blowout, so Autumn plopped his cock from her mouth, then rose to her feet and wrapped her right hand around his throbber.

Johnny whimpered and Autumn smiled.

She released his dick, then took a step back and started slowly swaying her hips back and forth, peeling clothes from her body, starting with her shirt, then moving to her denim shorts. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. She left her pink socks on.

Cum“Won’t it be so much easier to get your cum all over me now?”

Autumn giggled as her right hand snaked between her breasts, massaging flesh and twisting nipples, as her left hand covered her mound. She started moaning and giggling and shaking her body.

“I’m not going to put you back in my mouthcunt until you beg,” she said. “But I promise, as soon as you do, I’m going to mouthfuck you so fast, I won’t even have time to get my fingers inside me before you’re painting my throat with a quart of your cum.”

She leaned closer and wrapped her fingers around Johnny’s dick, tighter than before. “Is there anything else you’d like me to do with my fingers since I won’t have time to get them inside me?” Her voice was playful, so were the fingers that’d left his dick and were now tickling his taint.

“Oh my GOD!” Johnny shoved Autumn to the floor and thrust himself inside her mouth, spreading her smile into a giant capital O. She did something with her tongue that she must have never done before, since Johnny made a sound that was barely human, then jolted back like the lurch of a roller coaster as he blasted an opening shot of white honey at the back of her throat. Autumn may not have had time to slip her fingers in her pussy, but she had just enough time to shove an unexpected pointer up Johnny’s asshole by the time the second shot went flying, which sent him reeling into a fat handful of shudders.

Johnny collapsed to the floor and Autumn stood. She said, “Aahh,” opening her mouth to show Johnny everything she still had to swallow. She drooled some of his cum onto her hand, swallowed the rest, then rubbed a tiny pool all over her now glistening tits.

“Thanks,” she said. “That was yummy!”

Johnny was laying on his back, heaving, the look all over his face. “That was better than Celeste,” he said. “Officially.”

Autumn smiled wider than Johnny had ever seen her, then said her goodbyes and told Johnny he should go ahead and hookup with whoever he canceled with, as long as he made sure to think about cumming on her sweet 16 year old babysitter’s face while doing whatever he was planning on doing to her. He shook his head, muttering something about the two craziest fucking sisters in the city. Autumn washed up, then left the apartment and headed toward her car.

She tore from Johnny’s apartment victorious, and happy that Sam had to work. If he was home right now, she’d want to fuck him blue, and didn’t like meeting up with him after Johnny, since the guilt made things awful. She had no idea how her sister did it. Maybe it happened a cock at a time.

Autumn shuddered.

She would hit the mall and do a little shopping, buy something slutty, then meet Sam after his shift ended at 10:00. Since shopping was no fun alone, so Autumn called her sister. Celeste answered on the third ring. “Hey, bitch.”

“Hey Autie Hottie! what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at the Galleria. I have shit to tell you.”

“I have shit to tell you!” Celeste said.

Celeste went on for several minutes, talking so excitedly Autumn had to hold the phone a foot from her ear, going into graphic detail about how Rick had finally found out about her man parade, or at least confronted her, and that he had been cheating on her with her best friend Kirsty’s sister. Major fucking drama.

But Celeste was only telling Autumn everything to get the backstory out of the way, so she could tell her about the make-up fucking she’d been doing all afternoon with Rick. “Rick? I thought he wasn’t into your sort of sex at all. I thought he was mister soft sack?”

“No. Uh-huh. We might’ve cracked the headboard he was fucking me so hard. Swear to fucking Christ, I actually had tears streaming my face at one point.”

“Well, it sounds like your news has mine beat, and you weren’t even the one calling!” Autumn told her about Johnny, and how he made the face, and that he even said she was better than her. Celeste told Autumn she could give a shit, and that Johnny was all hers, adding insult to injury by telling her that Sam deserved better.

“There’s something else you’re not telling me, right?” Autumn said, sensing the blanks in the conversation. Celeste told her she’d tell her in person, and that she’d text when she was a few minutes from the mall.

Autumn had about an hour to wait, part of which she killed in the Less is More lingerie shop. When she was finished, she called Sam at work to tell him what she bought, then kept him on the phone a full two minutes after he said he REALLY had to go by saying, “I think you should go in the little boy’s room right now and sit down on the potty. Then take off one of your socks and cum in it while pretending it’s, well, you can pretend it’s whatever you want, as long as you pretend it’s on me. If you cum now, we can rub our bodies all over each other when you get home, without getting messy so fast.”

There was silence on his end so Autumn added, “You’re hard, aren’t you?”


“You want to be inside me, don’t you?”


“I’m so wet you could smell me in the dark. Now go think about that while you glaze your hand.” Autumn hung up and giggled, wondering if she should go follow her own advice.

Sam wasn’t the problem, she was.

She needed to start being the solution instead. If she was herself, Sam could be himself, too. If Celeste’s latest news had taught her anything, it’s that secrets were destructive. That didn’t mean she should tell Sam everything that had happened between she and Johnny, or any of the other eleven guys who had popped their weasels in and all over her mouth in the last few weeks. But it did mean it was time to start livening things up between the two of them.

BrookeAutumn didn’t get to finger fuck herself like she wanted, since Celeste texted her saying she was just a few minutes away. Autumn headed toward the Hill of Beans so she could order two creamy vanilla blended coffees. As expected, Celeste took her cup, made the obvious joke about the cream, then licked it from the top of her coffee as suggestively as she could, and took her seat.

Autumn sat in open-mouthed awe as Celeste spilled her story. Her sister was smart enough to get all the good parts out before ending with an offer to join her newest endeavor.

“So what do you say? You’ll make an ass ton of money, and apparently you have no problem stealing loads behind Sam’s back, no matter what you say.”

“I’m done with that,” Autumn said, “besides, there’s a big difference between being a slut and a whore. I rather like being a slut.”

By the time Celeste was sucking the final drops of her blended drink through the straw, she was practically begging her kid sister to sell pussy by the hour. But Autumn hadn’t budged an inch. Suddenly she gasped. “I know the perfect person,” she said. “One of my best friends, Brooke. Guys worship her. She works phone sex now, and keeps trying to get me to take a job. I’m sure she’d do it.”

Celeste nodded. “What does she look like.”

“Fucking adorable. She even pulls off bangs, no shit. Long hair, Superman blue eyes. I’d fuck her for sure, even though I never have.”

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